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Rise of Tomb Raider PS5 Release Date

As many of our readers already know well, Rise of the Tomb Raider was confirmed to hit the PS5 sometime in 2019. Something that Crystal Dynamics itself has recently strengthened. But when will the game arrives. Here’s a great mystery that may have been answered recently. If the rumours are right, we saw the title on the console on October 11. Rise of Tomb Raider PS5 is going to hit the market by the end of September 2020 as per the experts.


Rise of Tomb Raider PS5

The information came about thanks to an accidental leak made by Italian GameStop. For a few hours, anyone looking for the game in the company store would find. Among its products nothing less than the PS5 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider. With the release date marking the day quoted above. The title worth noting came with a price of 70 euros (the equivalent of 250 raise in a simple conversion). Checkout MMORPG Games for Low Specification PC.

Tomb Raider PS4 Edition

It should not be surprising to anyone that the item has already disappeared from the lists, leaving for us only the image below, brought by the omggamer website, as proof that this occurred. Recommended: FIRST DEAD RISING PS4 RELEASE DATE, PRICE & IMAGES

Unfortunately, as we are talking about a rumour. It’s good to be left behind in the novelty and expect some official information from Square Enix on the subject. But there is no denying that the date seems valid to say the least especially. If we consider the recent rumours that we will have another release of the greats of Sony near that date.

Playstation 5 Game Images

As we all know the game is going to launch very soon for the PS5 Edition and many game lovers are waiting for it. Here are some pictures from one of our follower who already won the gamers cup 2019 held in the United Kingdom.


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