How To Farm Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade | Complete Guide

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Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade: In Borderlands 3, there are variations of grenades in borderlands 3 which aids you in battle. Grinding is a part of the process of getting better gear for your character so you can complete missions faster and with higher difficulty mode missions. Today, the topic is hex grenades. Let’s move to how to farm it and what a hex grenade is.


What is Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade

Hex grenade is a high tier weapon in Borderlands 3, considered as a legendary tier which is the highest tier in the game. It is a well-known weapon among Borderlands 3 players as the item is too overpowered and even received in-game nerfed during November 2019. The hex grenade comes with 5 possible prefixes. Below are the 5 possible prefixes hex.

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  1. Cloning Hex – It will split into 2 then hits the enemy.
  2. MIRV Hex – It will split into 3 upon impact then explode and damage the enemy within a radius
  3. MIRV-Tacular Hex – It will split into 6 upon impact then explode and damage the enemy within a radius
  4. Mitosis Hex – Grenade split into 3 upon thrown and shocks enemy.
  5. Recurring Hex – Have MIRV and Cloning Hex effect

Although it received nerf before there are still no grenades that surpass Hex itself. Let’s see why.

Hex Grenade: Best grenade BI3

The Hex itself comes with the high elemental with the addition of a chain damage effect. These combos will cause serious damage when there are multiple enemies at the same time. Hex grenades will also attach to enemies and continuously do damage to them during their duration. This means that you are able to throw grenades and as long as the enemies are within the range of the nade, it will not stop unless the timer runs out. The hex also comes with element variants depending on enemies which will cause more damage to them. It is not as strong as before it was nerfed, but it is still a great option for using it.


Farm Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade

After explaining how Hex is very overpowered and the details. Let’s talk about ways to farm hex grenades. Below are the most efficient ways of farming the hex grenade. Note that since the items are legendary tier so you might take some time. Please don’t give up and follow the guide below.

Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade online
Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade online

The most efficient way to farm is to continuously kill one of Zero’s crew mission targets called ‘Sky Bully’. It will be in the maps called The Anvil on Eden-6 and unfortunately, the closest spawn point has quite a lot of enemies to get to it. The red circle is the mission place where you can kill Sky Bully. 

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Steps: How to farm Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade

Here are specific steps that you can farm borderlands 3 hex grenade efficiently.

  • Step 1: On the maps section, go to the Anvil on Eden-6.
  • Step 2: Try to run into the section where it will spawn the Sky Bully.
  • Step 3: Don’t go to the back of the room where the Sky Bully is.
  • Step 4: Make sure to kill some monsters outside the room until the 2nd Sky Bully spawned.
  • Step 5: You can scope into the back of the room to make sure it is 2 before rushing in.
  • Step 6: Kill the 2 of the Sky Bully.
  • Step 7: If it doesn’t drop, you can use the save and quit method and then spawn at your nearest spawn point that is 20 seconds away from the Sky Bully.
  • Step 8: Repeat from step 3 until you get the Hex.
  • Step 9: Enjoy with your overpowered grenade.

Hex Grenade drop location

If you are looking for a Hex Grenade drop location then here are lists of ways for dropping a hex grenade.

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  1. Random World Drop – If you are lucky enough, you might get it when killing enemies, opening a loot chest. and even from slot machines.
  2. The Anvil – Sky Bullies(15% drop rate)
  3. Farm Graveward- Graveward has the highest drop rate for legendary tier loots. There are chances of a Hex dropped but the probability is very low.

This is for all this guide, hope you like it if you have any queries to Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade then comment down below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media platforms. 

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