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Happy Bunny Day Animal Crossing: Funny holiday activities are already used in video games. But if it takes a game series to the extreme, it’s Animal Crossing. The cheeky life sim with animals will be available for the Nintendo Switch in the latest issue of ” New Horizons ” soon. After we got to know the new island life in the game, the first big campaign started at Easter. It has been said for a week: Finding lucky eggs! And today, on Easter Sunday, or “Happy Bunny Day“, as it is called in Animal Crossing, you can get a great reward for the eggs you have collected.


Of course, we also wish our readers a happy Easter and a busy bunny day – because so much is said: the search continues!

 Happy Bunny Day Animal Crossing

Already on April 6th the funny rabbit Ohs came to us on the island and told us about his funny egg hunt. To date, April 12, players had time to find both eggs and bunny day crafting instructions. There are 6 different types of eggs: air, water, earth, rock, deciduous and wooden eggs. In addition, there were several crafting instructions for bunny day furniture and outfits to be found over the week.

This is how you get the bunny day staff

Anyone who comes to the fairground today will see the rabbit Ohs again. If you speak to him, you can get a reward for the instructions you made. Did you find all the instructions? If not, Ohs will point this out to you. For an assortment of one of the six eggs each, Ohs gives us the instructions for a bunny day archway. Once you have put it together, the rabbit would like to get a wiggling Ohs toy, then finally there is a gift for the big hassle: the instructions for the bunny day stick.


You don’t have to finish the baton right on Happy Bunny Day. You need a wobbling Ohs toy and 3x star splinters – you can collect them in peace, just lift one of the toys already mentioned (you probably built it anyway. If you want to pick one up, then make another one). (You can get Star Shards if you are looking for shooting stars.)

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By the way, don’t despair, especially rock, air, and water eggs are not so easy to get – both the balloon and the water shadow search can lead to despair. You can make it easier for yourself because Ohs also swaps eggs. For 3 other eggs, you can get one of the rarer ones. – Leaves and wooden eggs, for example, are quite easy to find. If you are still missing rock eggs: a visit to another island with a mileage ticket may be worthwhile.

If you still lack instructions, you can shoot the brightly colored bottles or the colorful airmail, Ohs also gives you a missing instruction for each egg of each variety. All eggs are more likely to appear on the bunny day, so everyone has the chance to get all the instructions ready. And now have fun crafting and finding egg leftovers!

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