How to Make Concrete in Minecraft in 2023[Complete Recipe]

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In this Minecraft Guide, you will get to know about Concrete in Minecraft. Concrete formed after mixing concrete powder and water in Minecraft. This guide will also help you in making concrete powder in Minecraft.


What is Concrete Minecraft?

Concrete is a building material used in creating awesome-looking structures in Minecraft. It comes in an array of 16 colors to choose from as contained in the 1.12 developer update, The World of Color. Unlike wool, concrete does not catch fire when lit and is considerably harder than Stone, however, its hardiness attribute is lower since it is not very resistant to blast. With the help of concrete in Minecraft, various types of buildings can be constructed.

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What Materials Required?

Materials required in making Concrete in Minecraft are concrete powder which is made by crafting four blocks of sand and four blocks of gravel while adding a desired color hue from the 16 available colors. Color hues are obtained by the process of smelting and crafting. It can also be obtained via trade.

It is also essential that a crafting table be present before the preparation process for Concrete. Lastly, it is important to have a flowing water source as it is needed to harden the concrete powder which ultimately creates concrete. Water obtained from rain, cauldron, or water bottles is not ideal in the creation of concrete since it does not harden the concrete powder.

  • Water source
  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • A dye of your choice
  • 4 blocks of gravel

Steps to make Concrete in Minecraft

You can easily make Concrete in Minecraft you have to follow the steps given down below.

  • Step 1: The initial step in creating concrete is to determine which dye to be used as a color base for the concrete. It comes in 16 different colors which are red, orange, yellow, green, lime, cyan, light blue, magenta, pink, brown, black, grey, light grey, and white. Concrete dyes are obtained via trading, crafting, or smelting.
  • Step 2: Once the desired dye is chosen, the next step is to craft Concrete powder. Crafting concrete powder involves the use of a Crafting table wherein the use of Four blocks of Sand, Four blocks of Gravel, and chosen color dye is essential. Each component is then placed in nine squares in no particular order.
  • Step 3:After that, the concrete powder is then mixed with water or any flowing water source, this will harden the Concrete powder resulting in Concrete. However, water collected from rain, water bottles, and the cauldron will not harden Concrete. Concrete powder follows the rule of gravity, and placing it on top of an empty area will cause it to fall similar to sand gravel.

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How to make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

The concrete powder is made by utilizing the crafting table and using the required materials such as Four blocks of Sand + Four blocks of Gravel + chosen Color dye among the 16 available colorways to choose from. Then this component is placed in any of the nine square tiles with no particular order. This recipe will yield one block of concrete powder. Concrete powder blocks do not suspend in the air because it follows the law of gravity which is the same with gravel and sand.


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