How to Play Hanzo competitive [Guide]

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As discussing How to Play Hanzo competitive, a character in a game firstly we should know what type of character it is. Talking about Hanzo in Overwatch he is listed as a sniper but after playing that character we come to know that he is not really a sniper but a hero with mid-range abilities. So after concluding his overall abilities, we can say that he is a good archer as well as a hero that requires the player to figure out the situation of the battleground. 


Hanzo’s Abilities

The two of his very well-known abilities are STORM BOW and his WALL CLIMB which if properly used can be very beneficial to a player.

How to Play Hanzo competitive


Lower the bow while running

While chasing a target or moving towards a target, some people just move around prepared to attack with slow movement speed. This is the negative side of your mobility. It is not late to prepare your attack after you have positioned yourself. By right-clicking or pressing R the character lowers his bow. Also, one more action game is going to launch check Journey to the Savage Planet Release Date.

Pull bow to it’s maximum

You have to pull your bow to its maximum otherwise it is better not to shoot at all. It is better to attack after your bow is fully charged.

Make your arrows count

At point B in the temple of Anubis, the newbies usually try to shoot arrows thoughtlessly. This is not an efficient way and it makes our team vulnerable to our enemies because of our actions our team is unable to reach anywhere. And also this shows that they are playing with one less player. Consistently changing positions is easy to take down our enemies.


Practice makes a man perfect

What the conclusion here is that you should practice hitting targets in every situation. Hanzo cannot zoom in like a widowmaker and this makes it his strength as well as weakness. But the beneficial thing about this situation is that you can hit a target in any situation like in mid-air or while falling. Left 4 Dead 3 is going to launch very soon.

Accuracy comes with experience

While playing overwatch it is evident that you miss a target with a minute distance but you should not let down yourself over this. Since all six arrows of scatter count as an individual. Therefore, it will also affect your accuracy.

Make Use of Sonic Arrow

The sonic arrow gives damage to the enemy at the same amount as a storm bow gives. You can change to a sonic bow while drawing your bow. The sonic arrow covers a wide range, so by making use of it frequently you can support your team. While hitting an enemy with a sonic arrow, there is a ten-second delay which shows all the other enemies around him. 

The scatter arrow

It can be best used by shooting at the feet of the enemy as a death blow. Using your primary arrow effectively you can kill your enemy that can’t be killed. 

The perfection of using a Dragon strike – it is the ability of Hanzo that after losing a fight if he uses a dragon strike he can still give damage of 200 per second to its enemy. And it shall be cautiously used while keeping a distance. Aquanox Deep Descent for Play station 4 is also going to launch by the end of 2019.

The above mentioned are some of the attacking qualities of Hanzo that make him a great character in the game, if properly used you can do wonders. The game will be easy and simple to play if the attacks given above are well thought off and the required strategy is predetermined.

This is all about How to Play Hanzo competitive. If you like it do share it with your friends on social media platforms. If you have any queries do share them with us by the comment box given below.

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