Last of Us PC Release Date in 2023 [When it is Coming]

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If you are waiting for the Last of Us PC Release Date then this article is for you. Gaming these days has been nothing but great for gamers because of the huge outbursts of technological advancements. Along with the new arrivals, the sector also faces a new challenge of keeping the old games afloat and running on new hardware.

Though developers of pre-released games try to keep them in sync with modern hardware, some of these projects get stagnant and are abandoned with time. One such game that got stuck with the perils of hardware compatibility is the Last of Us.

last of us pc release date
last of us pc release date

The game is available only on PlayStation 3 and 4 and cannot be played on PC and other gaming consoles. In this article, we are going to deal with a particular segment of the hardware compatibility of the Last of Us- the PC. We will be talking about the game itself and news related to its PC release.

If you have been consistently gaming from the time Last of Us came into the market and wished the game was available on more platforms than just the PlayStation, then you have come to the right place. Read on to know more about your favorite game.

Last of Us PC Release Date [When it is coming]
Last of Us PC Release Date [When it is coming]

About Last of Us

In general, Last of Us is a third-person perspective game that comes under the action-adventure genre. The story also makes it a horror-survival game that was initially made exclusively for PlayStation 3 but later was also released on PlayStation 4 (remastered version). The game is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment comprising towns, buildings, and forests. We are introduced to the story of Joel and Ellie, the survivors of a society that was affected by a mutated strain of the fatal Cordyceps fungus.

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The protagonists of the game have to work together to survive their journey across the country, and apart from surviving, they also need to find a cure for the fungal disease that has nearly ended the human population. The players in the game can use firearms, improvised weapons, or stealth weapons to get rid of enemies.

In a major stretch of the game, players have to control Joel, whose only task right now is to escort Ellie to a safe place. During the winter segment, players also get the chance to control Ellie’s character in the game.

Is there a Last of Us PC Release Date, yet?

These days there are a lot of rumors circulating in the gaming community regarding the Last of Us PC Release Date. It all started when a gamer came across a Reddit page that had a screenshot of the Last of Us game on Steam.

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This information gained a lot of attention, and a lot of people think that the game is going to be released for PC after a wait of nearly a decade. Yet, despite the growing interest wishing the release of this exciting game for PCs, we still do not have any official announcement regarding a release date.

Last of Us PC Release Date
Last of Us PC Release Date

Last of Us PC is coming soon?

Experienced gamers across the world sincerely hope so, but as mentioned above, we still do not have any solid information regarding the release of the Last of Us PC version. It might take more time than the players wish for. Also, it is a fact that the developers of the game have still not confirmed the coming of a new version and haven’t promised any such updates, too.

How to Play Last of Us on PC Without Ports?

A piece of news that is a fact is that the Last of Us PC edition is not available for now. But the good news here is that gamers today can play Last of Us on PC without ports. Everyone knows that it is a PlayStation-exclusive game, so how is it possible to play the game on a PC? Don’t worry, as the process is simple, and you can easily go through it by yourself.

To play the game on a PC without Ports, you first need to understand that PlayStation is a game-streaming service that is available on PC these days, and it easily grants you access to PS3 and PS4 games.

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All you need to do to play the games on PC is have an active subscription to the service that costs €10 a month or €60 a year, a PlayStation Network account, and you should be more than 18 years of age. Further, if you have a good internet connection, and also you feel good playing with a controller, then this is the only option that will help you play the Last of Us game on a PC without ports.

Last of Us Release Date PC
Last of Us Release Date PC

Last of Us PC Rumors

If you are a hardcore gamer, you might have properly understood that apart from all the rumors regarding the Last of Us PC Release Date, the biggest rumor is that the Last of Us game will be available on PC in the near future. Though it might happen, however, for now, it is just a rumor that a lot of gaming enthusiasts believe in.

Last of Us PC Release Date Rumors
Last of Us PC Release Date Rumors

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: Can I Play Last of Us on PC?
Answer: An important piece of information regarding the Last of Us game being played on PC is that the game is not yet available for PCs. If you still want to try the game on PC, then you can opt to play the game on PC without ports through the PlayStation game-streaming service.

FAQ 2: Why is Last of Us not available for PC?
Answer: The Last of US is currently a PlayStation-exclusive game that doesn’t have a PC version, yet.

This is all the information available about the upcoming game The Last of Us PC Release Date. For more such updates you can visit our site where we post news and the latest information on gaming. 

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