Pokémon STAY: Play From Home Now

Pokémon STAY: Niantic will soon be able to raid from home in Pokémon GO with a new item. The Rauch Tag event can also be experienced from your own four walls. The fact that Niantic Raids in Pokémon GO wants to make it playable from home has already been teased. A remote-Raid Pass (Remote Raid Pass) is, according to the official announcement of the solution.

With this remote raid pass, you can participate in raids that you can find in the Nearby list. The Pokémon’s attack power will still be normal at release but will be reduced in the future if trainers use a remote raid pass. The number of trainers who can participate in the 20s raids with the new raid pass should be limited, Niantic does not name a specific number.


The Fern Raid Pass costs 100 Poké Coins as much as the regular one, but the new Rais Pass will be available for a coin in a special bundle.  Another small innovation concerns field research. Players should receive one of these quests daily without having to go to a PokéStop. However, these adjustments have no specific date, unlike the smoke day.

Sunday is smoke day with a change of type

A mini-event will take place next Sunday (April 19, 2020). Since smoke continues to last for a full hour and there is currently a bundle with three smoke for a Poké coin, use during the event can be very worthwhile. Depending on the time of day, smoke increasingly attracts Pokémon of a certain type.

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Every hour on the hour between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the types change in the order water, fire, plant, psycho, beetle and soil. Throughout the event, Wiesor will be attracted to the smoke and you may also come across as a shiny.

Pokémon GO / Pokémon STAY: Raids with friends – soon also from home

The Pokémon GO developer continues to strive to get as many features as possible for the game, including for playing from home. The things that move it outside and interact with other players still need adjustments. In a blog post, Niantic announced further adjustments for Pokémon GO. These concern raids, hatching eggs and upcoming live events. Many functions that require movement should then be feasible during activities within your own four walls.


Soon it will be possible  to also participate in raids from home with friends :

“We will improve our virtual social functions in the game so that you can stay in touch even if this is no longer possible in real life. We will create a way for you to take part in Pokémon GO Raids with your friends from home. ”

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Another important adjustment will be the improvement of movement tracking, so that eggs can be hatched when cleaning or training on the treadmill, for example:

“We’re going to make improvements to the Adventure Sync feature to make it even better for exercise and activity within your own four walls. This means that sporting activities in the home can already unlock in-game success. ”   

Pokémon GO / Pokémon STAY: Players run out of Poké Balls – Niantic helps

Pokémon GO is currently experiencing some game adjustments. The mobile Pokémon hunt lives from the fact that the players go out – an activity that is currently very restricted around the world.

The fact that people stay at home wherever they can is currently unavoidable but unfortunately makes playing Pokémon GO very difficult. However, developer Niantic tries to adapt the game so that it remains playable without leaving your own four walls. There is now a new update.

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For a Poké coin, there is now a bundle with 100 Poké balls in the shop, so that at least near your own home you can hunt better. The bundle is available in the shop until March 30th. Furthermore, triple the amount of stardust and experience is now available for the first catch of the day. You can now open up to 30 gifts a day and also keep 20 of them in your inventory. So if you and your friends run out of Poké Balls, send gifts diligently because they now contain more of them.

The GO Kampf Liga will also be adjusted. You no longer have to walk around outside for access, there is an activation without walking distance until April 13th. The trainer fights against friends will also be expanded, until May 1st you can also challenge good friends and super friends.

Pokémon GO becomes Pokémon STAY

Many are currently forced to stay at home. With an unusually large amount of free time, you sometimes don’t really know what to do with yourself. The creators of Pokémon GO wanted to help and changed the game a little.


For a certain time, Pokémon GO becomes a Pokémon STAY, so to speak. Originally, the game was designed to help get people out into the fresh air and move around. However, the current situation, triggered by the corona-virus, makes this counterproductive. To ensure the security of the players, Niantic temporarily adjusts some mechanics of the game. From now on habitats will appear more and more so that trainers can see the most diverse Pokémon near them.

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Pokémon STAY: Additional benefits for players

Niantic told Polygon that from now on players can not only find more Pokémon near them, but there are other benefits as well. Smoke, that increases monster spawning is 99% off and lasts for an hour. In addition, eggs can now be hatched twice as quickly and PokéStops drop gifts more often. It is not yet known when the special regulation will apply. Niantic will adapt to the general situation but asks to take care of himself and others.

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