Pokemon Masters Tier List [June] 2023

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Pokemon Masters Tier List is all you need to get into the Pokemon world. Whenever someone talks about Pokémon, it brings up nostalgia. Pokémon came into existence more than two decades ago, and it is still dominating the cartoon, comic, and gaming markets. The significance of Pokémon in the lives of gaming enthusiasts today is still the same as it was years ago.

Today, we are here to talk about the Pokémon Masters game and the ways in which new gamers can play it. We will discuss how you can play using the characters in the game. It’s not a bad thing if it sounds confusing at first, as you will understand as we move forward in this article.

Pokemon Masters Tier List
Pokemon Masters Tier List

About Pokémon Masters

The Pokémon Masters game was developed and published by DeNA, which is a company that provides mobile portals and e-commerce websites. It is a free-to-play mobile game that can be played on platforms like Android and iOS. The game belongs to the Pokémon series and was released on August 29, 2019.

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It can be played in both Single-player as well as Cooperative multiplayer modes and belongs to the Role-Playing genre. The gameplay has a tournament of 3-on-3 battles. This tournament is called the Pokémon Masters League and is held on Pasio Island. As a player in the game, you need to collect 5 badges and become a champion.

Pokémon Masters Tier List [June] 2023

Once you start playing the game, you can play on your own terms. However, to successfully become a champion in the game, there is a certain way. This way includes having the best Pokémon by your side. You need to keep in mind that the Pokémon’s master understands the relationship with their Pokémon.

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So if you choose a Pokémon, remember this thing about their master. There are six tiers in the game that you can choose the Pokémon from. You need to go through all of the Pokemon Masters Tier List to choose the best one for you. The rest depends on how you use them in the game.


The S-tier Pokémon of the Pokemon Masters Tier List in the Pokémon Masters game is the best-synced pair in the game that you don’t need to worry about. If you choose them once, the rest of your gameplay will be smooth. An example of a pair from this tier is given below.

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Pokemon Masters Tier List
Cynthia – Mega Garchomp
Hilbert – Mightyena
Karen – Mega Houndoom
N – Zekrom
Steven – Mega Metagross
Acerola – Palossand
Bianca – Musharna
May – Swampert
Serena – Delphox
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega Venusaur
Hilbert – Samurott
Player – Torchic
Professor Sycamore – Xerneas
Sabrina – Mega Alakazam
Skyla – Swanna
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega Blastoise

Bianca and Musharna – The sync pair Bianca and Musharna play the role of a Tech. Assistant in the game, and they are also versatile because of their sync grid. The benefit of this pair on your team is that they can easily help you in finding the enemy’s defense and, further, can even deal a lot of damage because of the power which they usually keep stored.

Bianca and Musharna
Bianca and Musharna


The A-tier Pokémon characters of the Pokemon Masters Tier List are good in everything they do and very useful sync pairs when used by anyone. You can easily win the game using these pairs. An example of a pair from this tier is given below.

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Pokemon Masters A Tier List
Leon – Charizard
Alder – Volcarona
Brendan – Sceptile
Blue – Mega Pidgeot
Iris – Haxorus
Lance – Dragonite
Lysandre – Yveltal
May – Mega Lopunny
Selene – Decidueye
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-o
Sygna Suit Grimsley – Mega Sharpedo
Agatha – Mega Gengar
Dawn – Alcremie
Flannery – Torkoal
Ghetsis – Kyurem
Iris – Hydreigon
Koga – Crobat
Professor Oak – Mew
Serena – Whimsicott
Volkner – Luxray
Will – Xatu
Dawn – Torterra
Erika – Comfey
Jasmine – Mega Steelix
Lillie – Clefairy
Leaf – Eevee
Lyra – Meganium
Misty – Starmie
Piers – Obstagoon
Rosa – Delibird
Sygna Suit Elesa – Rotom

May and Mega Lopunny – May and Mega Lopunny in the Pokémon Masters play the role of a physical striker. Both of them make great pairs by combining their strength of Strike and Support. They can do two things simultaneously, providing a lot of boosts while still dealing massive damage. They both make a duo that shouldn’t be messed with.

May and Mega Lopunny
May and Mega Lopunny


The B-tier Pokémon in the game are good sync pairs with a little bit of downside to them. They can help you win the game; however, the task won’t be effortless. An example of a pair from this tier is given below.

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Pokemon Masters B Tier List
Burgh – Leavanny
Caitlin – Reuniclus
Cyrus – Palkia
Korrina – Mega Lucario
Lance – Gyarados
Noland – Mega Pinsir
Player – Solgaleo
Wally – Mega Gallade
Brock – Onix
Kukui – Lycanroc
Lisia – Mega Altaria
Mallow – Tsareena
Skyla – Togekiss
Drake – Salamence
Elio – Primarina
Phoebe – Dusknoir
Player – Pikachu

Wally and Mega Gallade – Wally and Mega Gallade in the Pokémon Masters play the role of a physical striker. Though it is seen that Mega Gallade in the game is outclassed by S Tier Pokémon, however, he has the ability to debuff enemies, which makes up for all his losses. Wally and Mega Gallade combined can easily make a good offensive pair if used properly.

Wally and Mega Gallade
Wally and Mega Gallade


The C-tier characters in the game are usually average sync pairs that need hard work from the players to excel in the game. An example of a pair from this tier is given below.

Pokemon Masters C Tier List
Lyra – Jigglypuff
Barry – Empoleon
Bruno – Machamp
Silver – Ho-oh
Bugsy – Mega Beedrill
Ethan – Typhlosion
Gardenia – Roserade
Kris – Feraligatr
Elesa – Zebstrika
Molayne – Dugtrio
Roxie – Scolipede
Pryce – Dewgong
Clemont – Heliolisk
Clemont – Heliolisk
Acerola – Mimikyu
Calem – Meowstic
Blaine – Rapidash
Brawly – Hariyama
Wallace – Milotic
Crasher Wake – Floatzel
Erika – Vileplume
Gladion – Silvaly
Marnie – Morpeko
Siebold – Octillery
Viola – Masquerain
Sophocles – Togedemaru
Winona – Pelipper
Lana – Araquanid
Rosa – Serperior
Glacia – Mega Glalie
Cheryl – Blissey
Liza – Lunatone
Maylene – Medicham
Roxanne – Probopass

Pryce and Dewgong – Pryce and Dewgong in the Pokémon Masters play the role of a Special Attack Striker. The debut of this Pokémon was held in Rage of Innocence, and the various moves that Dewgong has under her sleeves are Ice beam, Aurora Beam, and Headbutt. Dewgong is still with Pryce and is a water and ice-type Pokémon.

Pryce and Dewgong
Pryce and Dewgong


The D-tier Pokémon in the game are all average Joe, and you will need to put in a lot of effort to win or hope that there is a miracle around the corner to save you. An example of a pair from the Pokemon Masters Tier List is given below.

Pokemon Masters D Tier List
Marshal – Conkeldur
Norman – Slaking
Player – Solgaleo
Roark – Rampardos
Shauntal – Chandelure
Tate – Solrock
Zinnia – Rayquaza
Brycen – Cryogonal
Candice – Abomasnow
James – Weezing
Lt. Surge – Electrode
Lucy – Seviper
Lt. Surge – Electrode
Thorton – Bronzong
Cheren – Stoutland

Cheren and Stoutland – Cheren and Stoutland in the Pokémon Masters play the role of a Support character. The various abilities of Cheren and Stoutland are that they have a Vital Spirit as a former ability, while the current one is Intimidate/Sand Rush. Since Stoutland was a Lillipup, he was owned by Cheren only. The other known abilities of Stoutland are Work Up, Tackle, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Thunder Fang, etc.

Cheren and Stoutland
Cheren and Stoutland


The F-tier Pokémon characters of the Pokemon Masters Tier List are the least favorite ones since they won’t be able to help you win the game and will give you a hard time if you recruit them to your teams. An example of a pair from this tier is given below.

Pokemon Masters F Tier List
Hapu – Mudsdale
Valerie – Sylveon
Siebold – Clawitzer
Whitney – Miltank
Grant – Aurorus
Lorelei – Lapras
Mina – Granbull
Marlon – Carracosta
Marley – Arcanine

Valerie and Sylveon – Valerie and Sylveon in the Pokémon Masters play the role of a Special Attack Striker. The various moves that Sylveon can perform are Disarming Voice, Fairy Wind, and Giga Impact. Valerie’s Sylveon is a fairy Pokémon that had its debut in A Fashionable Battle.

Valerie and Sylveon
Valerie and Sylveon

These are the Pokemon characters in the Pokemon Masters Tier List arranged in the order of their strengths. For more such information you can visit our site omggamer.com where we post news and the latest updates on gaming, the upcoming game, gaming builds, and much more. 

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