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Buy Destiny 2 Fatebringer Replica [Exotic Hand Cannon]


  • 3D Printed Destiny 2 Fatebringer Replica
  • 14 inches Long
  • Moving Parts
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Fatebringer is a legendary 140 RPM kinetic hand cannon from the Vault of Glass raid that is highly sought after in Destiny 2. This Omolon hand cannon is a random drop from the Templar or Atheon encounters on Master difficulty.

As a kinetic weapon, Fatebringer fills the primary slot and frees up your energy and power slots. It rolls with Outlaw and Firefly, a combination that veteran Destiny 1 players know and love. Outlaw drastically boosts reload speed on precision kills, while Firefly makes precision kills create an elemental explosion.

For PvE, the Outlaw + Firefly combo makes Fatebringer demolish groups of minor enemies. The firefly explosions can chain, creating spectacular displays of arc energy as Thrall and Acolytes pop in sequence. Outlaw ensures you can keep firing away rapidly with quicker reloads after every precision takedown.

In PvP, Fatebringer is very consistent thanks to high aim assist, range, and stability. The explosive payload perk adds extra flinch and makes landing crits more forgiving. Outlaw allows you to quickly get back into the fight after securing a kill.

Fatebringer also benefits greatly from the Timelost version only attainable in Master Vault of Glass. This can roll with enhanced perks like Explosive Payload and Firefly spec to boost its clear potential even further.

Overall, the Fatebringer hand cannon perfectly blends nostalgia with great gameplay. Destiny 2 veterans have fond memories of this gun dominating in both PvE and PvP during the early Destiny 1 days. It feels just as crisp and lethal in Destiny 2, bringing the nostalgia but also standing on its own as a top-tier legendary hand cannon.

Buy Destiny 2 Fatebringer Replica [Exotic Hand Cannon]
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