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Buy Destiny 2 The Last Word Replica [Exotic Hand Cannon]


  • 3D Printed Destiny 2The Last Word Replica
  • 14 inches Long
  • Moving Parts
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The Last Word is one of the most coveted exotic hand cannons in Destiny 2. This Tex Mechanica revolver-style hand cannon is all about speed and style. The Last Word has a storied history tied to guardians Shin Malphur and Dredgen Yor in Destiny lore.

In Destiny 2, The Last Word was re-introduced in the Season of the Drifter. Players had to complete The Draw quest to help the Drifter reconstruct this weapon. The quest culminated in a showdown with a Hive cryptolith to fully restore The Last Word.

As an exotic kinetic 140 RPM hand cannon, The Last Word excels at fast-paced combat in close quarters. Its exotic perk, Fan Fire, greatly increases the weapon’s rate of fire, reload speed, and precision damage when firing from the hip. This turns The Last Word into a lethal “fan firing” machine gun of a hand cannon.

With proper recoil control, The Last Word can quickly take down enemies in PvP with body shots. The gun’s responsive feel and hip fire capabilities make it deadly against rushing Shotguns. In PvE, The Last Word can mow down hordes of swarming enemies, especially when paired with a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle.

However, the major drawback of The Last Word is its ineffective range. The weapon kicks wildly when aiming down sights at longer ranges. Controlling its recoil takes practice even at close to medium distances. Still, the gun’s design and playstyle encourage guardians to embrace the gunslinger fantasy.

In summary, The Last Word rewards an up close and personal, gun-twirling playstyle in Destiny 2. For Crucible players especially, mastering The Last Word gives them a uniquely savage and stylish exotic hand cannon. When hip fired fans cry havoc, The Last Word unleashes a storm of hot lead in the blink of an eye. Buy Now The Last Word Replica at Discounted Price.

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