Risk of Rain 2 Rex: How To Unlock

Our Risk of Rain 2 Rex guide takes a look at what Risk of Rain 2 Rex is, his skills strengths and weaknesses and how to unlock this survivor. All this information on Risk of Rain 2 Rex is listed below. REX is a plant-robot hybrid survivor, who combines his plant abilities and robot abilities to defeat all the monsters that come in front of his way. The plant-based abilities are self-destructing, but he can take that up due to having a few healing abilities in his kit. Being a large character he is more vulnerable to damage but the healing abilities make up for this.


What is Risk of Rain 2 Rex

REX is a new half-robot/ half-plant playable character in Risk of Rain 2. The plant nor the robot could survive the environment of the planet alone so they have each other. It uses HP to cast devastating skills from a distance. It takes advantage of items that are activated by taking damage because they will work when Rex uses one of its self-damaging abilities.


Rex is unlocked by completing the Power Plant challenge. It was released on June 25th, 2019 via the Scorched Acres Update. Items like Stealth Kit and Med Kit work more efficient on this survivor because you can use them whenever you wish to. Half the kit gets the advantage of its plant abilities, and the other half gets the advantage of the robot part.

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Rex Skills, Strengths & Weaknesses


Natural Toxins

Type: Passive

Description: Certain attacks Weaken, reducing movement speed, armour, and damage.

Directive: Inject

Type: Primary

Proc Coefficient: 0.5

Description: Fire 3 syringes for 3×80% damage. The last syringe Weakens and heals for 60% of damage dealt.

Seed Barrage

Type: Secondary

Proc Coefficient: 1

Description: Costs 15% of your current health. Launch a mortar into the sky for 450% damage.



Directive: Drill

Type: Secondary

Cooldown: 6

Proc Coefficient: 0.5

Description: Launch a series of seed bullets into the sky, raining down for 450% damage per second.

Directive: Disperse

Type: Utility

Cooldown: 5s

Proc Coefficient: 0

Description: Fire a sonic boom that pushes and Weakens all enemies hit. Pushes you backwards if you are airborne.

Bramble Volley

Type: Utility

Cooldown: 2s

Proc Coefficient: 0

Description: Costs 20% of your current health. Fire thorns that push and damage all enemies hit for 550% damage. Pushes you backwards if you are airborne. Heals for every target hit.

Tangling Growth

Type: Special

Proc Coefficient: Projectile: 1
Roots: 0

Description: Costs 25% of your current health. Fire a flower that roots for 200% damage. Heals for every target hit.



The following list of items is recommended to cope up with REX’s weaknesses.

ItemRecommendation Criteria
Soldier's SyringeRex's main attack is the burst-fire type. Having the Soldier's Syringes will help increase his attack speed and DPS.
Paul's Goat HoofRex does not have a skill that allows him to manoeuvre out of harm's way when he is in a pinch. Increasing his movement speed will be helpful in evading incoming fire.
Tougher TimesHaving a chance to block damage will certainly help Rex since his skills use up his HP.
Leeching SeedHaving the Leeching Seed item will help you instantly regain some of the health that you have lost when using your skills and abilities.
UkuleleSince Rex's main attack speed is not very fast, being able to damage multiple targets with your shots is a must!

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Steps: How to Unlock Rex


There are three basic steps to unlock Rex:

  1. Grab the Fuel Array
  2. Do not take too much damage
  3. Reach Abyssal Depths and find him

Follow these steps to unlock Risk of Rain 2 Rex.

       1. At the first level, check the back of your escape pod. You should be able to take the Fuel Array. It will be placed in the equipment slot.

         NOTE: Because MUL-T does not have an escape pod, it is not able to have the Fuel Array, which means it cannot unlock Rex. Use another character!

2. Carry the Fuel Array through several levels. This is somewhat difficult because not only does it take up your equipment slot, it will also detonate if you fall below 50% health.

 3. Bring the Fuel Array all the way to the Abyssal Depths.

4. Now use the geysers to propel yourself to the highest platform.

5. There should be another platform right behind it, semi-hidden near a giant rock column.

 6. On that platform is the unpowered REX.

7. Go over to him and activate him, which will remove the Fuel Array from your equipment slot.

8. This will complete the Power Plant challenge for you and you will be able to unlock Rex.

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REX is unlocked by completing the challenge “Power Plant”. (Fix the destroyed robot with an Escape Pod’s Fuel Array). The challenge requires you to get the Fuel Array item at the back of the escape pod at the start of the game and accompany the equipment all the way to Abyssal Depths. Within the region, you have to ensure your way to the top division of the map via the geysers fixed around the region, where you will find Rex’s model as unmanageable. Interacting with Rex with the fuel cell equipped will complete the challenge, resulting in unlocking Rex as a playable character. If you found our Risk of Rain 2 Rex: How To Unlock guide helpful, then stay tuned for more stuff like this!

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