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Risk of Rain 2 Characters Wiki & Guide: Risk of Rain 2 is a 3D multiplayer video game. It is a forerunner of the Risk of Rain. The game concentrates on the survivors of the crash. Currently, there are 9 classes present in Risk of Rain 2. The Commando class is unbarred by Default while others must be unbarred by achieving Challenges. Any blend of characters is selected by the players with each player having a way to all the characters they have unbarred. There are no boundaries on the number of people/players who play an identical character.

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Risk of Rain 2 Characters Wiki

Usually, one added character is meant to be released, with one character assured for each content update. Currently, the available Risk of Rain 2 characters are:

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Risk of Rain 2 Characters Features

  • You have to play a four-player co-op seamlessly through Steam.
  • Unlock above 75 items over time and each run must be vivid and plentiful of new challenges.
  • Make sure to play and unlock new and returning survivors.
  • Encounter challenging monsters and gigantic bosses.
  • Explore huge and handcrafted 3D levels.
  • You have to discover wisdom through the collection of Monster, Item, and Environment Logs.
  • Lastly, challenge your friends.

Risk of Rain 2 New Characters Guide

The number of Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks has been increasing. We now have 9 playable characters and they’re unlocked in totally different ways. Some of these are deliberately hard to unlock. The Risk of Rain 2 New Characters includes REX, Loader, and Acrid. Below we are sharing how to unlock these characters.

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How to Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters

In Risk of Rain 2, the character you chose is important. This decides your playstyle. Your victory will arrive when you play something you are comfortable with. So why would you opt for the Fierce Mercenary or the Deadly Huntress? 

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Commando is the default character, so you’ll play him at least a few times in the start before leading onto someone new. Commando is simple to pick up and a pleasure to play, so don’t think he is weak just because he is the starter survivor.


Commando’s basic attack is fast and easy to aim, and his rapid-fire ability can destroy all enemies in a second.


MUL-T is undoubtedly the easiest character to unlock. It only requires you to clear the first stage five times. It is a flexible fighter with the ability to swap between two basic attacks at any time. One is a short-range first firing nail gun which is good for crowds and the other is a long-range sniper rifle that is good at picking enemies.


You can naturally unlock MUL-T just by playing and you can also speed up the process by farming the first stage. Generally, MUL-T is all about swapping primary attacks effectively using your dash and stun grenades to control big targets and crowds.

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Here to unlock the Huntress you need to complete the first three levels without dying. This can entirely be done in single-player mode, especially if you play on easy, but it will also work in multiplayer. Which so ever just make sure you play it safe and press onward.


You can unlock the Huntress even faster than MUL-T, but it takes a little skill.  Huntress has one of the best escape abilities in the game that is the straight-up teleport. This sends you where you want and this means that it can be used as a jump even.


You can unlock the Engineer indifferently while playing. To unlock it you need to complete 30 stages. The Engineer is about placing and defending turrets. It does not matter what levels you clear, what difficulty you play on or what characters you choose. You could either farm the first stage 30 times on or clear three powerful ten-stage runs. Just make sure you are playing the game, however, clearly playing on easy will speed up the process.



Artificer It is one of the hardest unlocks. To get it, you’ll need to collect ten Lunar Coins and use these coins to free Artificer from the ice prison that is inside the blue item shop. The Lunar Coins usually drop from enemies randomly. So just endeavor to play to earn more.

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When you get ten coins the next step is to visit the Blue Item shop which can be entered via a unique portal that sometimes appears after you defeat a boss. You will get a chance to visit a Special Item shop before beginning the next stage. The Artificer is situated in the shop next to a newt-like dealer. Walk up to her Ice Prison and use your ten coins to rescue her.


Many players have got trouble with the Artificer not appearing in the item shop while playing in multiplayer. If at all it happens to you and you’ve got your ten Lunar Coins, just boot up a single-player game and play until you get to the blue portal. The Artificer will be there.


To unlock Mercenary, you’ll need to clear seven stages in one run and go through a special Celestial Portal. Similar to the Blue Portal that leads players to the item shop, the Celestial Portal can be used rather than the teleporter. If you use it, you’ll be taken away to a Celestial Realm with a puzzle inside.


At the end of this puzzle, you’ll find a large obelisk that gives you the option to “obliterate” yourself. Obliterating yourself at the Obelisk will finish your run then and there and unlock the Mercenary.


REX is the one that cannot be unlocked directly by playing. You have to begin by reclaiming the Battery Pack from the back of your Escape Pod when you load in. Just pop the panel off and grab it. Your goal is to take this battery pack to the Abyssal Depths, and pop it into REX to boost him up. The battery pack will explode and destroy you if you run below 50% health.


Play it cool, buy all the healing and defensive items you can, and make your way to the Abyssal Depths. Once you get to the Abyssal Depths, head to the top of the stage using the jump jets along the ground. You will see REX dormant on a tiny platform near the top. Reach him, pop in the battery pack, and unlock him.


The Loader when you defeat the unique boss of the new area, Siren’s Call.  This is an extraordinary boss that only appears after a short ritual of sorts. There are tiny blue eggs dotted around Siren’s Call. Once you destroy enough of these eggs, the boss will appear in the middle of the map. So, play until you roll Siren’s Call on your fourth stage.


This is all about Risk of Rain 2 New Characters, hope you like this article. Which of Risk of Rain 2 characters do you find most interesting? Do share your views in the comment section below.


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