Starfield Release Date is in 2020?

Starfield is an upcoming game that was first revealed in the year 2018. There is very little information about this game but as per the title game is all about space and universe. Well, many people are asking about Starfield Release Date is in 2020? and here we come up with this article which will clear the answer to this question.

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Is Starfield Open World?

There is less information about starfield and the latest official statement was announce din 2018 and till then no one hears anything about this game. Game is an open world or not, no one knows but will be expecting everything before the official announcement for Starfield Release Date. Also, check our sci-fi based game for MSN here.

Is Starfield NextGen?


According to the pictures which were revealed by the company and by some rumours, the game is going to be a next-generation game with a story around space. According to images maybe the game is going to be something star wars. But it’s clear that its a Next-Generation Sci-Fi Game.

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What is Starfield release date?

Well, there is no official statement about the Starfield Release Date in 2020. But till 2020 ends we have to wait for the release date in 2020. If the company will not announce anything about this game then starfield is going to launch in 2021.


Todd Howard American video game designer and studio director of this game. In June 2019 Todd Howard¬†said “I think everyone should be very patient”

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Starfield for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Well, it’s for sure that apart from windows company will launch this game for a different gaming console, and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series x are one of them. This is all everything we know about Starfield Release Date. Don’t forget to check the starfield trailer. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this game.

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