Genshin Impact Geoculus Location & Map in 2023 [Guide]

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In this article, Genshin Impact Geoculus Location and Genshin Impact Geoculus Map will be revealed along with all the complete information that will help you to get the geoculus easily.


Genshin Impact is an open world hack and slash action game. Unfortunately, this game has a mechanic called stamina that forces you to take a break when you run out of stamina. Not only that but stamina is also needed for players to swim further or climb higher in the game.

Characters like Venti and Ke Qing give you a higher head start with their elemental skills. If you don’t have the character, then you will be needing to increase your maximum stamina. Collecting geoculus is a way that you can increase your stamina. Moving on to what is geoculus and the details of the item.

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What is Genshin Impact Geoculus

Geoculus is equivalent to Anemoculus, just the element is different. Geoculus and Anemoculus have the same usage, which is used to give to the Statue Of Seven. Geoculus can be found in the Liyue region while Anemoculus can be found in the Mondstadt region, will talk more about Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations in the article.

The Statue of Seven is a place that allows you to heal, and change your main character‘s element (Anemo/Geo), which will be depending on the Statue of Seven. From the name geoculus, you can notice that only the Statue of Seven in Liyue will accept geoculus while the Statue of Seven in Mondstadt accepts only Anemoculus.


Geoculus is used to give to the Statue of Seven for upgrading Liyue. Upgrading the Statue of Seven will increase your maximum stamina by 8 at each level. There are a total of 10 levels and currently exist 2 types of Statue of Seven so leveling up both max will give you a total of 160 extra maximum stamina then add up with your existing stamina and become 240 stamina. Currently, this is the highest stamina everyone can get in a game and it will save a lot of time especially if you are climbing up a tall path.

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Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

Before telling you the location of the geoculus, the above picture is a geoculus. You can find it in the Liyue region and there are a total of 131 geoculus in Liyue and 130 are required to max the Statue of Seven in Liyue. Getting the geoculus is easy, just let your character go through the geoculus, and then it will be added to your inventory. 

Where can I find the Geoculus Genshin impact?

Geoculus is easy to find but after collecting lots of them, you will be needing to hunt them down. You can easily see them in minimap within a certain radius. Your game will have a sound then your minimap will show a white star. If you are in the Liyue region then it will be Geoculus or else it’s gonna be Anemoculus.

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Genshin Impact Geoculus Map

To find Genshin Impact Geoculus Map you can use Genshin Impact Interactive Map. If you get to see this article before even collecting one, it is encouraged to create a genshin impact interactive map account and start marking them.


Above are all the geoculus locations in the Liyue region. It is a screenshot from Genshin Impact Interactive Map. After entering into this link, you can zoom in and out and locate it one by one. Players are also required to login in order to mark the found geoculus. The interactive map can also be used to show the flower’s location, world quests, and more. 

How To Find Genshin Impact Missing Geoculus

As we all know there are a total of 131 Geoculus in the game, and if you missed some then how to find them? Well, there are some tested options that you can use to find Genshin Impact Missing Geoculus. The methods are easy but you have to follow them if you missed any geoculus and you need them.

  • By using the online map: Use the Genshin Impact Interactive map and you can find the missing geoculus very easily. This is one of the fastest ways to find them.
  • By changing height/altitude: You can find them by changing the altitude in the game.
  • Use Minimap: Always check your minimap, as whenever you will be close to any geoculus, then you will see it in the minimap.

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Lastly, collecting 130 geoculus and upgrading the Statue Of Seven to level 10 will allow you to enter a ruin. The ruin can only be entered after collecting  9 stones of remembrance. Stone of remembrance can only be obtained by upgrading the Liyue region’s Statue of Seven. It will be used to unlock a world quest and then completing it will give you a 5 star artifact.

This is all for Genshin Impact Geoculus Location and Genshin Impact Geoculus Map, hope this will help you. If you are new to Omggamer then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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