5 Steps to Find Steam Purchase History in 2023 [Guide]

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If you have been having trouble viewing your steam purchase history then no need to worry just relax because we have covered all that. In this article, 5 Steps to Find Steam Purchase History, we are talking about the steps to find a steam purchase history. We shall begin with knowing what steam purchase history is, then the steps, and lastly the reasons why some games don’t appear in your steam transaction history.

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What is Steam Purchase History?

Steam purchase history includes a list of all your games that are the ones you purchased without giving it a thought while the sale was on that are still unplayed and untouched in your library. It shows your subscriptions, the fund sources you used, tournament registrations, and also profiles you have reported over the years. You are also able to view your friends’ activity feeds, trades, your record, uploaded content, broadcasts, and chat messages.


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In this steam purchase history, you’ll check for anything you would like to look up, maybe you would like to see anything you probably did or bought in the past. However, sometimes your purchase history could be shown. We are sharing why this happens later in this article. Now let’s check out the steps on finding the steam purchase history.

Steps to Find Steam Purchase History

Majorly these are the steps to find your steam purchase history. Without wasting time let’s begin! First of all, access the ‘Account details’ area in Steam. If you are practicing the default Steam Skin, you’ll enter your account details by clicking on your picture in the top right corner of Steam. However, if you’re practicing the Metro Skin, you’ll find it in the context menu on the top left.

  • Step 1: Open Steam
  • Step 2: Open the Account Details section in Steam.
  • Step 3: Then select Account Details from where you’ll be taken to an area of Steam from which you can access and change all of the information on your account. For instance, you can change your email address, change your mobile number, and your view licenses.
  • Step 4: The option we are trying to find is “View Purchase History” which is placed near the top right of the window.
  • Step 5: Once you enter inside all your purchases and other transactions as you created your account everything will be there.

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From there you’ll select each one to see more details about them, whilst purchases within the last 2 weeks are available for a refund if at all you meet all the terms and conditions. However, to get a refund on a purchase, the Steam support must state that you simply must have owned the game for less than 2 weeks and have less than 2 hours of playtime.


Games Missing from Steam Transaction History

Sometimes when you access your account on the steam purchase history you may find some of your games missing from the Steam Transaction History. Therefore, here I share with you some of the reasons that may cause this:

Old Versions

The 2006 version from Human Head Studios and 2K Games were quietly removed from Steam a few years ago. However, you may be able to still play it but you won’t be able to buy it on Steam anymore.

Publishers Abusing Steamworks Tools

Multiple withdrawn games are linked to a sole Russian publisher or Dagestan Technology that seemed to be operating under a number of various names. So they won’t be able to show in the steam history.


Fake Reviews

When a developer tries to spice up its Steam review score and word of mouth with fake reviews for its own game. For example, one of the staff members of Acram had been posting positive reviews of their game using different Steam accounts.

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It’s been Replaced by a Remastered Version

Once a game is replaced by a new version, it does not mean it will disappear from your Steam library if you have it, but you’ll not be able to purchase the older variant once the remaster appears.


Technical Problems

For example, five Nights at Freddy’s World creator Scott Cawthon withdrew his own game from Steam after stating that he was not convinced with the ratings and reviews it was receiving and apologizing for its state at the time of release.

They are Scams

In 2017, Valve removed 173 games from Steam, all from the same single developer. These games seemed simply added so as to mine Steam trading cards for profit.

The Game is not Good

Lots of games are not so good, but they typically stay around anyway. Not all, however. Afro Samurai 2 was taken off from Steam by its makers, and future episodes were dropped because the game was a failure according to the General Manager of developer Versus Evil Steve Escalante. However, there are other many reasons why some of your games aren’t appearing in your steam purchase history but hope those listed above have been useful.


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Through these 5 Steps to Find Steam Transaction History, you can now try it out and find your steam purchase history. Remember that you may find many games missing from your Steam transaction history. Do not freak out as I have already listed the reasons for this. Just follow the above simple steps and in no time you will find yourself looking at your Steam purchase history. I hope this article has been useful to you gamers and everyone else.

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