Acer XF240H Color Settings | Acer 144hz Monitor Settings

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Many people do Acer XF240H Color Settings and then fail, and if you are looking for the best color setting for this Acer 144hZ monitor then read the article.


If you are looking at this Acer XF240H 144hz Monitor then you can easily buy it from and best buy at the very best prices. But before that, you are worried about the one complaint that everyone is saying for this gaming monitor that its poor color. Do not worry about this as will be providing you with the best settings for this monitor.


Acer XF240H Color Settings


  • Bright: 5
  • Contrast: 45
  • Black Level: 3
  • Blue light: OFF
  • ACM: OFF
  • Super Sharpness: OFF


  • Gamma 2.2
  • Colour temp: User * R Gain:55 * G Gain:52 * B Gain:50
  • All bias to 49
  • SRGB mode: OFF
  • 6-axis hue: Default
  • 6-axis Saturate: Adjust all to 55 except yellow saturate to 59.

You just have to apply these exact  Acer XF240H Color Settings and you will see an amazing picture quality in this Acer 144z Gaming Monitor. If you want more gaming updates do subscribe to our newsletter given down below and if you have more suggestions for this article do comment down below.

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