How to get Destiny 2 Spare Rations Hand Cannon Guide

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Destiny 2 Spare Rations which is one of the most popular weapon. People are looking forward to the steps to farm this weapon. In this guide, you will get to know everything about the Spare Rations along with the perks and steps to farm Destiny 2 Spare Rations.


What is the Spare Rations Hand Cannon

The spare rations is a legendary 150 hand cannon, which drops from gambit prime, or the likeness of Oryx version of the reckoning. The popularity of this hand cannon started in the season of the drifter, with streamers and content creators, realizing that with the right roll it can two tap enemies in PVP.


With its high aim assist and good recoil control, and pattern, and is a kinetic 150 hand cannon, it was the obvious go-to choice when trials started. With trials being the most streamed destiny content and getting lots of attention people to begin to realize how good this gun actually was.

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Perks of Spare Rations Hand Cannon

So why is this gun so good? 150 round per minute hand cannons is having the best balance between impact and firing speed. Most hand canons that fire faster are either have a ridiculous recoil pattern, or have an awful ttk, or usually both, so getting a kill in PVP is much harder with them.

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Spare rations on top of that have a very high aim assist and a very controllable, almost vertical recoil pattern. With the right perks, it’s a beast in PVP. The right perks are hard to obtain, nonetheless. What you are looking for is hammer-forged rifling as the range on this is kind of low, or Smallbore, corkscrew, which both ad stability and range. For magazine/bullet type you are looking for high-caliber, ricochet, or light mag. The two traits are what really counts here. For the first, you are looking for a rapid hit or snapshot.


For the second trait you want, kill clip or rangefinder. The rapid hit, kill clip combo would be the best option, the snapshot, kill clip a close second, but even a rapid hit, rangefinder variation is still a very decent roll. The masterwork depends on the roll, could be a big asset or not. You are looking for synergy with your perks and traits. For the so-called god roll, which would be hammer forged, high-caliber, rapid hit, kill clip, a reload MW is very helpful, making the essential reload after a kill faster.

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For the rapid hit rangefinder roll, it does nothing. The gun can also drop from gambit prime with a curated roll which is hammer-forged, appended mag, overflow, and explosive payload, which is essentially useless in PVP, and as there are better options in PvE, is good only to shard.

Steps to farm Destiny 2 Spare Rations

To get the destiny 2 spare rations you have to follow the following steps.

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  • Step 1: So with this gun being sunset, if you want to get it now, you should start to go for it right away. The good news is that it can drop from any tier of the reckoning, but only every other week when the boss is the likeness of Oryx.
  • Step 2: Also, the drop rate is much higher for T3, lower for T2, and significantly lower for T1, so I would upgrade my synthesizer to be able to run at least T2 if I were to farm for this. You need a powerful synthesizer first though if you don’t have one. You can get it by picking up the quest called, user testing from the Drifter apparently.
  • Step 3: You need to pick up a few bounties and finish one in gambit prime. After you speak to the Drifter, he will give you your weak synthesizer, and you will be able to upgrade this by picking up an upgrade bounty from him. It’s in the second row, there are four of them, check which one suits you best and do that.
  • Step 4: Now a bit of a disclaimer here. It used to be a different questline where you had to run a reckoning and then the Drifter gave you your synthesizer, which you needed to upgrade on a weekly basis. I’ve done this quest on all three characters in the season of the Drifter, so any changes to this questline are as much news to me as it is for you.
  • Step 5: So I gather from friends and from the internet, that you don’t need to wait for the weekly reset to pick up another upgrade quest on the same week from the Drifter, so practically, by running 8 reckonings and some gambit matches you could upgrade your synthesizer to run T3 reckoning until your nose bleeds.

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You will certainly have to as the RNG is not very player-friendly. I would say one spare ration will drop in every 3 rd activity, and sporadically in gambit prime, and getting that coveted roll will take steely determination, especially if you are not an avid fan of the mode.

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Destiny 2 Spare Rations god roll

Here are the Destiny 2 Spare Rations god roll:

  • Barrel: Hammer Forged Rifling
  • Mag/rounds: Armour-piercing rounds
  • Perk 1: snapshot
  • Perk 2: Rangefinder
  • MW: Range

Destiny 2 Spare Rations VS Austringer

Destiny 2 Austringer Destiny 2 Spare Rations
Reload Speed5160
Aim Assistance7592
Recoil Direction95100

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Hope you like this Destiny 2 Spare Rations guide, if you have any query then do comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on destiny 2 and gaming news around the world.

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