One of the best strategic games of the era is Age of Empire which is developed by one of the biggest tech giant Microsoft Studios. Age of Empire Series was started in late 90’s after the first launch people got crazy for this game, because this is the only strategic game at that time which makes the audience by its graphics and by its stories. Now after a long gap from Age of Empire 3 Release, Microsoft studios come up with a news which is going to make people crazy, that Age of Empire 4 is going to launch very soon. But unfortunately Age Of Empire 4 Release Date is not declared by the officials.

Age of Empire 4 Release Date

After a long time gap Microsoft studios announced that Age Of Empire 4 is going to hit the market very soon. When our reporters asked about the Age Of Empire 4 Release date from the officials they replied that this strategic game is in development mode and going to release very soon but first it will be available only for PC user who are running windows. So this is the only announce by the officials about the release date and if you are running any other window on your system and willing or eagerly waiting to play this game on your system so change your operation system before release and don’t forget to check system requirement.


There is rumor saying that after PC version, company is going to launch the game for Sony Play stations. If this is true that Sony PS4 Neo will be the be the best option to play this game, As it was launched in 2016 and soon going to available in the market. Some experts are saying that Age Of Empire 4 is going to come up with Sony PS4 Neo so that company can attract more gamers.

Age of Empire 4 System Requirement & Images

As we all know game is in development mode and soon going to launch for windows user. This means that game is not going to available for any other operating system. But one rumor said that game is going to be free with Sony play station 4 Neo, but that’s a rumor till date. Given below is the Age of Empire 4 System Requirement.

  • Operating System –  Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Memory – 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics – Intel

This are the basic requirement for this game and if you are lacking with any of this then you have to upgrade.

Age of Empire 4 Images (LEAKED)


There are many people who are eagerly waiting for this game, frankly saying I am one of them. Already completed Age Of Empire 3 (4 Times), Yes I am addicted to this game, Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing strategic game and for Age of Empire 4 Release Date.

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