AMD Zen 4 Release Date, Features, Price, Specs & Rumors

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AMD Zen 4 is an upcoming processor series, but AMD Zen 4 Release Date is still a mystery. As per the latest information, AMD Zen 4 will come with a maximum of 16 cores and a minimum of 4 cores.

AMD Zen 4 online
AMD Zen 4 online

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is an American company that deals in semiconductor products multinationally. AMD lives up to its name whenever it brings a processor out in the market. The talk of the town is that with its huge success in previous AMD processors, AMD is going to release the new AMD Zen 4 on the market soon. Everything that you want to know about AMD Zen 4 is mentioned below.

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AMD Zen Series 

The AMD Zen series started in March of 2017 with its first processor of Zen Series in the market known as AMD Zen and in the succeeding years of 2018, 2019, and 2020 came Zen+, Zen 2, and Zen 3. All the Zen microarchitecture from AMD has been great in performance regarding its time. AMD Zen 4 has not been released yet so you have to wait for it. The first Zen microarchitecture processor had a 14 nm chipset that helped it perform well.


Later came Zen+ which had a 12 nm chipset and with time the size of the chipset decreased and the performance of the chipset went up. The Zen 2 and Zen 3 both have a 7 nm chipset and there had been people saying about the AMD Zen 4 chipset is 5 nm in size. If this becomes true then it will be huge competition in the market for the rivals to match up, which AMD is able to provide in its small chipsets. This doesn’t mean that they will compromise in performance but in the end, it is just a game of wait and watches that will help us decide the result.

AMD Zen 4 Release Date

It is well known and also mentioned above that the AMD Zen 4 Release Date is not announced yet, but it is a high possibility after seeing the AMD tradition of releasing a new chipset every year that till the end of 2023, we might be able to see the AMD Zen 4 chipset. Though this cannot be taken as surety that the AMD Zen 4 chipset will surely release in 2023 because there isn’t any official announcement from AMD that they will release AMD Zen 4 in 2023 but it can be assumed from all the speculations that it can be possible. For now, the best thing that you can do is to go for the AMD Zen 3, until the AMD Zen 4 is in the market.

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AMD Zen 4 Features

The Features of a processor are something that can make or break a deal. As AMD Zen 4 is not yet released, there are a lot of expectations from it. We have seen AMD Zen 3 and we expect highly from AMD Zen 4. It is possible that AMD Zen 4 might have the majority of AMD Zen 3 features in it.

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AMD Zen 4
AMD Zen 4

Apart from that, the expected features of AMD Zen 4 are that it can have brand new Zen 4 CPU cores, the processor size can also be reduced to 5nm with doubling the performance that we used to see from the previous processors. There is also the possibility of Dual Channel DDR5 Memory Support and 105-170W TDPs. We can also see 28 Gen 4.0 PCIe lanes. These are all the features expectations that we have from AMD Zen 4, but time will only tell what we can get.

AMD Zen 4 Rumors

There are a few rumors going on around about AMD Zen 4, like the release date and specifications of AMD Zen 4. The AMD Zen 4 is expected to be released at the end of 2022 but some are saying that this might not be the case and AMD Zen4 will release with a lot of changes from AMD Zen 3. Rumors are always there when the product is about to get released so all we can do not is wait for the product to be launched.

AMD Zen 4 Features
AMD Zen 4 Features

AMD Zen 4 vs AMD Zen 3

The next-generation AMD Zen 4 is going to release in late 2023, but it will be definitely a successor of the AMD Zen 3. In terms of performance, definitely, Zen 4 will be 40% better than zen 3. According to the latest report, the next-gen AMD zen 4 will come up with a maximum of 16 cores.

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AMD Zen 4 Price

It is a sure thing that AMD Zen 4 will be expensive, but how expensive is the main question. The predecessor AMD Zen 3’s base cost was 800 $ so it is possible that AMD Zen 4 will cost nearly around 1000 $.

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AMD Zen 4 Socket and Chipset

As we have seen in AMD Zen 3 that the performance is fast and unique, the same can be expected from AMD Zen 4. We are hopeful that the AMD Zen 4 will perform better in every aspect than its predecessors and other competitors in the market. The AMD Zen 4 architecture chipset might bring us something unseen before.

AMD Zen 4 Series CPU
AMD Zen 4 Series CPU

AMD Zen 4 for Gaming

AMD is a company that now brings processors focused on Gaming and high-end users, so if we talk about AMD Zen 4, it can be the very best candidate for gaming enthusiasts that want to play high-end games and always wanted to remain ahead of their competitors.

amd zen 4 gaming
amd zen 4 gaming

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is the difference between AMD zen and zen pro?
Answer: The basic difference between AMD Zen and Zen +(it’s not zen pro) is that Zen is a 300 series chipset whereas Zen + is a 400 series chipset. Also, AMD Zen’s compatibility is up to Ryzen 3rd Gen whereas Zen + is Ryzen 4th Gen compatible.

FAQ 2: Will Ryzen Zen 4 be AM4?
Answer: It is not possible that Ryzen Zen 4 will be AM4, ZEN 3 is the latest version of AM4 and the upcoming ones will possibly be AM5.

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