Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online in 2023

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If you are one of the PlayStation gamers who is stuck with his friend with a different generation of PlayStation gaming consoles, and thinking about Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online, then you have come to the right place as we will be talking about how a PlayStation 5 gamer can cross-play games with an individual who has PlayStation 4.

Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online
Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online

Cross-play is one of the best things that has happened to modern games and is considered a boon for modern gamers. Initially, things were different when your friend got a new gaming console, whereas you were stuck to the old one.

Crossplay allows the gamers of one generation to play the games with the gamers of another generation. Of course, the gaming console should belong to the same company. Today, we will be talking about the cross-play between the PS5 and PS4 gaming consoles

Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online?

If you are looking for a simple answer to this question, then yes, there is one; however, you should keep in mind that the situation is a bit more complex than it seems.

Don’t get yourself confused, as you will understand what we are saying in a minute or so. The answer to the question is, yes, PlayStation 5 players can play online games with PlayStation 4 players.

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It is seen these days that players gaming online on the PS5 can play with players gaming on PS4 with the same game. Though the only thing that you need to keep in mind is the compatibility issue.

Also, next-generation versions of games that can be played on the PS5 version can be played with players on the PS4 version. In simple words, we can say that Yes, PlayStation 5 these days allows cross-generation gameplay compatibility that helps the PS5 players to play with PS4 players.

However, you need to remember that it all depends on whether or not the game that you have chosen is equipped with functionalities like cross-platform and cross-generation.

Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online?
Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online?

PS5 Support Crossplay With the PS4

PlayStation is not new to gamers and a majority of gaming enthusiasts are well aware of this gaming console. However, the ones who currently have the recent generations of PlayStation gaming consoles know very well what we are talking about.

Does PS5 Support Crossplay With the PS4? The answer here is yes. However, things are not as easy as they seem, and you need to keep a few things in mind, like the game’s dependency or compatibility between the gaming consoles that will help you cross-play. 

PS5 Support Crossplay With the PS4
PS5 Support Crossplay With the PS4

Does cross-play depend on games?

Yes, the games themselves play a huge role in deciding whether you will be able to cross-play your games or not. The game that you are about to play is even considered to be the most important factor for whether or not you with a PS5 can play with someone who still has the PS4 (or vice versa).

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The reason behind this is that in order to play cross-platform games from your PS5 to someone’s PS4, the developer should have put this specific feature in the game.

These days the issue is that the newer the games, the less likely it is that they will be cross platforms because they were not released earlier to be played on previous generation consoles like PS4. 

How to Crossplay PS4 and PS5?

In order to crossplay PS4 and PS5, either you have to invite your friend to a game lobby in whichever game you want to play, or they have to do the same thing for you.

Both of you need to have PlayStation online for your particular console. In the next step, the one who is inviting the other will have to enter the online multiplayer lobby of another person in whatever game you are about to play.

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If you are allowed to join the game, then there will be an option that says “Join Game”. Click on it to join the game. Once you join, there will be a section on your screen that will show the game that your friend is playing. 

How to Crossplay PS4 and PS5
How to Crossplay PS4 and PS5

PlayStation Crossplatform with Other Consoles

In the past, the answer to this question would have been a big NO. However, today the situation is totally different. You, with a PlayStation, can now easily play games with other players using gaming consoles like Xbox Ones, Xbox Series X, PC, or Nintendo Switch. The only thing to check here is whether the game allows cross-platform or not; once the game supports this functionality, you are good to go. 

PlayStation Cross Platform with Other Consoles
PlayStation Cross Platform with Other Consoles

Types of Cross-Generation Cross-Platforms

Today there are two types of cross-generation cross-platforms if you want to play games on two different generations of gaming consoles.

The first one is that you have a PlayStation 5 console playing a PS4 game with a PlayStation 4. This backward compatibility is an easy thing to do and has been a feature of gaming consoles for a while now.

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However, the second one that we have with us is that we have a Playstation 5, which is playing a PlayStation 5 version of the game, while the other is a PlayStation 4 that is playing a PlayStation 4 version of the game, and they both are played together in the same lobby.

This is a more common cross-generation cross-platform gaming seen with the newer games or with the long-established games in the current times.

Types of Cross Generation Cross Platforming
Types of Cross Generation Cross Platforming

PS5 and PS4 Crossplay Games [2023]

There are various games available today that you can cross-play between PS5 and PS4 like Fortnite, Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Cold War, Call of Duty: War Zone, Apex Legends, Marvel’s Avengers, and Rocket League.

PS5 and PS4 Crossplay Games
PS5 and PS4 Crossplay Games

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: Can PS5 players play with PS4 players on the battlefield in 2042?
Answer: Yes, PS5 players can play the Battlefield 2042 game with PS4 Players. 

FAQ 2: Can PS5 players play with PS4 players in FIFA 22?
Answer: No, PS5 players cannot play the FIFA 22 game with PS4 Players.

So that’s all for this guide on PlayStation Cross-platform. Hope you got your answer to the  Can PS5 Players Play With PS4 Players Online question. If you like this post then do share it on social media platforms and keep visiting for more gaming guides, gaming, upcoming games, gaming builds, and much more. 

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