Guild Wars 3 Release Date, System Requirements & Rumors

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Guide Wars 3 Release Date is far away from now, but there are lots of news about this game around the web. This article is all about the upcoming game that is Guild War 3.

Guid Wars 3 Game
Guild Wars 3 Release Date
Guild Wars 3 System Requirements
Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Intel i5 with 12 GB Ram
Guild Wars 3 Trailer
Not Announced
Guide Wars 3 Platforms
Mac OS, Microsoft Windows & PlayStation

Guild Wars is an RPG or role-playing game which was first released in 2005. Games developers hit the second part in 2017 and now people are looking for Guild Wars 3 Release Date announcement.


In this article, you will see the questions which are coming to your mind like system requirements, rumors, etc. So let’s dive into this as many people are curious about it.

Guild Wars 3 Release Date

Guild Wars is one of the best RPG game till now on this earth. Developers of this game took 12 years to release the second part of this gaming series. As per the sources, developers already started in this game in the year 2013-2014, but it will take time to get into the market.

Guild Wars 3 Release Date is still hidden from everyone on the planet, but there is a surety that the game is under development and will surely hit the market in upcoming years. According to some rumors, the game will hit the market between 2024-2025 for Windows, Mac OS & PlayStation.

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Guild Wars 3 for Gaming Consoles?

According to our sources game is in the development stage, it’s tough to say which platform game is going to be available and for which platform game is not going to be available. There is a rumor that the game will be available for Sony PlayStation 5. But we are not confirming this rumor as there’s no hint from the developer and our sources on this.


Guild Wars 3 System Requirements

Guild Wars 3 will be available for windows for sure as its previous parts are available for the Windows platform. According to gaming experts, Guild Wars 3 System Requirements will be around the following:

  • Operating System – Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor – Intel i5 7th Gen
  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 960
  • STORAGE -100 GB of hard disk space required

These are the requirements based on the current gaming industry and game history.

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Guild Wars 3 Trailer

Guild Wars 3 is one of the most awaited game, but unfortunately, no one knows when it is going to release. Also there is no official announcement about the development of this game. So saying a video to be the trailer of this game will be unfair to this game. But here in the video given down below you can see the views of a famous YouTuber on this upcoming game.

Guild Wars 3 Rumours

So by now, we all have heard about the drama concerning or return at laying on one hundred forty-three of their noise which is the studio directly connected to go towards too but for those of you that have an allow me to quickly address the topic and bring what your attention now on February twenty-first of this year to report that arena and at the studio in charge of both guild was the original and guild wars to was about the suffered largely off they stated add they’d acquired.

There’s also a rumor about the game that the third part will come with a package that includes all 3 parts of this game series. But while asking about this from the officials they simply denied saying anything on this game. The Game will be available on different platforms like steam, epic games, etc.


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This is all for the article, stay tuned with us for more updates on this game and Guild Wars 3 Release Date. If you have any queries you ask with the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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      1. l agree so much l mean l was wanting for so long for GW2 and it ended up nothing like GW1 so it was a punch in the chest really. Please bring back GW1 at least build wise

        1. most likely knowing how anet rolls gw3 will be wholey different then gw1 and gw2 so get ready to be punched in the chest again!

  1. I think they need to bring back the skill system for personalization and less limitation, especially the elite skill mechanic. I enjoy the combat system though with the dodging and moving, much more engaging.

    More of a mix of the two for sure.

  2. 2025 – the speculation on this isn’t well thought through. Since GW2 Xpac 4 is confirmed! that is at least 2-3 years before that comes out in 2024-2025. Then that has at minimum of another 2 years to play it before we start hearing about GW3 information for a 2027-2028 release.

    Now out of nowhere one might say this new xpac4 is only 1 year away and guild wars is changing its xpac delivery system to give more content throught out the year. Then you might have 2 – 3 more xpacs before gw3 comes out. but nobody is saying that.

    GW3 needs to be like GW2 but also like GW1. A mostly coop group & solo play(kinda like it is now but less heavy focus on group play). A better game engine & say bye bye to spagehtti code.

  3. I just hope they fix their spagehtti code. The whole special keys for dodge and their refusal to put it on the UI and then finally they do but it breaks your keybinds and still doesn’t work seems to be bad coding. If they are going to allow keybind make sure it doesn’t interfere with mini games/mounts/skiff/s fishing… my god. The mini game code should over right your binds when you are in them so when you leave them your binds should go back to normal.

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