How to Fix Sony PS5 Crashing in 2023 [6 Easy Methods]

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Are you looking for a solution to fix Sony PS5 Crashing? Or does your PlayStation 5 keep crashing? If yes then this article is for you. It is always a tense situation when our favorite gaming console keeps on crashing on regular basis and does not let us enjoy the smooth gaming experience that we are habitual of. Thinking of selling it at that point might not be an option for all of us. If you are also someone who’s thinking of just getting rid of your gaming console as an easy option.

How to Fix PS5 Crashing
How to Fix PS5 Crashing

Today in this article we are going to talk about Sony PS5 Crashing and that too many times. If you are also a victim of this situation then there’s a recommendation for you to read this article and use the given solutions to get out of this situation and enjoy the games on your PlayStation, the way you were doing before.

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Why is Sony PS5 Crashing so many times?

It might be a panic situation for you, when you see your PS5 crashing in front of you and that too many times, but you don’t have to worry about it as most of the time, these are temporary issues that you can fix quickly and easily and that too on your own.

Sony PS5 Crashing Methods
Sony PS5 Crashing Methods

Other reasons that can cause this crashing/freezing issue in your PS5 are if you put your PS5 in an aggressive Rest mode, outdated PS5 system software, console overheating, enabled HDMI device link, or any hardware issue. There is also a possibility that sometimes random bugs in the game itself can cause this issue. Like any other issue on the internet, this can also be fixed, the ways to fix the Sony PS5 Crashing many times issue is given below.

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How to Fix Sony PS5 Crashing [2023]

Sony PS5 Crashing issue can be easily fixed with not just one but a few methods. These include steps like rebuilding the database, disabling the rest mode (If your PS5 is in it) if it’s a major issue then contacting support, solving the overheating problem, factory reset, or restarting your PlayStation.

How to Fix PS5 Crashing [2022]
Fix 1: Rebuild PS5 Database
Fix 2: Disable Rest Mode
Fix 3: Contact PlayStation Support
Fix 4: Overheating
Fix 5: Factory Reset
Fix 6: Restart Your PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Rebuild PS5 Database

The rebuilding Database feature on your PS5 allows you to clean up the data on your PS5. It also sorts out everything on the hard drive of your PS5 and fixes its freezing issue. For that, first, you have to connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it. Once you are done pairing, press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep and it will boot in Safe Mode.

Rebuild PS5 Database
Rebuild PS5 Database

Later on, go down to option number 5 mentioned in the list and select “Rebuild Database”. Click on the option and wait for the process to complete and your PS5 Crashing problem will be solved. If rebuilding the PS5 database was not enough to fix the crashing/freezing issue, then continue to the next solution.

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Disable Rest Mode

There is a Rest Mode feature in PS5. It’s a power-saving mode that enables you to download or install a game while consuming very little power from the outlet. When the console is idle and you are not doing anything on it, it will automatically go into Rest mode. If you are in a situation where your game is paused or you are just sitting idle on the Home screen, and your PS5 crashes out, it’s probably because of the aggressive Rest mode.

disable rest mode ps5
disable rest mode ps5

Some of the gamers have also reported this crashing issue while waking up the console from the Rest mode. To fix this issue, you can disable the rest mode, and here is how you should proceed.

  • First: go to your PS5’s settings menu, select System.
  • Second:  select Power Saving. Next, tap on Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.
  • Third: select Don’t Put in Rest Mode from the drop-down menu for both the During Media Playback & While Playing Games.
  • Fourth: return to the Home screen and restart your console to see if the issue is still there or not.

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Contact PlayStation Support

It is also possible that there is an issue with your PlayStation that you yourself will not be able to fix it. In that case, you should contact support and let them handle the situation as they are professionals and know how to handle these kinds of situations.

playstation 5
playstation 5


If your PS5 is overheating and you want to get rid of this overheating issue, you should place the console in an open, clean, and cooler space for heat dissipation. Try placing it in a way that it sits at least 5 inches away from the wall. Also, clean the vents regularly to prevent any dust buildup. If you come across any loud sounds from the fan of your PS5, open it up and clean it from the inside. If you yourself are not able to do it then take it to the servicing center.

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Factory Reset

Before a factory reset, it is recommended that you should back up all your important data. To factory reset your PS5, first, you should press & hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Next, press the PS button on the controller to enter into Safe Mode and select the Reset PS5 option. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to get your console running back again.

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Restart Your PlayStation 5

It is also possible that the PS5 Crashing is a temporary issue and can just be fixed by restarting your PS5. In this case, just power off the PS5 and later power it On to see if you still face the issue or is it gone.

Fix PlayStation 5 Crashing Online
Fix PlayStation 5 Crashing Online

How to Fix Sony PS5 Crashing in 2023 [Video Guide]

This is all for the Methods to fix Sony PS5 Crashing. If you have any other method or method which works, then do comment down below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter which is listed down below.

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  1. I brought my PS5 from the States to Spain, and use an adapter to plug it into a surge protector thing. Most games freeze and there’s this screeching noise that accompanies it until I’m taken to a error report screen and booted from the game. I’ve tried rebuilding database, turned off rest mode and restarted it multiple times. Any other suggestions? Is this common?

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