5 Best Extra Long Ethernet Cable in 2023 [Better Gaming]

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Are you Looking for Extra Long Ethernet Cable? If yes, then do read this article. Bob Metcalfem, a researcher at Xerox PARC, revolutionized the world in 1973 when he invented a high-speed networking system that enabled computers, servers, and printers to share data and resources and named it Ethernet.

And till today, it is considered one of the best inventions ever as it has brought together plenty of devices in offices and homes. This guide will guide you about what an ethernet cable is and our top recommendations for Extra Long Ethernet Cables.

Best Extra Long Ethernet Cable
Best Extra Long Ethernet Cable

What Is Ethernet Cable?

An ethernet cable, often known as a network cable, is a cable that runs a modem, router, or network switch to your computer and gives your device access to LAN (Local Area Network).

People prefer using an ethernet cable to get a faster and more stable internet connection. They get to relish a seamless experience as the internet speed does not drop suddenly due to any walls or objects blocking the Wi-Fi signals. Gamers prefer using an ethernet cable to avoid lags and make the most out of quick loading times during multiplayer Gaming.

What is ethernet cable
What is an ethernet cable?

And if you are someone who wishes to get their hands on an extra long ethernet cable so that you can have a steady internet connection, you have landed at the right spot. We have got you the top five extra long ethernet cable recommendations in the next segment. These cables have been carefully picked after extensive research and using them.

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5 Best Extra Long Ethernet Cable

In the following rundown, we have got you an extra long ethernet cable recommendation to suit whatever purpose you have. Whether work-related computer setup, home networking, or Gaming, we have covered you. Hence, let us hop onto the five best extra long ethernet cables!

Best Extra Long Ethernet Cable
1. Shinekee CAT 7
2. Jadaol CAT 7
3. Senetem CAT 8
4. Veetcom CAT 8
5. Dacrown CAT8

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Shinekee CAT 7

In case you are on the lookout for a great outdoor ethernet cable, Shinkee CAT 7 is the best cable. The cable is known for its durability and excellent performance.

Moreover, it equips you with undisturbed high-speed data transfer. The Shinkee CAT 7 is super easy to install and compatible with all devices, be it consoles, printers, or routers; this cable works for all. With 10 Gbps speed and a bandwidth of 600 MHz, you can not go wrong with this ethernet cable. 

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Moreover, it is very flexible, and you can easily install it around the corners as well. And all thanks to its gold-plated RJ45 connectors and extra protection, no noise is created or any interruption. Lastly, the Shinkee CAT 7 is a water and weather-resistant cable, making it excellent.

Shinekee Cat7 Ethernet Cable
Shinekee Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol CAT 7

The Jadaol CAT 7 is one of the best performing ethernet cables available in the market. With a bandwidth of 600 MHz, the maximum speed you get is 10 Gbps, making it a perfect option for Gaming or other projects. The Jadaol CAT 7 is compatible with various devices, and the routers of the cable are engraved by shielding. 

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Also, it is built with high-quality oxygen-free bare copper and comes with four twisted-pair conductors that help in better connectivity. And with the distinctive shape of the cable, you can install it quickly and make it utterly invisible by carefully placing it under the carpet.

Jadaol Cat7 Ethernet Cable
Jadaol Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Senetem CAT 8

This 65 feet long ethernet cable by Senetem is the perfect pick for you. Gamers who are on the hunt for high-speed ethernet cable would be glad to know that this cable has a speed of 40 Gbps and a bandwidth of 2000 MHz which ensures that you have a stable and secure internet connection. Moreover, the Senetem CAT 8 is compatible with all devices and is weather-proof and water-proof.

Senetem CAT 8 Ethernet Cable
Senetem CAT 8 Ethernet Cable

Veetcom CAT 8

Veetcom is known for its excellent quality ethernet cables that come in different sizes and categories, and with the Veetcom CAT 8, they have done a fabulous job. This cable is sturdy and offers outstanding performance with a data transfer speed of 40 Gbps at a bandwidth of 2000 MHz. It has backward compatibility with systems with CAT 7, 6, CAT 5E, and 5, which makes it an excellent pick.

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If you are worried about its build quality, the cable link is quadruply protected with four sets of standard copper wires. The copper material is oxygen-free, so the overall quality of the cable is fantastic. Also, it is protected by an excellent PVC coat that protects it from water damage.

Veetcom Cat8 Ethernet Cable
Veetcom Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Dacrown CAT8

Lastly, we have the Dacrown CAT8 cable. It offers you superior performance and is a great option when it comes to connecting devices that are distant. It is 50 feet in length, which makes it a perfect fit if your devices are placed in two different corners of the room. Moreover, the Dacrown CAT8 cable gives you a speed of 40 Gbps, sufficient for most users. The only con of the Dacrown CAT8 is that you do not get a manufacturer warranty with it. 

Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet Cable
Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: Does Extra Long Ethernet Cable reduce Internet Speed?
Answer: It is said that extra-long ethernet cables are slower as the latency increases because the signal has to travel more.

FAQ 2: What is the maximum length of Ethernet Cable I should use for Gaming?
Answer: The experts recommend using a maximum of 100 meters long cable for Gaming.

FAQ 3: How does the length of the Ethernet Cable affect Gaming?
Answer: The length of the ethernet cable does directly affect the signal quality. However, not too significantly, the signal quality lowers, resulting in slow transfer rates and network performance.

And now, we have come to an end to our guide on the Best extra long ethernet cable. We hope it helps you in finding the one you were looking for. If you find this post helpful, then share it with your knowns and keep visiting omggamer.com for more gaming updates. 

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