How to get Anarchy Destiny 2 (Exotic Grenade Launcher) | Complete Guide

Anarchy Destiny 2 is one of the Best PVE weapon in the game. Many players stuck to get Anarchy Destiny 2. In this article, you will read detailed information so that you can get your own weapon.

Anarchy Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Anarchy: Best PVE Weapon

Anarchy exotic grenade launcher is the raid exotic of the Scourge Of The Past. It’s an exotic grenade launcher and like all exotics, comes with a set roll of perks. These perks are quick to launch, high-velocity rounds, moving target, and composite stock. The exotic perk is arc traps, its description: much now, does it? Nonetheless, this is probably one of the Best PVE Weapons in destiny 2 by a long shot.

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Those arc bolts can also stick to enemies and put out an insane amount of DoT while you could switch to other weapons and pepper the enemy and also bolts to other mines. The weapon is tied to Siviks, Lost to None, the main antagonist of Season of the forge. The lore page depicts Siviks falling out with his brother, the spider, and taken to the prison of elders.

how to get anarchy destiny 2
how to get anarchy destiny 2

As it is a raid exotic, it drops from the final chest after completing the raid. So essentially you have to do the raid and hope that RNG smiles at you. SOTP could be started from the EDZ, but you need a fireteam of 6 to complete it. This weapon also creates a good target acquisition when moving along with speed and target acquisition.

Moving while aiming gives a good damage rate which can improve while aiming down sights. These are grenades stick to surfaces and chain arc bolts to other mines. While aiming do check the movement speed and target and if you are not able to aim properly then increased movement speed will help you out.

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Being one of the most fun raids in the game, having a really cool boss fight at the end, the only one dropping fallen mods, (fallen is going to be one of the main enemies of the new expansion, probably even the next raid), and the possibility of two really good exotic drops, (one being the Anarchy, the other the Always On Time exotic sparrow), you shouldn’t have a problem to find willing people on LFG.

Where can I find anarchy?

Getting this exotic grenade is not easy but if you eagerly want this then you can find  Anarchy Exotic grenade launcher is to complete the Scourge of the Past raid.

How to Farm Anarchy (Moments of Triumph 2020)

With the raid being vaulted in the coming November, Bungie made the raid loot to be farmable. Practically all raids drop, one chest per encounter, per character, but for the vaulted raids this loot limit has been lifted, so you could run these raids ad nauseum, and get loot every time you complete an encounter.

anarchy destiny 2
Anarchy Destiny 2

Steps: How to get Anarchy Destiny 2

There are no special requirements to get an anarchy exotic grenade launcher. Just follow the details given down below and you will get the item without any extra support. Also, I recommend you to follow the order of the steps carefully.

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Step 1: Obviously, to get the Anarchy, you need to open the final chest, as it is the only one that drops it. Also, they made the RNG a bit more player-friendly a while ago, so every time you complete the raid your chances of getting this highly efficient weapon to grow, to 50% at 20 clears.

Step 2:  Now some of you might not be in a clan, don’t have the means to get 5 other people to do raids, intimidated by LFG, or simply don’t have time to learn a raid and run it 20 odd times to get this weapon. Worry not. Bungie stated that all vaulted raid exotics will be available to all players, by other means coming next expansion, by a system resembling the exotic cypher of the season of arrivals. ‘Hold your sparrows!’ You might say. ‘Exotic cypher? Is that mean I can only get one exotic per season? I have my sights firmly fixed on Tarrabah!’ There, there, it might not be that harsh.

Step 3: I reckon you will be able to get all raid specific loot from different questlines, so you just might have to do 1600 heroic public events to get it.

Is Anarchy guaranteed?

Anarchy counts under the best PVE weapons in destiny 2 which is the sign of complimenting this weapon in Destiny 2. No doubts it’s a good weapon with a really great damage rate buy anarchy is not with a quest that clearly means that it can be drop which means there is no guarantee of receiving this exotic grenade launcher.

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Similar Weapons to Anarchy (Exotic Grenade Launcher)

Nonetheless, if it’s another exotic cypher and you use it, for whatever unreasonable reason to get Tarrabah, and want alternatives, I will give you a few options, but keep it in mind, that we are talking about one of the best exotic weapons in the history of Destiny, so none of the weapons I recommend could compete with what Anarchy does.

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So, let’s start with the most obvious, The Prospector. It’s also an exotic weapon grenade launcher with similar perks, where the projectiles stuck to surfaces and you could blow them up simultaneously. It is a surprisingly effective weapon with an insane firing rate, however, whereas Anarchy kills the simulated ogre with two shots, The Prospector needs a full magazine, and some to do the same. The TTK is better, however, with Anarchy you could switch weapons and do some additional damage.

Exotic Grenade Launcher

To get similar effects, your best bet is Witherhoard, the kinetic exotic grenade launcher from the season pass of the current season. Although it can only hold one projectile at a time, its catalyst gives you the auto-loading holster perk, so if you shoot one projectile, change weapons do a bit of damage, then rinse and repeat, you don’t need to reload.

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So, there you have it. Off you go guardians, get your hands on that sweet, sweet Anarchy. If you like this article about Anarchy Destiny 2 (Exotic Grenade Launcher) then do share this article with your friends or team over social media platforms and if you have any queries then do share your views through the comment section down below.

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