Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge | Gardens of Esila Location

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The forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge guide will help you to complete this challenge as well as there’s a guide to reach the Gardens of Esila Location.


The ascendant challenge is weekly rotational playlists in the dreaming city, absolutely essential for the Cursebreaker title seal, as they contain Marasena bones and corrupted eggs, and by doing all 6 of them you earn the Secret Victories emblem, which is part of the Dreaming City collection. The Forfeit Shrine is one of the easiest, and as per usual it involves a bit of jumping, indestructible knights, and hordes of taken enemies.


Destiny 2 Gardens of Esila Location

To reach the Gardens of Esila Location, follow the steps given below:

  • Spawn at Divilian Mists
  • By using the map given below to head to the Strand
  • When you reach Strand, use the arrow pointers given on the map to head to the final location.

How to Complete Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge

To start this challenge, you head to the Dreaming City and look for the NPC vendor, Petra Venj. As the Dreaming City is on a three-week rotation, Petra could be in either of the zones of the map.
When you pick up the bounty for the challenge, read the description and a small cryptic blurb from Toland alludes to the location of the actual ascendant challenge. The Forfeit Shrine’s blurb reads as follows: “At the overlook’s edge, the garden grows onward.” If you look at your map, in the Strand zone towards the bottom left corner there is a big area with a geometric design resembling a
flower in the middle. That is the Gardens of Esila, and you need to head that way.


You will need a tincture of queensfoil to see the ascendant portals, so use one from your inventory. If you don’t have it in your inventory, in Harbinger’s Seclude at the bottom part of the building you find two ahamkara skulls. The one called Huginn sells them for 50 baryon boughs a pop. You could stack up on 5, so buy as many as you can afford. Now head to the Strand zone, turn right when you exit the caves, and drive along the rock surface to the second gate, at the big tree. When entering the garden go to the middle circle, and on your left, you will find a big rock. On the right side of this rock, on a smaller rock formation, there is the portal.

Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge, is fairly easy. As with all ascendant challenges the map is dark and involves platforming. Also sticking to the pathways, especially if you never have done this challenge before, as jumping large distances could be confusing in the dark and you could miss your targeted platform easily. You will have to find 3 orbs, randomly spawning around the map, you pick them up, and then dunk them into the well in the middle. You should avoid the knights as they one-hit kill you.


You could damage them, but they are awfully hard to kill at this point. There are mobs of taken, mostly phalanxes, easy to kill, nonetheless annoying because they can meet you off the platforms with their shieldblasts, so jumping around them is unadvisable, and also thralls, easy to get rid of with a grenade launcher. Nevertheless, I don’t fight with the mobs, because the knights can teleport and they could spawn right behind you while you are busy with the taken.

The most efficient way is to get to the orbs on the shortest route available, and quickly get them to the middle of the map. After you dropped the 3 orbs you will be able to punish those annoying knights with more significant damage, and the light-emitting from the well in the middle regenerates your super almost instantly. So bringing high damage output supers as Nova bombs is advisable. There’s a video, for easier understanding given down below. When you’ve finished the challenge and the portal opens, provided you have the wish-ender bow, you could go on to destroy the corrupted eggs, and pick up the Marasena bone.


To shoot the first egg go to the left side of the portal and the egg is way below the walkway under some stalactites in a small cavern. The next one is opposite the portal, so turn your back to the portal and walk a small distance, until you reach a couple of black pillars. The egg is below the walkway hidden in the root of a giant tree. The Marasenna bone is behind the portal. You need to walk to the high up small circle and on the left, you see a small light down below in a rock crevice. If you pick it up it gives you the lore Heresiology. If you destroyed the other 3 corrupted eggs, in the garden and went on to destroy the 2 more in this instance, the lore Imponent II will also be available.

Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge Video

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