Genshin Impact Valberry Location | Farm & Complete Guide

In this article, you will get to know Genshin Impact Valberry Location along with the uses of this berry and map. Just giving you a short intro about the valberry is a berry in pink colour which can be used for ascending any character in genshin impact.


Genshin impact has a lot to grind in terms of increasing your damage. Each time your world level increases, the enemy’s level will become higher and higher, which means higher in health, attack and defend stat. To match the enemies or overpowered them, upgrading and ascending your character, weapon and talents are required. Today’s article will be about one of the items for ascending your character.

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What is Valberry in Genshin Impact

Valberry is a type of berry used for ascending character. Ascending is something a player needs to do each time a user’s character or weapons reaches a certain level. There are a total of 6 ascensions for both character and weapon for reaching level 90, which is the max level. Ascension will be also needing a certain adventure rank before you can ascend them.


How to Use Genshin Impact Valberry

Currently, there are only 2 characters that needed Valberry for character ascension, which is Noelle and Lisa. Unfortunately, this is the only function Valberry has, it can’t be used for cooking and alchemy. Although it seems like a fruit used for cooking, it isn’t. 

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How to Find Valberry / Farm Valeberry

If you are here means that you are looking for ascension materials for Noelle or Lisa or curious what this item is. Valberry is actually easily located, and they spawn on a plant. Once you harvest from a plant, you can get a total of 4 from each plant, which gives quite a lot compared to others. The picture above shows a plant that is full of Valberry.


Genshin Impact Valberry Location

Genshin Impact Valberry Location can be found on the northside of Monstadt from Strombearer Point to Anemo Hypostasis area. There are around 15 plants which give a total of 60 berries after emptying your world’s Valberry. All ascension materials will respawn after 3 days and if you want the item fast, you can travel to a stranger or friend’s world to collect more.

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Genshin Impact Valberry Map

To be more specific here is the map location of Valberry. It is actually from Genshin Impact Interactive Map from You can click the link to use more of its function. The picture above is taken directly from the link above. If you have Klee then it would show a mark on your minimap when you move close to them. They will spawn at the same location and you get to harvest four when you reach one of the Valberry icons shown above. 


This game requires grinding to have better gaming experience, but the game is only Pve Coop which means that playing slowly won’t affect your fun experience, it just will take a longer time to enjoy that experience compared to others. For me, hack and slash like this give me satisfaction when your character deals an insane amount of damage every attack. Players can choose to achieve it fast by grinding or slowly.

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