Genshin Impact Crash Course Quest Walkthrough [Guide]

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Genshin Impact Crash Course Quest in a very early game for new adventurers or new players that want to reroll the wish until you get your husbando or waifu. Rerolling can be bothersome and the fastest way to get a reroll which is to rush through the main story. For new players, you can actually use the  ‘V’ button to navigate the mission and then use the ‘M’ button to open the map and further see the quest location for better gameplay. Now, moving into the quest details.


Although the game is already released and if you are now looking forward to playing this game then before getting into it check out the system requirements. Genshin Impact for Switch is going to launch very soon.

What is Crash Course Quest

You will be seeing this quest after the fight in Genshin Impact with the dragon ‘Stormterror’. After that scene, the knight of Favionius will take notice of your effort and then ask you to join them. After joining them, the next will be Crash Course Quest which is the topic today.

By this time, you should already reach AR5 and you already have the option to explore around the world. For rerollers, you might want to continue the story directly for faster leveling up, thus continuing the main story.


Your task here will be to investigate a ruin/dungeon called Temple of the Wolf. After the talk with Kaeya, you will start to see the quest in the menu tab. Open your map then, you should see a yellow point under Thousand Wind Temple. Once you reach the yellow point, you will see Kaeya standing in front of the ruin/dungeon. Talk to him then enter the dungeon. Once entered the ruin/dungeon you will see Kaeya in your last slot on your team. 

Steps: Crash Course Quest

From here onwards it will be instructions to follow as shown below. Note that Kaeya will clear the dungeon/ruin much faster as his skills are suitable in this ruin/dungeon.

  • Step 1: When entering the ruin, move forward you will see the water. You can use Kaeya ability to freeze them if they have a hydro mark on top.
  • Step 2: After killing the hilicurls, there will be a trap that shoots fire, blocking your way to proceed. For that just use Kaeya’s ability to freeze the trap and move forward.
  • Step 3: After that, you will see a wind current moving up. To move forward, just jump on the wind now then press the jump button again. You will start moving upward once your gliding wing is opened.
  • Step 4: After that, there will be a giant fire slime that you would require to kill in order to proceed. There will be a tiny stone beside the slime that is breakable. When breaking the stone, it will start raining, causing the fire slime to be vaporized, decreasing its defense and making your attack higher. This will be one reaction in the game that will buff your damage. There are still more elemental reactions that you should learn about to deal very high damage in-game.
  • Step 5: After killing it, you will see a small water path that you can’t cross or swim over because of the trap. To cross the path, you are required to use Kaeya ability to freeze the water path to create an ice path that lasts around 12 seconds. This method also applies when you are in your open world. Any cryo ability will turn any water path into an ice path for you to walk or run. This is a great strategy to use to cross a water path if you don’t have enough stamina to swim over.
  • Step 6: Finally, destroy the wind current and then move out the dungeon/ruin.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Kaeya

After the quest, it might seem like he didn’t join your team. For that, you will just need to open your character menu and you will see him appear in your character page. This is how you unlock Kaeya and the next main quest for rerollers to reach AR7 will be Lisa’s quest.

This is all for the Genshin Impact Crash Course Quest and how to unlock kaeya, if you have any queries do comment down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends on the social media platforms.

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