How To Increase Genshin Impact Adventure Rank (AR)

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In this Genshin Impact Adventure Rank article will be guiding you with the steps and tips to increase Genshin Impact Adventure Rank.


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Having high Genshin Impact Adventure Rank AR aka Adventure Rank is the greatest thing players want in Genshin Impact. Adventure rank can be seen as the most important stuff overall, to improve your gameplay, content, drop rate and more. This means that higher AR ranks give more benefits to the players compared to lower AR rank. This article will be talking about how players can level up fast, rewards for leveling up and also benefits/perks when having a high AR level.


Adventure Rank Rewards

Adventure Rank rewards are rewards that are claimable in adventure guild when your AR rank increases. Every time players level up in Genshin, players can talk adventure guild where players submit daily commission and dispatch characters on the expedition. Adventure rank rewards give out many juicy rewards. One of your main character’s ascension materials are also from the adventure rank rewards. Adventure rank rewards can give out many good rewards like resin, 5 STAR artifact, primogems and more. All player’s rewards are actually the same and the higher AR rank players get, the better the reward. Please be note that each level reward can be only claimed once, it won’t get any reset unless the developers change the system in the future. 

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This is only one of the perks of getting a high AR rank, more will be shown below. But before the showing, let’s talk about how players can earn adventure experience and level up fast in the game.

Genshin Impact: Get Higher Adventure Rank Experience

There are lots of ways players can get adventure rank experience, some are temporary, some require patience, and more is about waiting for new updates. There are also methods where players can grind for leveling up. Here is the list below.


There are a total of 4 types of quests that players can earn experience from in the game. Let’s look more into it.


Archon Quests

Archon Quest is the main story of Genshin Impact, this will be the main story about doing quests to proceed the main story/content in a game where it involves the main character players choose(Male/Female) teaming up with Paimon and searching your lost siblings. Unfortunately, currently, archon quests stop at AR 28 and more updates will be coming on 11th November.


The experience players gained from here are actually a lot compared to other methods, but it is not permanent. Since archon quests are the main content, players cannot replay the quest that players finished, making the rewards given generous. After completing each archon quest in the game, players are required to level up to another specific Genshin Impact Adventure Rank to progress the main story which brings annoyance to some people. This is actually to encourage players to travel around the open world more. 

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Side/Story Quests

Side/Story Quests will involve the drawable character that is obtainable on Wish. It is also called to be side stories because some are required to finish before players proceed to the archon quest. What makes it different from the archon quests is that every time players see a quest appear in a story quests tab, players will be able to try out the character that is included in the story. You will understand each character more when played through their quests. The character will also join your team temporarily once when in battles which let players test out his/her skills.


After reaching Genshin Impact Adventure Rank (AR) rank 28, there will be 4 more story quests that require players to use a key in order to proceed with the story. The key can be earned by completing a daily commission that is going to be mentioned below. The experience and rewards and experience for completing the quest are actually very generous like archon quests as the rewards can only be claimed once. More story quests will be added in the future.

World Quests

World Quests are quests players get for interacting with NPCs or objects in-game. If it is NPC, players will see a blue exclamation mark on your mini-map when players walk near it. Some NPCs quests will require players to reach a certain level before players can start. After going to Liyue region, players will have a chance to unlock mystery quests that appear in your world quests tab after interacting with an object. In Liyue region, there are many mysteries to solve and the rewards given and more experience, primogems and more.


The experience players gained from world quests aren’t too much compared to the archon quests and story quests, but uncovering the mystery might be fun. This forces players to travel more and make your gameplay longer. In the Liyue region, most world quests players complete will also spawn a luxurious chest, precious chest which will drop items, artifacts, primogems and more.

Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are the main experience source that players earn experience for your AR. This is a quest that will be reset daily, and the higher your AR rank, the more adventure experience will be given for completing each commission quest. Players will get 4 commission quests daily, quests are given randomly. After completing 4 quests, players will be needing to go to the adventure guild and submit daily commissions to receive more experience. The quest given might be repeated and finishing them gives players free experience up to 1200 adventure experiences daily. 


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For the key that is mentioned above, doing 8 daily commissions can exchange 1 key that can trade the key to unlock story quests for the character. Once reached the level, players can use your key to unlock the story quests and players will see it on your quest tab.

Original Resin

Original Resin is another long term method to earn your experience. 20 resins used in the game are 100 experience. The original resin has 8-minute cooldown to restore one and can only hold a maximum 120 resin once. If players don’t have enough resin, players can fill them up with primogems or the original resin’s items, both providing 60 original resin after purchase/use. The original resin’s item can be obtained through many methods like adventure rank rewards, events and many more.


Original Resin is also used to farm other in-game materials to improve your character stat like artifacts, adventure books, ascension materials and more. Original resin won’t be enough for players to spend like all the dropped items from spending it are mandatory to improve your in-game character. Below are the places that players can use your resin to earn experience. 

Temples and Domains

There are lots of temples and domains that exist in the open world. After players unlock them, players can use your original resin to claim the reward after clearing the domain’s enemies. There are also some domains that do not require any resin but the clear reward will only be given once. After clearing those free domains, the Shrine key will be given. Each region will give a total of 10 keys from clearing the domains. These keys will be used to open shrines that will be mentioned later.


The other domain will be requiring original resin to obtain the rewards and experiences. There are currently 3 types of domain. One that drop artifacts, another drop weapon ascension materials, and another that drop talents upgrade materials. Since the weapon ascension and the talents upgrade domains rotate drop every day, players might want to keep track of what materials players want.

Fortunately, each of them has the same experience after claiming the rewards, but depending on what item players want, players should be cautious about where players spend your resin. Claiming domain rewards will cost players 20 original resin, it won’t be enough for players especially for the talents domain, each dropped from the domain aren’t that many and players are required to spend all your daily resin on it without having the chances to farm the others. 

World Bosses

Currently, there exist 2 bosses that require 60 resin to claim rewards and only can be obtained once per week. These 2 bosses are harder than others but the drop rate is much better than the normal once. Those 2 bosses are very hard, and if players have the wrong build or mistake at an early phase then players might be needing help from friends. They also provide upgrade materials for talents which are required after reaching level 6 on specific talents. Other than that, these 2 world bosses have a higher chance of dropping the artifacts set which is the gladiator set. This set can be seen as a powerful set to have in-game, especially late games, making players the urge to fight the boss weekly on reset.


The other world bosses require 40 resin to claim the reward. It is not that hard and all of them have a weakness which makes them easier to be defeated. There are a total of 6 world bosses with different elements. Depending on its element, it will drop that element character’s ascension materials, unlike the 60 resin boss which is random. This boss also can drop the artifact mentioned above but the rates aren’t that high as the 60 resin bosses. Players usually farm the boss if they want to ascend their character, there are also some that wanted to farm the gladiator set.

Ley Line

There are 2 types of Ley Line in your open world, blue and yellow. Blue Ley Line will drop Adventurer Experience, Wanderer Advice and Wit’s End. It is used for upgrading your character’s level faster. Yellow Ley Line will drop mora. Both of the Ley Line required 20 original resin to drop the items and each of them will give 100 experience after using original resin to open it. People can start this after reaching AR 40 as the higher player’s rank, the more rewards players get from the drops. Mora and the level up the book will be the thing players lack the most in-game especially for f2p players.


These are the 3 places that players can spend your original resin on. You will always lack them and even if players did farm all the ascension materials, players will be needing to farm better artifacts as the secondary stat given from them are RNG. It is advised to never let your original resin cap as they are precious and an asset to improve your gameplay.


The last method to gain character experience is doing exploration around the world. Exploring will find players many chests that give players experience. There are a total of 4 chests in the game which is common chest, exquisite chest, precious chest and luxurious chest. The common chest will provide 10-20 character experience, Exquisite chest will provide 20-30 character experience, Precious chest will provide 30 experience, and lastly Luxurious chest which will provide 30- 60 experience.

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All of the chests are hidden in the world and there are a total of 1000++ chests that exist in the open world. After claiming those chest, some of the chests will spawn back and it is confirmed by the Reddit community although I don’t know how it works. All of these chests have types of methods, some finishing world quests, some defeating camps and or following seelie. All of these require effort and it can take up to 1 whole week of grinding to finish finding them. You can use Genshin Impact Interactive Map to find out all the hidden chest and the steps that players need to do for spawning the chest.


Exploring will also let players see shiny things appearing in your mini-map which is geoculus and anemoculus. Geoculus will only be found in the Liyue region while the anemoculus will be found in the Mondstadt region. Collecting them and uploading it to the Statue of Blessing will level up the statue. Leveling them up will increase your maximum stamina which enables players to climb more during exploration. Leveling the statue up will also provide character experience and other rewards like primogems and sigil. Upon maxing the Liyue Statue, players will also get to complete a world quest and get more experience and a 5-star artifact as a reward. The geoculus and anemoculus can also be found from the Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

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Why to increase Adventure Rank

Increasing your Adventure Rank will increase your world level which makes your enemy harder and harder. The perks of having a higher Adventure Rank will be the drop quality of the items dropped. For example, the quality dropped from the enemies will have a chance to be in higher quality which reduces your farm time. The most important thing is that having a high AR rank will save a lot of original resin and make your resin farm worth it.


Each domain uses the same original resin no matter what level players are, it also works like the enemies drops, if players are higher level, the quality of the items that is dropped from Ley Line and domains will be higher. It will have a big difference in having a different adventure rank. If players can level up fast, then players can access the higher-level domain faster, which will have higher chances of dropping legendary artifacts, higher quality and quantity of ascension materials. This means that higher Genshin Impact Adventure Rank or AR rank will give more gameplay compared to the one that has a lower AR rank.

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Before ending the session, here are the best methods of farming character experience.

Overview On Getting Character Experience


Resin is the best way to farm experience. Recharging your resin just requires time, and once you have enough just clear the domain which will take less than 5 minutes to finish. Even if it is bosses, that provides quite a large character experience and the resin will never run out. Players just have to wait patiently and not to use too much of their original resin’s item unless they are over AR45. You can also use 50 primogems to refill once every day for an extra 300 character experience daily for more adventurer’s experience.


Exploration will be the best way of getting an adventurous experience if you have the grinding time. If you do daily commissions, finish all the quest, and use your resin wisely every day. Then, the last method is to do exploration to hunt for the chest. The chest gives very little adventurer’s experiences and especially respawns once, even lesser. Even after you completed searching all the chest, the new chest will spawn back in your open world and you will be needing to find them if you want to level up faster than the others.


The chest will never run out on your map and finding them requires effort. Genshin Impact Interactive Map only shows the exact location of the chest but it doesn’t show whether the chest respawns or not. Genshin Impact Interactive Map is good only if players mark all of the chest locations once. Hunting the chest second time will be very hard, as you will be needing luck on searching them.


Quest gives out the most experience but they will run out very fast. After that, this method is unreliable as players are required to wait for more content to be released from the developers. They give out most experience when you start the game but after you finish all the quest, the only thing you rely on is the daily commission. The daily commission is a must to complete every day in order to level up faster. The daily commission also gives more character experience based on the player’s AR which ranges from 175 to 250.

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Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Rewards

Till level 4 adventure rank you will get 50 Primogems, 5 Sweet Madames, 3 Fine Enhancement Ore, and 5 Wanderer’s and after that new features will get unlock in different levels.

  • Rank 5 – 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Rank 10 – Prototype Rancour 4-Star Sword
  • Rank 13 – 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Rank 14 – Commission System (Daily Quests) and Dispatch System (sending adventurers on long quests for uncommon rewards)
  • Rank 15 – Ability to Ascent your characters past level 20 and an Ascention item required for the main character
  • Rank 16 – Co-op System
  • Rank 20 – World Level increases to Lv. 1
  • Rank 24 – 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Between Rank 25 and 26 – World Level increased to Lv. 2, 2x Acquaint Fate
  • Rank 27 – 1x Memory of Roving Gales
  • Rank 30 – World Level increases to Lv. 3
  • Rank 33 – 1x Acquaint Fate
  • Between Rank 35 and 36 – World Level increased to 4, 2x Acquaint Fate

This is all for the Genshin Impact Adventure Rank, hope you get to know more information about how to rank AR Quickly. If you want more updates on Genshin Impact, then do subscribe to our newsletter given down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends over social media platforms. Your one share keeps us motivated towards the blog and new articles.

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