GTA 6 Cars, Bikes & Characters [Grand Theft Auto 6]

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GTA 6 is one of the most awaited and upcoming game which is under development by Rockstargames. There are lots of people waiting for the GTA 6 Cars list, Bikes & GTA 6 Characters. This article will be sharing the information along with the images on the given topic.


GTA 6 Cars

Grand Theft Auto 5 included a sum of 227 marvelous vehicles real-world cars, boats, planes, and more. This is the most amount of vehicles of any GTA so far.

But since the part is the successor, players expect the amount to be higher in Grand Theft Auto with more latest cool cars and bikes. So check out GTA 6 Cars given down below. According to a tweet, a special car show will be there during the event of the GTA 6 Release Date.

GTA 6 Cars List
The Adder
The Caddy
The Cheetah
The Police Buffalo
Rhino Tank
Progen Itali GTB Custom
Pegassi Zentorno
Grotti Turismo R
Entity XF
Emperor ETR1
Pegassi Infernus
Ocelot XA-21
Dewbauchee Vagner
Vapid FMJ
Grotti X80 Proto

GTA 6 Racing Cars


GTA 6 Super Cars


GTA 6 Sports Cars


GTA 6 Muscle Cars


Off-Road Cars


Just to not let your hopes be high and all these cars are mere expectations or on the wishlist, as Rockstar Games has yet not released any official statement about the Grand Theft Auto VI.

GTA 6 Bikes

After watching the cars which are going to be in the next part of the series, here are some bikes which will be there in GTA. As per the rumors, GTA 6 Bikes are far better than the 5th part. Here are some predicted bikes before the release.

GTA 6 Bikes List
Shitzu Hakuchou
Nagasaki Shotaro
Shitzu Defile
Pegassi Vortex
Pegassi Oppressor
Dinka Akuma
Pegassi Oppressor MK 2
Dinka Double-T
Western Cliffhanger

GTA 6 Characters

When GTA 6 will come out you should expect a few familiar faces, names, companies, and locations to crop up. According to the rumors, GTA 6 could be the first in the series to focus heavily on a female protagonist and one of the playable characters in GTA 6 will be a woman.

We would expect multiple protagonists again, as we saw with GTA 5. In GTA 5, players play as three main male protagonists – Trevor, Michael, and Franklin but although there were key female side-characters, players never got to play as one.


When asked about this in 2013, Rockstar co-founder and GTA lead writer Dan Houser told that the team “didn’t really think about it this time”.

“That’s not to say that we couldn’t or we wouldn’t. This character set is just what came to us: it wasn’t, ‘we’ve got X and Y so we need Z’. We weren’t trying to do it off a checklist – I don’t think that will ever give you something that’s believable or engaging.”


“In the future, could we do a game with a female lead? Of course. We just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things that we always think about. It didn’t feel natural for this game but it definitely for the right game in the future – with the right themes, it could be fantastic.

But for GTA 5, this was the organic thing that came up, these were the characters that would display the themes we wanted to think about.” Will give you more details after the release of the poster.

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This is all for GTA 6 Cars, GTA 6 Bikes & GTA 6 Characters. If you have any suggestions or queries do comment down below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter given down below for more GTA 6 updates.

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