GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair Review in 2022 [Honest Review]

Looking to purchase GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair? If so, then read the article to know everything about GTRacing Ace Series M1 and check whether it is providing you with what you are looking for in a gaming Chair. Gaming these days has become an important part of life for a lot of individuals. May it be the young generation or the people from the old one. Some do it for fun, and others are professional in it. One thing that remains important for gamers of every era is their health. Having a healthy body is really important for gamers who are very much into gaming, and this can be done by using the right equipment (that suits your body) while playing any game.

GTRacing Ace M1 Review
GTRacing Ace M1 Review

One such important piece of equipment is the gaming chair which plays a very important role for a person playing games on a daily basis. This article is about the GTRacing Ace M1 gaming chair that has been the first choice for a lot of gamers these days. If you are in the mood to buy a new chair, then you should surely have a look at this.

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What to See before purchasing Gaming Chair?

Generally, a chair needs to be perfect in every sense so that it can provide the ultimate comfort to a person who is going to use it. It becomes more important when the condition is that it is a gaming chair because usually, the gaming sessions of most gamers are hours long, and if in that case, the chair is not up to the required standards of an individual, he/she will be having some negative impact on their health in longer use of that gaming chair.

Things to Consider Before buying Gaming Chair
Things to Consider Before buying Gaming Chair

The list of things that are essential before you make the purchase of your gaming chair is the type of back support that t provides, its dimensions and weight capacity, the type of adjustability it provides, its price, its durability and sturdiness, material that it is made from, and finally, how easy it is compatible with today’s various electronics.

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GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair Review

The GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair is a unique chair in itself as it has high-density foam cushions that allow a person sitting on the chair to have a soft and comfortable feel. Later on, the seat of the chair gets molded according to the person sitting on it. The chair is made up of polyurethane leather that helps in retaining its life for a longer time and keeps it away from any wear and tear. With its ergonomic design and heavy-duty aluminum base, the weight capacity of the chair is superior to many other gaming chairs.

GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair
GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair

GTRacing Ace M1 Design

In the design compartment, we can say that there are efforts behind the delivered products. The PU leather in the chair gives a comfortable look and is perfect for a gaming chair. The GTracing Ace M1 has a 4D armrest with a back tilt angle of up to 180 degrees, out of which only 150 degrees is recommended. The design of the chair allows you to have a backrest and a headrest for comfort.

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GTRacing Ace M1 Build Quality

The gamers who had used the Ace M1 in the past had one particular thing to say about this chair; there is no compromise with its build quality on any end. The armrest of the chair, though made of plastic but looks like an expensive one. The cushioning of the chair is good, and gamers of any age can easily feel comfortable in it. The wheelbase of the chair is sturdy and the rocking mechanism top-notch so that no user feels weird while sitting on it.

GTRacing Ace M1 Image
GTRacing Ace M1 Image

GTRacing Ace M1 Features

There are various features of the GTRacing Ace M1 gaming chair that makes it a must-have for gamers. The first thing that it provides is its ergonomic design that makes everyone feel comfortable. The chair has a wide seat and also comes with a Class 4 gas lift. There is also an option of a tilt lock and 360 degrees swivel. The tilt support of the chair goes from 90 to 170 degrees while reclining.

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GTRacing Ace M1 Adjustability

You won’t feel out of place while sitting on the Ace M1 gaming chair, as it can be adjustable in every way possible. The chair allows you to adjust its height and recline its back whenever you want. It is seen that even the armrest of the chair is adjustable according to the user.

GTRacing Ace M1 Adjustability
GTRacing Ace M1 Adjustability

Height Adjustability: The height of the chair can be adjusted according to the person sitting on it. Not a lot of effort is required here, and just a level present beneath the chair easily does the job for everyone.

Armrest Adjustability: The same can be seen for the armrest, as it was with the height of the chair. The armrest of the chair is adjustable and can be adjusted according to different individuals sitting on the chair.

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GTRacing Ace M1 Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is something that matters the most with gaming chairs. It is seen that some chairs are only for show purpose and are not able to take the weight of individual sitting on the chair. The case is totally different for GTRacing Ace M1 as it has a maximum capacity of 350 lbs, which comes on the higher side of the gaming chairs.

GTRacing Ace M1 Weight Capacity
GTRacing Ace M1 Weight Capacity

GTRacing Ace M1 Price

A good thing about this chair is that though it provides a lot of benefits to the gamer using it, the chair does not come on the expensive side. It has been seen that the GTRacing Ace M1 usually costs nearly $250 and it also depends where you are buying the chair from.

GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair: Conclusion

At the price range that this chair is available in the market, it is considered a really good choice by the majority of gamers that have used it. The cons of having this chair are that it is a value for money product that can be assembled easily has good ergonomics and is comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: Does GTRacing Ace M1 comes with Bluetooth Speaker?
Answer: No, the GTRacing Ace M1 does not come with Bluetooth Speaker

FAQ 2: Is GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair is compatible with Xbox One?
Answer: The chair does not have any function to connect with Xbox One, but you can generally use it while you are playing on your Xbox.

So this is the complete review of GTRacing Ace M1 Gaming Chair. We hope this article helps you to know everything about GTracing Ace and now you are in a position to decide whether this is the chair you want or not. If this article helps you then do share it with your friends on social media platforms and stay tuned for more gaming updates and gaming accessories reviews. 


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