Mosaic Game Release Date (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One)

Mosaic game is a product of Krillbite studio and second which is one of the biggest game, they have launched after Among the Sleep. Now the company is going to launch this game for various gaming console although the studio did not announce the Mosaic Game Release Date till yet.

The game is designed by Adrian Tingstad Husby and published by Raw Fury comes under Adventure game Genre. It can be played in various gaming consoles.


Mosaic Game Release Date

In the game, the phone of the character creates a major distraction with unnecessary notifications receiving every time you move through the city crowd to your way to work on a mega-corporation. The life process is the same as dull and repeating.

Until and unless on a critical day when strange things start to happen on his way to work and everything changes from then onward Mosaic is an adventure game that has a dark, strange and dreamlike atmosphere.

It gives us a feel of an individual struck in urban isolation that is not easy to understand. The creators move away from their previous work as previously the horrors of childhood were seen in Among the Sleep and now we see the lonely adult life in MOSAIC. Meanwhile, check the MMORPG GAMES FOR LOW SPECIFICATION PC.

Mosaic for PS4

As we know the game deals with a person who lives a dull and repeating life every day. He lives in a cold, crowded, and overpopulated city. Now there is good news that soon PlayStation 4 by sony can easily run Mosaic by Krillbite. Though people are eagerly waiting for Krillbite to release mosaic on play station 4. According to Krillbite the final release date for the game has not been finalized.


Mosaic for Nintendo Switch

The switch by Nintendo helps us to play in three modes. The TV mode, the tabletop mode, and the handheld mode. Krillbite is promising that the game can be easily played on the Nintendo Switch and though they have not said anything about the final release date of the game. As it is assumed that the Mosaic Game Release Date is by the end of 2019.

Mosaic for Xbox One

As one of the biggest gaming giants around the world. The Xbox One according to Krillbite is the platform that they are sure about will be performing MOSAIC smoothly. According to the Krillbite community, the Mosaic game will be released at the end of 2019 on Xbox One.

Though the exact Mosaic Game release date of the game is unknown. The company assures its gaming followers that they are working very hard to release the game as soon as possible. The release date which was not finalized previously and was said to be in 2019. But has been shifted to the end of 2019.


Most probably every platform that the Krillbite company has said to release its game on will get the game at the same time after the release. The full development of the mosaic game was started in the year 2016 after the release of Among the Sleep on various platforms. Mosaic is a totally different game from the previous game of the company, Among the Sleep.

It is as said by the company, is a mysterious game where the main character follows a repetitive life an average commuter daily, around the city. The game delights in the surrealism of daydreaming.

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