Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes [Room, Bar, Kitchen, Spa Resort, Hotel]

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If you have been looking for a trusted gaming website with Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes easy guides, then you’re at the right place. Before this article begins this guide let’s first have a little overview of the Dragon Quest Builders 2.


This is a block-building role-playing game with an enthralling single-player campaign and a strong multiplayer building mode that supports up to four players online. It enables you to build rooms, hotels, spa resorts, cook different food recipes, and many more interesting things. In this article, we are to learn some of the Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes, puzzles, food recipes, and how to build a hotel and a spa resort.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes

To make your base as attractive as it can be, you’re going to need a list of Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes so you can easily settle your villagers. You can also build bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, bars, spas, gardens, and much more to keep your Dragon Quest Builders 2 villagers happy. However, there are up to 100 Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes in total but you can select a few for you as mentioned below.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes online
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes online


  • Basic Bedroom
  • Bed (Any) x2, Light Source (Any)
  • Social Bedroom
  • Bed (Any) x4, Light Source (Any) x2
  • Communal Bedroom
  • Bed (Any) x8, Light Source (Any) x4
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes


  • Double Bathroom
  • Bathtub/Shower x2, Towel Rack x2, Washtub x2, Light Source (Any)
  • Private Men’s Bathroom
  • Bathtub/Shower x2, Towel Rack x2, Gentleman Sign
  • Private Women’s Bathroom
  • Bathtub/Shower x2, Towel Rack x2, Lady Sign
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes best
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes best

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  • Simple Kitchen
  • Chest, Bonfire x3
  • Kitchen Diner
  • Chest, Bonfire x3, Dining Table (Set)
  • Agricultural Kitchen
  • Chest, Sack of Wheat x3, Firewood x2, Bonfire x3
Dragon Quest Builders 2 kitchen
Dragon Quest Builders 2 kitchen


  • Simple Bar
  • Cocktail Counter (Set)
  • Well-Stocked Bar
  • Cocktail Counter (Set), Social Sippers (Set), Simple Sippers (Set) x2, Beer Cask x2, Pub Sign
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes bar
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes bar


  • Basic Toilet
  • Pot (Any), Towel Rack
  • Men’s Toilet
  • Toilet (Any) x3, Towel Rack x3, Gentleman Sign
  • Women’s Toilet
  • Toilet (Any) x3, Towel Rack x3, Lady Sign
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes room
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes room

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Puzzles

There are many mini medal puzzles in the Dragon Quest Builders 2 puzzels. I am gonna share a few of them and their solutions.

Puzzle 1

The first puzzle is south of Furrowfield Farm. It’s along the big grey mountainside. To solve it,  make the block tower on the right the same height as the block tower on the left.

Puzzle 2

The second puzzle you might come across is when you meet the first talking rat, on your way to find Britney. This one is very easy. Just remove the block holding the water back to solve it.


Puzzle 3

This puzzle just goes northwest, goes up the mountain, and drops down at the marked spot on the map above. To solve this, simply fill the pool with water from your bottomless pot.

Puzzle 4

This one you can travel fast to Fat Rate rise. From the NaviGlobe, go west. Pass the huge troll and go into the cave near him. To solve the puzzle, redirect the water to the left using the configuration shown.

Puzzle 5

From the Fat Rat Rise NaviGlobe, go directly to the south. There will be a hill and a water body in front of you. On the other side, you will see the puzzle in a cave. Go along the cliffside and jump down. To solve this place the earth block in the open spot to solve.


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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Food Recipes

There are many Dragon Quest Builders 2 food recipes. However, I have listed a few of them with their ingredients.

  • Black Coffee is made from Coffee Beans.
  • Boiled Butter Beans are made from Butter Beans.
  • Cheese from Milk (Cask).
  • Bread has its ingredient as Grain.
  • A burger is made from Meat, Grain, and Vegetables.
  • Butter is made from Milk and Oil.
  • Buttered Toast has its ingredients as Butter and Grain.
  • Cactus Steak is made from Cactus cutlets.
  • Cheeseburger is made from Cheese, Meat, and Grain.
  • Cheesy Risotto is made from Cheese, Grain, and Butter.
  • Chop Gooey is made from Manky, Meat, and Vile Vines.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel

In this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel guide, all you need to construct is a hotel with a basic bedroom and a reception room.


Build a Basic Bedroom

Firstly you need to construct a room with walls two-blocks high, together with a door as usual. A basic bedroom only requires 2 beds and a light source. Use simple beds, and the light source is flexible. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can add items like a floor rugs.

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Build a Reception Room

When you finish the bedroom, make a reception room attached to it. This is done by using a door. You need at least two tables. One is to put a light source the candle and the other table is to put stationery. You can craft them all on the workbench. Once you’re done, put a wall hanging in the room. When both rooms are done and you have connected them with a door then the hotel is ready.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 Spa Resort

To build a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Spa Resort you need a steamy spa and music hall.


Build a Steamy Spa

For the steamy spa you need the following ingredients:

  • A spa spout
  • Pink petals
  • 10 Blocks of hot water
  • 3 Washtubs
  • 3 Bath stools

For the spout, pink petals, and warm water, you could find them at Rimey Reef. It is one of the side islands. Then search the higher areas of the map and you’ll find one or two onsens at the top of the snowy hill. To get the petals, use your hammer to knock it. The spout is also there for you to bring back. As for the hot water, use your bottomless pot to scoop some. Once you have scooped the warm water, you will get to know the recipe for the spa spout and other stuff.

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how-to-build-steamy-spa-dragon quest builders 2
how-to-build-steamy-spa-dragon quest builders 2

Construct a look-alike spa at your castle in the Isle of Awakening. You can use rocks depending on your preference. Then pour the hot water and place the petals and also the spa spout. Once those are ready, you need to put 3 washtubs and 3 bath stools inside the same room and it turns into a steamy spa.

How to Build a Music Hall

When the steamy spa is done then build an adjacent room for the music hall. The ingredients are as follows:

  • 2 Curtains
  • 3 Musical instruments
  • 1 Stool

Place 3 music instruments, put two curtains in the room. Then, just place one stool and the music hall is built. Then connect the music hall and steamy spa with a door and your spa resort is ready.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 online
Dragon Quest Builders 2 online

Now, after reading through this, Dragon Quest Builders 2 Recipes guide, I hope you would have learned many things. Now you have the confidence to team up with your fearless friend and build different fantasies in this game. We all know the Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a very interesting game we should miss as players.

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