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This article will be giving the Oxygen Not Included Guide with Tips & Tricks. Oxygen Not Included is a space colony simulation survival video game. It is developed and published by Klei Entertainment. The story begins when three duplicates find themselves in an asteroid with isolated pockets of breathable atmosphere, with no memory of how they got there.


The player needs to manage and take care of these duplicates as they try to survive and create a sustainable makeshift space colony. The player must control the duplicates of hunger, waste, and oxygen levels to keep them alive. The game was released on 30 July 2019, for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Oxygen Not Included Guide
Polluted Oxygen to Clean Guide
Polluted Water to Clean Water Guide
Electrolyzer Setup Guide
Carbon Dioxide Guide
Natural Gas Guide
Water Lock Guide
Natural Gas Generator Guide
Seeds Guide

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Oxygen Not Included Guide

This Oxygen Not Included guide is to help new players through the first few cycles. At the beginning of the actual game, players will be presented with some settings dialogues. Select Game Settings for a description of those. The “No Sweat” mode and the Terra asteroid are the recommended game mode for beginners.

Players must start digging around to gather materials, get access to water and other oxygen pockets, and increase their space. They are advised to avoid any polluted water or oxygen, vacuum spaces, and poisonous gases. However, these won’t kill your Duplicates but do complicate life. Remember the golden rule of ONI- “Don’t expand too fast too early.”


Players’ first building should be an Outhouse, which they can find in the Plumbing menu. Players should supply Duplicates with a toilet or else they’ll make a mess on the floor, which creates Polluted Water.

How hard is Oxygen Not Included?

Well if you are into gaming for a long time then you will find this game an easy one, but if you are not then yes it hard for you. When you are used to anything then eventually you know how to efficiently use or play it but when you are not then it takes time to figure out the best ways.


Oxygen Not Included Multiplayer Game?

Well, the answer is No, Oxygen Not Included is not a multiplayer game.

Oxygen Not Included Polluted Oxygen to Clean

Polluted Oxygen is mainly a breathable gas resource in ONI. It works similar to Oxygen, allowing Duplicates to survive, but not great for them. However, it also able to easily spread give your colony Slimelung germs and Food Poisoning germs.

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Utilize Polluted Oxygen when times are desperate, and get rid of it ASAP. For that, the first thing players want to do is pump all of their Polluted Oxygen into a single small room by using a High-Pressure Gas Vent. Once they have got that air converted to Oxygen, use the High-Pressure Gas Vent to pump it into the rest of their colony. Hope you are liking this Oxygen Not Included Guide.

Oxygen Not Included Polluted Water to Clean Water

Polluted Water, is a naturally occurring liquid on the asteroid, especially in the Swamp Biome. It creates negative effects if a Duplicant walks or is submerged in it by adding to their stress. It is created by Duplicates not reaching a toilet in time or by stress vomiting.


Polluted Water can be pumped via a Liquid Pump into a Water Sieve and be purified with a filtration medium, turning into pure Clean Water that can be deposited from a Liquid Vent.

Oxygen Not Included Electrolyzer Setup

Make a room, put an Electrolyzer and two pumps inside, and a gas filter near. Run power and water to the room. Run gas pipes from the pumps to the filter, set the filter to oxygen, and run the orange output to the base. Put a second filter in. Add thermoregulators to the oxygen pipe to drop the temperature. Do not just jump to a hyper-optimized design it may lead to a hard time debugging problems or improvising with materials at hand.


Oxygen Not Included Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a gas resource. It is exhaled by Duplicates and occurs naturally in almost all Biomes. It is heavier than most of the gases and sinks to the lowest elevation when lighter gases are present. If cooled below condensation temperature, it can safely be stored away as a liquid or solid.


Oxygen Not Included Natural Gas

Natural Gas is an unbreathable and comparatively heavy gas, which sinks below Oxygen but rises above Chlorine and Carbon Dioxide. It is mainly created from Natural Gas Geysers. Gassy Moos eat Gas Grass and excrete Natural Gas.

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Oxygen Not Included Water Lock

Water Lock or Liquid Airlock is an alternative to a regular airlock. It is a player-made design, that can exploit game handling of liquids and gases. There are multiple ways to get water to the tiles but the Bottle Emptier is the easiest and most reliable. Make sure “Water” and “Enable Autobottling” are turned on under the Bottle Emptier’s options. Below is the bare minimum requirement for an airtight water lock.



  • 6 Tile
  • 1 or 2 Bottle Emptiers
  • At least 1,001 kg of Water

Oxygen Not Included Natural Gas Generator

The Natural Gas Generator uses Natural Gas to create electricity and releases Carbon Dioxide through the

attached Gas Pipe. It also dribbles Polluted Water into the area. Natural Gas needs to be brought in through a Gas Pipe attached to the input tile of the generator. Getting the gas into the pipe requires a Gas Pump. The gas must be pure any case of the wrong kind of gas will harm the generator.

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Oxygen Not Included Seeds

At the time of generating a new world in ONI, players can enter a seed by selecting Custom-Game, which will decide what comes into the world. Players can assemble seeds and the properties of the worlds they generate here. Always remember that when a new major update is released, it will change the outcome of generating worlds with these seeds.


Oxygen Not Included Tips

Oxygen Not Included will challenge players in a variety of ways. All thanks to its multitude of systems constructed by the developers. From oxygen to power, and temperatures to germs, learning and balancing them all at once is a huge task. Although not all of them are totally difficult. Planning for the long run is important for success, so let’s look into some Oxygen Not Included tips! That way you don’t regret not knowing these things sooner.

Oxygen Not Included Debug Mode

Oxygen Not Included has a Debug Mode which is capable of viewing and creating reports of data as well as cheating and exploiting (for those who wish to use it in this way). If debugging lacks a capability, then you need to try the save file editor Duplicity.


And there you have it. If you liked this article in Oxygen Not Included Guide. I hope these tips help players keep their colonies polluted and germ-free. I’ll also make sure to come back with updates to this guide with even more tips as the game develops. While you guys make sure that you do not go out of oxygen!

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