Idle Champions Codes | Idle Champions Combinations 2021

Idle Champions Codes or Idle Champions Combinations 2021: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms game is one of the most played clicker game in this world. Codes help the player to unlock some powerful heroes and also to upgrade heroes. The player will get free chests, buffs, and in-game items just by adding Idle Champions Combinations to the shop.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Codes android

The game was released by codenames games in the year 2017. From then the game got 6000+ positive reviews on steam and 100k + downloads. As per the steam, the game is available for all versions of windows except windows 10, but many people are also running this game in windows 10. The game needs just 512 MB of ram to play with 120MB of storage.

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Idle Champions Codes 2021 to Get Free Rewards

As we know that after redeeming Idle Champions Combinations will give free rewards and with those rewards you can unlock many items and game characters or heroes.

Idle Champions RewardsIdle Champions CodesExpires
1 Gold Supply ChestGAAR-AWAR-RSST-REAM10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestYUMM-YPAN-CAKE10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestROUT-VIAL-HITS10 Apr 2020
1 Sliver Melf ChestMINU-TEME-TEOR

10 Apr 2020
1 Gold Melf ChestMELF-SACI-DARR-OW!!10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestSAVS-NALA-MANS10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestTACK-PUNK-SCOG10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestYUGA-GILL-PULU10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestZILL-LUGS-BUTT10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestPANT-OXES-KUEH10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestGAPO-PIKE-LAIN10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestEDHS-GILD-AWNS10 Apr 2020
1 Gold ChestONES-HUGE-QUAD10 Apr 2020
Click Damage Green Flame SkinKARM-ICMA-DJIG01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Cattie ChestsREBO-RNRU-QIAH01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Nerys ChestsCLER-ICOF-KELE-MVOR01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Spurt ChestsDEAD-INVE-NTOR01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Krull ChestsHEAV-YMET-ALTO-RTLE01 Jan 2021
2 Gold Supply ChestsSAGE-OFSH-ADOW-DALE01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Farideh ChestsHAVI-LARS-TWIN01 Jan 2021
2 Evelyn Silver ChestsPRAI-SELA-THAN-DER!01 Jan 2021
2 Aila Silver ChestsASTO-RMHE-RALD01 Jan 2021
2 Walnut Silver ChestsBRAH-MALU-TIER01 Jan 2021
2 Silver ChestsSLOB-BERC-HOPS01 Jan 2021
2 Gold ChestsMORD-ENKA-INEN01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Deekin CHestsDEEK-INCH-ESTS01 Jan 2021
2 Silver ChestsRING-OFWI-NTER01 Jan 2021
2 Nrakk Silver ChestsGITH-ZERA-ISUP-PORT01 Jan 2021
2 Silver ChestsTWEN-TYTW-ENTY01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Sentry ChestsWARF-ORGE-DPAL-ADIN01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Jim ChestsMIKE-KRAH-ULIK01 Jan 2021
2 Silver ChestsCURS-EDFA-RMER01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Donaar ChestsCOOO-OOOO-LOUT01 Jan 2021
2 Gold ChestsLAER-ALSI-LVER-HAND01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Turiel ChestsVOIC-EOFA-UTHO-RITY01 Jan 2021
2 Silver K'Thriss ChestsTETR-ATHA-NOTI-CKEY01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Paultin ChestsSOUL-MATE-NECK-LACE01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Avren ChestsKRAK-ENLO-CKET01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Artemis ChestsIDAL-IASF-LUTE01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Shandie ChestsBOOT-SOFS-PEED01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Xander ChestsORNA-TEDA-GGER01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Nerys ChestsSPIR-ITUA-LWEA-PONS01 Jan 2021
2 Silver Wulfgar ChestsMORA-DINS-WILL01 Jan 2021
1 Gold ChestWAKA-NDA4-EVER01 Jan 2021
1 Gold Strix ChestTAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODE01 Jan 2021
1 Gold ChestIDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOW01 Jan 2021

Steps To Use Idle Champions Codes

Are not aware of use Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Codes or How do you enter codes in idle champions? then follow the following steps to redeem it in your game.

  1. First: Copy the code
  2. Second: Click on the Shop or press “S” to get into the shop.
  3. Third: Then search “unlocked a Locked Chest” and click on it.
  4. Fourth: Now click on “Redeem” in the left corner, else skip the step
  5. Fifth: Paste the Code and you are done.

Idle Champions Codes Android

You can also apply these codes in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Android. If you are still thinking of How to redeem codes on android then just follow the above steps and you will get the rewards.


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Latest Idle Champions Codes | Gold Chest Codes December 2021


Idle Combinations Codes 2020-2021


Idle Champions Combinations Locked Gold Chests Combinations


Idle Champions Combinations Latest Codes


Idle Champions News

According to some rumors, there will be a new game by the developer very soon. As per the rumors, it will be the next version of Idle Champions. It’s just a rumor, till now there is no official announcement on this.

idle rewards codes combinations

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How do you get familiars in idle champions?

First of familiars are small creatures and you can purchase them through real money with the help of a debit or credit card.


How do I get Drizzt idle champions?

Drizzt is a special character and to unlock this character you have to do a special adventure “A Grand Tour of the Sword Coast”, this is the only option to get Drizzt. Short summary for this:

  1. A Grand Tour of the Sword Coast
  2. Lv 150 in Underdeep Cartography
  3. lv 175 in Overdue Rendez-Vous

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