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Destiny 2 The First Curse Replica [Exotic Hand Cannon]


  • 3D Printed Destiny 2 The First Curse Replica
  • 14 inches Long
  • Moving Parts
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The First Curse is an exotic 120 RPM hand cannon that returned in Destiny 2 after years absent from the franchise. This weapon has deep ties to Tex Mechanica lore and the Last Word hand cannon.

To obtain The First Curse in Destiny 2, players must complete an elaborate quest that requires Guardian kills in Crucible using 120 RPM hand cannons. This unlocks the weapon frame that must be purified by defeating combatants with precision damage.

As an exotic primary weapon, The First Curse fills the kinetic slot. Its intrinsic perk is called Vengeance which boosts weapon stats after landing precision hits and reloading. This perk rewards a patient, precise hand.

In PvE, The First Curse excels at taking down high value targets like Champions and bosses. The Vengeance buff increases its range enough to comfortably engage from long distances. Combined with perks like Vorpal Weapon, The First Curse deals big single-target damage.

In PvP, The First Curse dominates long sightlines thanks to its enhanced stats after a kill. The gun hits max range, allowing it to three-tap guardians from scout rifle distances. However, missing shots penalize the weapon with reduced handling and reserves.

Overall, The First Curse retains its identity from Destiny 1 as a skill-testing hand cannon. It challenges players to be disciplined and land every shot. Curse’s lengthy quest also makes it an accomplishment to earn. For Crucible aficionados especially, mastery of The First Curse is a badge of honor worth chasing after.

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