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Buy Destiny 2 Thorn Replica [Exotic Hand Cannon]


  • 3D Printed D2 Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon
  • 14 inches Long
  • Moving Parts
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Thorn is one of the most iconic exotic hand cannons in Destiny 2. Originally called Rose, Thorn has a dark and tragic backstory tied to the legendary guardian Dredgen Yor. Rose was Yor’s original hand cannon, but it was corrupted by the Darkness into the wicked Thorn that could drain a guardian’s Light.

In Destiny 2, Thorn was re-introduced in the Season of the Drifter. To obtain it, players had to complete a quest called “The Draw” which required gathering materials, completing missions, and defeating enemies in the Crucible. The quest walks players through Thorn’s origins, as they collect pages and remnants to rebuild the weapon.

Once reforged, Thorn becomes a potent 140 RPM hand cannon in Destiny 2. Its exotic perk is Soul Devourer, which allows it to fire off soul-draining rounds that damage over time. Any kills with Thorn partially refill the magazine, allowing skilled players to chain kills. Thorn also has strong range, stability, and aim assist stats that make it reliable at medium to longer ranges.

In PvP, Thorn is infamous for quickly taking down guardians and preventing shield regeneration. With the Remnants buff active after a kill, the damage over time from Thorn can be lethal. However, it requires precision hits to maximize its potential. In PvE, Thorn can clear out weak enemies easily with its damage over time ticks.

Overall, Thorn remains one of the most unique hand cannons in Destiny 2. The tragic story of its origins, along with its distinctive poisonous rounds, make it a standout exotic. In the right hands, Thorn continues to be a formidable weapon in both PvP and PvE. It’s a weapon steeped in the deeper lore of Light and Darkness that Destiny players find fascinating.

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