Super Kirby Clash Passwords [March 2023] Free Gem Apples

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These Super Kirby Clash Passwords will help you to get free gem apples. Super Kirby Clash game review, gameplay, and features if at all you have been doubting and wondering why you should have this game. It also highlights the simple ways to farm the gem apples in the Super Kirby Clash and lastly, we share the passwords or codes that give you free gem apples.


What you need to know is this game is available for free for everyone either locally or online depending on what is favorable for you. Let’s now begin with the Super Kirby Clash game review.


Super Kirby Clash Game Review

Super Kirby Clash is a game that is available on the hybrid console for Nintendo Switch. In Super Kirby Clash, the main aim is to overcome missions that are listed in the game.

These missions can be either easy or hard depending, and each has a boss which has to be defeated too. The main focus of the game is combat, just like its predecessors. However, in this game, we can play different modes: party mode, which has many prizes to win, and story mode. These are joined by 3 allies.

As you know, most of the free games require a small payment to acquire apple gems. Although you can get these apple gems by using some given passwords as we shall see as we progress. Super Kirby Clash has some special features: the diverse boss roster, the ability to replay, and straightforward RPG lite mechanics.


You can play alone or in a team of about four playmates. This game can be played online or on a console such as PlayStation. However, it’s online multiplayer is not stable but this can’t stop you from getting the game and giving it a try. Nintendo highly recommends the Super Kirby Clash game because literally, it’s a free game all you need is your time to play it.

This game uses weapons such as swords, hammers, and magic. You have to keep leveling up and buy better guts to be stronger. Even if you can play this game for free, you can spend real-world money to reach the next level faster and access powerful weapons to defeat enemies.


Super Kirby Clash Gem Apple Farming

Here we are sharing how to do Super Kirby Clash Gem Apple Farming other than paying the real money. Sometimes you might be able to raise those dollars and you can’t afford to miss playing the game.

The first thing on the list is to complete heroic missions. The major way to farm gem apples is by completing heroic missions in the game. There are four heroic missions that are given for each quest and this works like this. The more completed missions, the more gem apples you will get. Some of the heroic missions include:


Defeat the Colossal Waddle Dee and Get 3 Gem Apples

No one goes down in the battle and gets 2 apples. Clear this quest in the role of Sword and get 3 apples. Finally, clear this quest and earn a Silver Medal which gets you 4 gem apples. You can press the “Y”  key to view the heroic missions while hovering.

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However, the above-mentioned missions require you to play the Sword Hero role and make sure to defeat your enemies while ensuring no one faints during the battle. Then try to play your best so that you earn a silver or gold medal.

You can Harvest from the Gem Apple Tree

After every 12 hours, there are gem apples to harvest from the tree near the Bandana Waddle Dee. These are usually green in color. Talk to Bandana Waddle Dee when they turn red and you will be given five gem apples. You can repeat this method every after 12 hours to get free gem apples.

The Usage of Password Shrine

Once in a while the developers’ team, Nintendo gives out passwords via the internet which you can use to get the free gems apples. So don’t miss out on that!


Wait until Sunday

Buying gem apples on Sunday via eShop offers you more gem apples. The trick is when you purchase on a Sunday, you will harvest more gem apples from the tree. For example, you are given more apples than the usual 5 apples given to free users after every 12 hours.

Super Kirby Clash Passwords

Super Kirby Clash enables you to enter passwords to earn more rewards such as Gem Apples and Fragments – goodies you will need to get weapons and keep going when your party runs out of power. If you are desperate for extra items and don’t want to wait for that timer to tick all the way down, you might want to give these Super Kirby Clash passwords a chance.

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NA / EU Super Kirby Clash codes

Super Kirby Clash CodeRewardExpiration
SUPERKIRBYCLASH10 Gem Apples, 50 of each Fragment typeUnknown
TWENTYEIGHTH28 Gem Apples12th May, 2023
KIRBYSTARALLIES7 Gem Apples16th May, 2023
REGALTANGHAT10 Gem Apples1st Jun, 2023
HALLABORATORY8 Gem Apples, 6 of each Fragment type21st Feb, 2023

Japan Super Kirby Clash codes

Super Kirby Clash CodeRewardExpiration
ハルけんよんじゅうねん8 Gem Apples, 6 of each Fragment type21st Feb, 2023
トピックスでハンターズ10 Gem ApplesNone
スーパーカービィハンターズ10 Gem Apples, 50 of each Fragment typeUnknown
スターアライズにしゅうねん7 Gem Apples16th May, 2023
カービィにじゅうはっさい28 Gem Apples12th May, 2023
カインはみた10 Gem Apples1st Jun, 2023
はかたのカービィカフェたい5 Gem Apples31st May, 2023
つばさハンターズ5 Gem Apples, 1 Stamina Potion, 1 Attack PotionNone

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Get Free Apple Gems in Super Kirby Clash

Nintendo usually gives Super Kirby Clash passwords after a given period of time which enables you to get free gem apples. These passwords expire since they are released for a given time like for a month however, new ones are released. Super Kirby Clash permits you to enter passwords to get extra rewards such as Gem Apples and Fragments.


There are a few codes for North American and European users, however, they aren’t region-locked. Therefore, you can enter in the Japanese codes by changing your keyboard language, this can be done by moving to the Home menu, then going to the System Settings screen and scrolling down to “System” and selecting “Language” then picking “Japanese” from the list and then the keyboard layout will change. Once that’s done, then you can input the Japanese Super Kirby Clash passwords.

The following Super Kirby Clash passwords have been found from HAL Laboratory on Twitter which is the game’s official site. I have listed for you the current codes and those that can be used in the near future.

NA / EU Super Kirby Clash Codes 2023

  • The SUPERKIRBYCLASH gives you 10 Gem Apples and its expiry date is unknown.
  • The FRIEND CIRCLE also gives you 10 Gem Apples and expires on 6th April 2023.

The Japan Super Kirby Clash codes

  • ファイターズメニューとうじょう (Gem Apple x5) – This code is valid till 28th March 2023
  • ハルけんよんじゅうねん (8 Gem Apples, 6 of each Fragment type) – valid till 28th March 2023

You have to note that Super Kirby Clash passwords keep getting updated every after a given period of time, and you have to keep informed about the latest releases.

You don’t need to worry as we will update you when new passwords are released. Super Kirby Clash is a very enjoyable game you don’t have to miss playing more, so it’s for free all you need is to download it and start the game. Hope this article, Super Kirby Clash Passwords has been useful to you.

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