Uplay Connection Lost: Complete Guide To Fix 2020

Having an issue with your Windows 10 PC? Software acting up? Look no further our  Uplay Connection Lost: Complete Guide To Fix has got you covered where we offer the most reliable fixes for the most critical problems! Uplay is Ubisoft’s game portal to all of its game titles available for the PC where you can buy, download and play games. It is alike other platforms such as Steam, Origin or Epic. It is also a hub for game communities where you can earn rewards, and communicate and connect to other gamers on this software.

Uplay Connection Lost

You can play world-renowned games like Rainbow Six Tom Clancy, Assassin Creed, For Honor, and more. However, you may face Uplay PC Windows 10 connection problems when opening the gaming portal. If you are facing issues while connecting to the Uplay servers on Windows 10, then the below fixes may help you.

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Reasons: Why Uplay Connection Lost

Players have been constantly complaining regarding the Uplay connectivity issues though they log out and log in numerous times. Siege is also not accessible due to this error. A lot of players have also complained that this server connectivity error comes up even though they have a proper internet connection.


While using Uplay, you may also face some connection problems and the common problems with the internet connection are:

  • Uplay connection lost a Ubisoft service is currently unavailable
  • Connection lost there seems to be a problem
  • Uplay looking for patches then connection lost


The reasons we discovered why Uplay connection lost can be:

  • Because the connection to the server has been blocked. There are many fixes for this issue, as mentioned in our guide.
  • Because the server has lost the connection to your client. This is a similar issue that Street Fighter V had and you can check out how to fix the connection problem in our guide.
  • Because network and ISP administrators have put restrictions on your networks that may have caused Uplay PC Windows 10 connection issues. In this case, you should contact your administrators to resolve the issue.

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How to Fix Uplay Connection Lost


Uplay can throw multiple errors and each has a specific fix. We have compiled a list of the most common errors and their fixes. Go to try these solutions below to fix Uplay connection lost.

  • Fix 1: Turn Off Windows Firewall
  • Fix 2: Disable Background Programs
  • Fix 3: Change Proxy Settings
  • Fix 4: Flush DNS Files
  • Fix 5: Reset Host Files

Here is a video on how to fix Uplay launcher connection lost.

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Fix 1: Turn Off Windows Firewall

When Windows Firewall is not updated, some software issues may come up, and Uplay does not work properly as required. In this case, you want to turn off the firewall and follow these steps.

Step 1: Locate the Windows Firewall icon from the taskbar and click open it.

Step 2: Select Firewall and Network protection here.

Step 3: Click open Public (non-discoverable network).

Step 4: As soon as the Windows Firewall option is seen, turn it off.


NOTE: Your antivirus programs must be configured in such a way that it does not stop you from playing the games on Uplay. Moreover, it is also recommended that you close your VPN for the time being as it may come between your gaming session.

Fix 2: Disable Background Programs

If a lot of applications are running in your background, then you are likely to get interfered with Uplay connection lost error. For this, it is best to close all the background running programs.

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the Run command. Here, enter MSConfig and press OK.

How to Fix Uplay Connection Lost

Step 2: Go to the Selective Startup section and make sure that you uncheck the box of Load Startup Items. Click OK to save the changes.

How to Fix Uplay Connection Lost

Fix 3: Change Proxy Settings

You might not have the idea that when Ubisoft service is not available for the moment, it might be due to the proxy settings or the Uplay program is not configured correctly. For this, go through the following process.

Step 1: Open your Uplay app on the computer.

Step 2: Go to the hamburger or menu icon from the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Network and locate ‘Always start Uplay in offline mode’. Uncheck the option.

Step 4: Now click on the button ‘Change proxy settings’ and configure them accordingly.

How to Fix Uplay Connection Lost

Fix 4: Flush DNS Files

Flushing out the DNS files erases all the IP addresses of those web servers you would have visited recently. We must remove them so that any out-of-date or corrupted files are also removed which are sometimes responsible for Uplay connection lost issue. Here is what you can do to flush DNS cache:

Step 1: Click on the Windows Start menu and type Command Prompt.

Step 2: In this command window, type ipconfig/flushdns.

Step 3: Hit Enter and your DNS files would be flushed out.


Fix 5: Reset Host Files

There might be some hostile entries and abrupt connection issues when Windows uses host files to map IP addresses. So this is how you can reset host files.

Step 1: Download the compressed Host files.

Step 2: Extract the files and copy them to the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, and it replaces the original file.

Step 3: Click on Replace.

Remember these tips and tricks only works on Windows 10. Other versions of Windows will require different steps. These instructions solve the most common issues encountered when Uplay PC Windows 10 is not connecting properly. If the issues continue even after using these solutions, then you may want to reach Ubisoft directly. We believe that you must have solved the Uplay connection lost issue by now. If you could have resolved, let us know in the comments section below and give us a thumbs up.

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  1. I’v done all of them and still cannot connect to ubisoft servers it says ” A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” I keep trying again later but, nothing happens I’m confused i was just playing rainbow like a week or week and a half ago?

  2. I used the whole procedure completely and also a lot of other advice from other servers. I also uninstalled and installed Uplay. He keeps telling me he can’t connect to the network. I can’t even ask ubisoft directly for advice. Because I can’t even log in to the site.


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