Super Mario Maker 2: The Final Update

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Super Mario Maker 2: The final update with new content for Super Mario Maker 2 has been released – and it has it all! Lots of new opponents, items, level elements, and finally a much-requested feature: build your own worlds! With the world-building mode, each player can now create his own complete Mario game and share it online. Does Nintendo create the biggest competition for 2D Mario games such as New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe itself – in the form of its own fans?


Super Mario Maker 2 World Building Mode

With the third and final content update, Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 is gradually retiring. So, of course, the game will continue to be gambled, sold, and shown, but at least there should be no further innovations on the part of the manufacturer. And what is the best way to end support (through new content) for a game?

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Of course with a bang! In this case, the bang consists of numerous new items, opponents, level components, and a frequently requested feature, namely the possibility to build your own Mario game including Obwerwelt. When the switch is connected online, the update is free of charge and can be called up at any time.

Super Mario Maker 2

Let us now come to the heart of the innovations, the world-building mode. Here you have the opportunity to give your forty levels with a maximum of eight worlds an upper world. This Overworld is designed in the style of Super Mario World, you have the choice between different areas for each of the eight worlds: grass, snow, desert, forest, sky, volcano, space, and the underworld. Based on the theme, you can customize the look of any world with elements such as castles, houses, bridges, pipes, water, hills, and more, and you can also use purely optical components.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update
Super Mario Maker 2 Update

You place your own levels individually on your self-determined route, here you have various level symbols to choose from. Bonus houses with the “moving pictures” mini-game are also available, as are war tubes. You can share your specially created world online with players all over the world, ergo there is now a separate menu item for you to search for and discover such self-created worlds.

Super Mario Maker 2 Opponents

The opponents now have all seven koopalings to choose from: Larry, Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, and Ludwig. Each of the adversaries has its own movement patterns and moves. The mechanical robo-koopas are now available in three versions: the red ones fire homing missiles, the blue laser beams, the green ones remain the simple version of this enemy as before.

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All three forms have a jet drive for flying and bouncing at night. Another new villain is Phanto. It appears when you pick up a cursed key and then specifically pursues the player who touched that key. A version of the trampoline is now also available for the level components, which can be (de) activated using a switch.

Super Mario Maker 2 New Items

There is a substantial increase in items. With the special mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2, your figure visually transforms into a variant that matches the same Mario game. In addition, the mushroom gives you new skills, so you can pick up and throw objects and enemies, just like in Super Mario Bros. 2 also possible. You can even carry ball Willis and chain dogs around, form, and throw snowballs in snow levels. The item is only available in the “Super Mario Bros.” theme.

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This also applies to all other new items: They are only available for selection in the theme from which they originate. The new frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, for example, only works in the theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. With it, you can skilfully swim through the water and even walk on the water surface.


With the power balloon from Super Mario World, you fly freely in all directions through the air. The Super Richel from New Super Mario Bros. U-turns you into a flying squirrel. The boomerang flower from Super Mario 3D World gives you a ready-to-throw boomerang. You shoot cannonballs with the cannon box from Super Mario 3D World, charged shots have a particularly large range.

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The propeller box, with which you can jump three times as high and reach remote areas as far away, comes from the same game. You can use the Pow-Box known from Super Mario 3D World three times until it is used up; with the Gumba mask from the same Wii-U game, you camouflage yourself and pass unnoticed by all kinds of opponents. Finally, the Kugelwilli box, which also originates from Super Mario 3D World, turns you into a Kugelwilli variant of Mario for a limited time, in this form you can fly horizontally through the levels.

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The new content of the final update brings even more possibilities and variety to the game. This expands the already enormous number of creative forms again, which is particularly noticeable online in other extraordinary levels.



The world-building mode now finally enables players with great creative freedom not only to create all possible levels but to pack them into a self-designed upper world and to share them with the world quickly and easily.

Any player from Super Mario Maker 2 offers Nintendo the opportunity to create its own and extensive 2D Mario game and distribute it free of charge. This is great for fans and gamers, but it also makes Nintendo the biggest competitor of Nintendo. At least as far as the company’s future 2D Mario games go.

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