Fable 4 Release Date, News, Trailer & Rumors

Fable belongs to a series of action role-playing video games. The game is available for Xbox, XboxOne, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and macOS platforms. Fable 4 release date is not yet announced. The game is developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. It was first released on 14 September 2004. Fable 4 is Xbox’s next-generation console. We are hoping that it is part of the launch line-up. Apparently, the game is in development at Playground Games, the studio behind the magnificent Forza Horizon series.

fable 4 release date

Fable 4 Release Date

Through a leak, it was revealed that a massive chunk of the gameplay and core themes may have changed, including that the game is likely set across multiple planets, and could even involve time travel. It looks like Fable 4 release date will get an official E3 2019 announcement. We are definitely sure that you are not going to play Fable 4 on PS4. Besides that, there is a game that can be played on PlayStation 4 check out here.


We have knowledge that Fable 4 is in development at Playground Games, the studio behind the magnificent Forza Horizon series. It will be a long time before we get to play the game. What we want to see from the game is to make combat more epic.

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But also more personal, give the dog a bigger role, make all your decisions matter more, enlist another all-star cast, bring back the mini-games, keep the silliness, an exciting story, a good soundtrack, multiplayer, sense of humor, and more choices and consequences.

Fable 4 Trailer 

There is still no news regarding a possible Fable 4 release date together with this, there are also no official released trailers for this installment from the Fable series. But do not worry because as soon as an official trailer comes out, we will update it. Though down below we have provided you with an unofficial trailer of the game.

Fable 4 Rumors

Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed that Fable 4 is on the way. There have been signs that the franchise hasn’t been abandoned. We’ve gathered all of the top rumors below, some of them can be old as well, they are just, to sum up. If the rumor that Playground Games is the studio tasked with developing the next Fable game is true then things are looking positive for the game’s story.


It remains to be that Playground Games’ RPG project is Fable 4 but if it is true then the game will have some narrative chops. On June 3, 2019, a Reddit user published details of an alleged Fable 4 leak. The details come from a video that’s since been removed, which gives details a few key features of the fourth installment.

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If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, two more details have emerged from the leak. The first is that the land of Albion could be no more, with different planets and worlds to explore. And to access these planets, there could be a time travel element, via a Demon Door, as mentioned already. Peter Molyneux said that he regrets the massive time jumps between the mainline games and that he’d like to see the next game be a prequel when the rumors of the next title reached him.


In January 2018 Eurogamer said that according to sources nearest to the project, a brand new high-budget Fable game is in progress. Their sources also say that a team of more than 200 will be working on Fable. A former Lionhead Lead Engine Programmer posted on Twitter that he’d worked out which studio was working on Fable 4. The post was deleted but it was captured by WCCFTech.

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According to the news and rumors, Fable 4 release date will take time to get an official announcement. We have to wait for the game. If you like this piece of gaming news do comment down below your views.

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