Top 10 Destiny 2 Weapons to Win the Game

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Our Top 10 Destiny 2 Weapons guide is all about finding newer and better guns scattered throughout the solar system. Destiny 2 already has a wide range of weapons in the game from Legendary guns to highly prized Exotics. You can find them all over the area and in the Crucible and from special drops or completing particular quests.


You can find some guns in the game’s six-person Leviathan raid and its new Raid Lairs or from completing the extremely difficult Trials of the Nine multiplayer tournaments. Below are the top 10 Destiny 2 weapons from excellent Grenade Launchers with distinctive pros to modest Legendary Machine Guns that can be your ultimate weapon to win those fights and activities.

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Destiny 2 Weapons



This list involves both the Destiny 2 PVE and Legendary Weapons. Below are the most popular weapons among players of the game in recent times. When composing this list of Destiny 2 weapons we got through at what maximum number of players are using when they go into the new Raids. There is always a reason these options, in particular, are popular, and we explain exactly why that is in this Top 10 Destiny 2 Weapons guide.

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This is a super powerful grenade launcher that is a must-have if you are trying to grind out dungeons and anything else. It has great AOE and primary target damage. You can fire a grenade onto the ground to land a withering AOE that will deal damage to anything inside of it. Most of the time you will want to launch the blight onto a target, switch to another weapon, and then destroy them.

Love And Death


One of the rune-ridden guns is Love and Death, a Legendary heavy Grenade Launcher that can roll Field Prep, Full Court, and Spike Grenades at the same time. Full Court, in particular, is what makes Love and Death so mighty, as it gives a damage bonus based on how far the grenade went before discharge.



Because of the overpowered state of Recluse, this Submachine Gun from Season of the Undying did not come into much consideration. Since Recluse has been ruled in, Subjunctive is now a reliable option for an SMG primary.

The subjunctive is another weapon that is currently not accessible since it was launched in Season of the Undying. Those who have it, though, will often remark on the gun’s wild damage while a damage perk is active. It is much more difficult to use compared to Recluse, but the damage output this can give is higher than any other SMG in the game right now.

The Mountaintop


If you are looking for the most powerful Power weapon to have, Mountaintop is your go-to weapon. It is a notably strong Grenade Launcher that can serve out huge damage with an extremely quick reload speed.

Besides the damage it serves, the other advantages of this weapon are quite insane. Its Lightweight Frame allows you to run faster while this weapon is equipped. It also has Micro-Missile which primarily makes it a Rocket Launcher in that it does not throw shots like a regular Grenade Launcher. 

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Gnawing Hunger


Gnawing Hunger means a powerful auto rifle with a variety of options via rolls. It also goes well with the Witherhoard or Mountaintop.

It comes with a variety of rolls that will give it a ton of stability which makes it extremely accurate and fire like a laser beam. It offers a huge amount of damage, and you can also farm it quite a bit to get the tailored rolls you would like. The popular ones people been looking for are Steady Rounds, Arrowhead Brake, Zen Moment/Tap the Trigger, and Kill Clip.

The Recluse


The Recluse is probably the most popular overall weapon in the game in both PVP or PVE. If you are a PVE player then you are not going to have fun try getting this weapon because you need to grind away in the Competitive Crucible playlist to reach 2,100 Glory and hit Fabled.

Feel lucky because the punishment for failing games in Competitive was updated recently. Now failures are less punishing and wins are worth more. A good thing about this gun is that it is not an Exotic, which implies that it can be paired with another powerful weapon like The Mountaintop or Izanagi’s Burden.

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Martyr’s Retribution


Season of Dawn launched a variety of new weapons for guardians to farm. One of them is the bizarre Legendary Grenade Launcher called Martyr’s Retribution.

This Grenade Launcher comes with an unusual intrinsic in that it fires a wave of energy towards the opponent when it hits the ground. In other words, it fires Thermite grenades on collision. Perks like Demolitionist and Field Prep can roll on this special Grenade Launcher, making it a solid pick for ability-heavy builds or for clearing large groups of minor targets.

Sole Survivor


Sniper Rifles got a massive damage boost with Shadowkeep’s sandbox and perk changes, making them a really solid option for boss damage.

Sole Survivor takes this to another level, capable of rolling Firing Line and Fourth Time’s The Charm. These two advantages are unbelievable together, as Firing Line grants a 25% accuracy damage boost when two or more allies are around. Fourth Time’s The Charm returns 2 bullets after 4 quick accurate shots are landed, which can allow this weapon up to 11 shots before reloading if it has magazine extending advantages and mods. For PvP, it can roll Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot to make landing headshots a breeze.



While this weapon is currently not available, Adhortative is the strongest Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 for PvE content, introduced in Season of the Undying.

What makes this Pulse so special is the perk combinations it can roll with. Arguably the best combination you can achieve is Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip. Feeding Frenzy grants a massive reload speed increase after a kill, which synergizes well with Multikill Clip’s need to reload after kills to gain up to a 50% damage increase. The only negative this weapon has is the inability to recolor the leaves on it.

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Hammerhead was the notorious invader heavy weapon for Gambit and Gambit Prime, capable of downing guardians across a battlefield with a few well-placed shots. Hammerhead can do more than kill guardians in Gambit, however. This Black Armory Machine Gun is notorious for its large magazine size and forgiving aim assist.

Because of this, it is phenomenal in both PvE and PvP content. With Rampage active, this gun can take on most majors and some weaker bosses. It shines the brightest in Gambit, where killing hordes of enemies and players alike is equally important, something this gun can do with ease.

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And that is all for our guide Top 10 Destiny 2 Weapons to Win the Game! Thanks for taking an interest to check out this guide. I would like to mention that this weapons list is absolutely based on our experiences and observations. If you feel we would have added some other weapon in this Destiny 2 Weapons List then you are most welcome to tell us in the comments down below. We could not cover every good weapon so we covered the ones that considerably top our list of weapons.

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