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Before diving into the Shadowverse game as a player, you must learn about the Shadowverse Tier List to be well-equipped for the game. Released in 2016, Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game that was developed and published by Cygames. 

Shadowverse Tier List
Shadowverse Tier List

This is an anime-style card game where the players take turns playing cards from their deck. The cards in the game have their strengths and weaknesses. So to play the game better you must acquaint yourself with the Shadowverse Tier List.

Shadowverse Tier List in 2023 [March]

Let’s take a look at all the Shadowverse cards based on the Tier list they belong to. The Shadowverse tier list is divided into five parts that are arranged in decreasing order of their strengths.

S Tier List

This S Shadowverse Tier List is the best deck because it contains some of the game’s best cards. Having these cards by your side and using them wisely will surely guarantee you victory.

The deck that comes under this tier list is Face Dragon. The cards in this deck can end the game within eight turns. The best cards in this deck are Razia and Tiamat.

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Shadowverse S Tier List
Tiamat Omega
Razia, Vengeful Cannonlancer
Forte, Sovereign Supreme
Jerva, Wyrm Transcendent

Razia: It is a Vengeful Cannonlancer that is both an offensive and defensive card. This card can be combined with cards like Reggie, Peerless Artisan, or Flamewinged Might to increase Razia’s attack points.


Tiamat: It is another very powerful card and is a goddess that Prays for eternal tranquility. This card is reverent of the heart and believes firmly in love. But when this card realizes that its loved ones are threatened, it becomes violent storms that scatter her foes.


A Tier List

The cards in the A Shadowverse Tier List may not be as powerful as the S tier list but they do hold enough strength to give their opponent a tough fight. The decks that come under this list are Loxis Forest, Sekka Forest, and Sanctuary Haven. Some of the characters from this Tier list are discussed below:

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Shadowverse A Tier List
Loxis, Homestead Pioneer
Varmint Hunter
Alberta, The Autumnblade
Quixotic Adventurer
Aria, Miasma Fairy
Retracing the Past
Resolve of the Fallen
Sekka, Fatebound Fox
Archangel of Evocation
Jeanne, Despair’s Maiden
Pure Metamorphosis
Jeweled Brilliance
XXI. Zelgenea, The World

Loxis, Homestead Pioneer: This card comes from the Loxis Forest. It can emphasize trying to win before turn 8 ends. This card, along with another card in the same deck, Varmint Hunter, becomes more powerful and can make the game work in your favor if utilized correctly.

Loxis Homestead Pioneer
Loxis Homestead Pioneer

Aria, Miasma Fairy: This card comes from the Sekka Forest deck. Although this deck carries amazing potential, its strength has everything to do with luck. Aria, Miasma Fairy is a powerful card that proves to be an absolute wrecking machine if used in the right way.

Aria Miasma Fairy
Aria Miasma Fairy

B Tier List

The cards in the B Shadowverse Tier List are decent and can play well against thirds of other decks. However, you cannot expect a one-sided victory from these cards or end the game in a matter of a few turns. The cards from this tier come from Baal Blood and Evolve Blood. Some of its characteristics are discussed below:

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Shadowverse B Tier List
Hallessena, Calamity’s Saw
Skull, Freedom Raider
Grimnir, Voidwrought Wind
Seox, Heavenly Howl
Hallessena, Calamity’s Saw

Hallessena, Calamity’s Saw: This card comes from the Baal Blood deck which is a solid offensive deck. Hallessena has the capability of providing a lot of utility and offensive potential to the game.

Hallessena Calamity's Saw
Hallessena Calamity’s Saw

Grimnir, Voidwrought Wind: This card comes from the Evolve Blood deck which is a control deck. This deck is known for its rotation as it doesn’t go with the fast-paced flow of the current meta.

This deck is used as a counter to decks like Sanctuary Haven. The Grimnir card of this deck is the most powerful and has the capability of taking the victor on their side.

Grimnir Voidwrought Wind
Grimnir Voidwrought Wind

C Tier List

The C Shadowverse Tier List cards are average cards that are capable of getting you some small wins, but their lack of outstanding abilities makes them incapable of a big win.

The cards on this tier list come from Artifact Portal, Aggro Shadow, and the Phoenix Roost Dragon deck. Some of the cards from this tier are discussed below:

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Shadowverse C Tier List
Bahamut, Primeval Dragon
Miriam, Mutinous Being
Rebel Against Fate
Ceres, Bride of the Night
Gold Rush Ghost
Forced Resurrection
On Wings of Tomorrow
XXI. Zelgenea, The World
Dragon-Devouring Dread

Bahamut, Primeval Dragon: This comes from the Artifact Portal deck. This card possesses a supreme dragon that governs all creation. This dragon is destructive but is also the herald of rebirth. However, the card needs high adaptability if you want to win with the help of this card.

Bahamut Primeval Dragon
Bahamut Primeval Dragon

Ceres, Bride of the Night: This card comes from the Aggro Shadow deck. Coming from this deck, this card is very aggressive and can also get you fast wins. However, being a fast-paced and aggressive deck, this deck faces a hard time countering defensive decks like Sanctuary Haven.

Ceres Bride of the Night
Ceres Bride of the Night

D Tier List

The D Shadowverse Tier List is the least powerful of all the cards in the game. The cards in this tier are not competitive at all and the bearer can have a hard time getting a win using these cards.

It is advisable to not fully rely on the cards from this tier list as these cards don’t go a long way. The cards in this tier list come from Spellboost Rune, Mysteria Rune, and OTK Sword.

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Shadowverse D Tier List
Maiser, Neighborhood Hero
Ghios, Sparkling Prism
Grea, Scorching Fury
Anne, Mysterian Imperatrix
Amelia, The Silverflash
Albert, Thunderous Doom
Eahta, God of the Blade

Maiser, Neighborhood Hero: This card comes from the Spellboost Rune deck. This card has some hidden gems that can give the opponent a good fight if used according to the plan. However, since this card comes from the Spellboost Rune, it lacks consistency.

Maiser Neighborhood Hero
Maiser Neighborhood Hero

Grea, Scorching Fury: The card comes from the Mysteria Rune deck. Coming from a weak deck, this card can be easily countered and is not at all flexible in use. It doesn’t guarantee any win so keeping this card by your side will only prove to be a liability.

Grea Scorching Fury
Grea Scorching Fury

These were all the Shadowverse cards arranged in the descending order of their strengths in the Shadowverse Tier List. For more such information you can visit our site where we post news and the latest updates on gaming, upcoming games, gaming builds, and much more.

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