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Flight Simulator is a simulation game in which you will be flying aircraft with flight simulator gears or devices.



Have you ever heard of simulation games? There are lots of simulation games that are developed by developers so players can have their dreams come true in the virtual world. Simulation type game is a game where users are in the first-person view and do a task like performing surgery. These games are designed with the help or guide from experts like a doctor, surgeon, driver in developing so the game will be very close to the real-world activities.

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Especially the release of the game flight simulator from Microsoft itself, the game has become very famous even when the game itself is so expensive. There are so many people that are willing to pay to try the game as it gives out a very nice experience where people couldn’t experience it in real life. Now, let’s see what a flight simulator is and some flight simulation games.

What is Flight Simulator?

Flight Simulator is a machine that is designed to help people in learning aircraft. A real-life simulator is actually more than 15k USD as there are many things that need to be mimicked like aircraft motion, pilot’s views and more. There are also other flight simulation games made that are not as close as that expensive simulator as our gaming console or hardware have limited buttons. But as our technology grows, simulation games especially flight simulators are becoming more and more realistic to let players experience. This means that people don’t need to pay too much as some want to experience it for fun. Before introducing you to the games, let see what gear is required for the best learning flight in simulation.

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Gears Required for flight simulator

Is a Real Simulator too expensive? You want to create a DIY flight simulator, no problem. Introducing some gears in giving you experience on a lower budget. Note that below are the tools that help you in playing the simulation easier. It is not mandatory to buy one, it just gives a more real experience.

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  • Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Flight Stick

This is good gear for having a real experience. This will be a gear you will need for your minimal experience and easy control. The other controller like mouse and keyboard, joystick won’t be enough for you and the experience will be different. This flight stick is at least what you need for better learning and gaming experience in the console.

  • Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals

This is an extension of the flight stick mentioned above, you will be needing it if you wanted a more realistic experience. This is not necessary for those who wanted to kill time but for people who wanted to learn more about piloting a plane. Having that stick and this will make your gaming experience more complex. It is not recommended unless you have some knowledge of real-life piloting.

  • Playseat Air Force Flight Simulator Seat

This seat will be a combo with the stick and pedals above. Since you have 2 gears now, you will be needing this chair to put the gear in place. This chair will be providing perfect slots for the gears mentioned above. It is not recommended to buy as the chair is customised to hold the gears.


  • VR Gaming Goggles

After having every gear for feel, watching a screen will kill the mood, what will be better than a VR headset. VR headset will show you the inside of the plane even when you turn your head, providing the best experience even in view.

  • Good Headset

Last but not least, if you have already gone that far, adding a headset will give you the best experience that you never had before. Having a good headset will provide the sound in 3d and also no outside noise will interrupt you. 


These are some gears I think will help you in learning becoming pilots and also in playing the simulation. Please read carefully, think carefully and also do some research as all of the sets above are not cheap.

Best Flight Simulator 2020

Here is the list of simulator games you can try for the best experience.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Platform: Windows & Xbox

You can’t deny the success of the game as it is a fun game regardless of the price. With only a PC and Xbox, you can really travel around the world as the maps use API to connect to our real map. The graphic, sound system and the flight experience are so perfect that this game is attracting so many people.


X-Plane 11 

Platform: Windows & Mac OS

Before the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this game is considered the most realistic as it features much-improved graphics, cockpit models and a menu system that require a bit of learning before playing it. There is even gameplay before flying that you can experience which lots of games don’t have.


Flightgear flight simulator 

Platform: PC & MAC

This game isn’t that perfect but is still playable, the developers of the game are still updating it and it is still improving slowly. Although there are lots of down in the game like incompatible planes, it is still a good game to try for flight simulation experience for less powerful PCs.


IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

Platform: Windows

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is a game for you if you love to learn about warplanes. Not only that, but the game also features some real-life flight logic that makes it more realistic like flying through clouds will make the enemy lose track of you.

IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad

Take Off – The Flight Simulator 

Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Android & IOS

This is also a quite old game but is still playable even all these years, especially that it is supported on phone. The game features exciting offer missions that include flying in an open world, weather changes and more. It is a good game to try with your devices if you are outside, maybe even PC if you enjoyed it.


YS Flight

Platform: Windows

YS Flight is a very old game for flight simulation. Although it is already a very old game, you can still try as the game file is very small and any PC can support it.


PS4 Flight Simulator

Ace Combat 7 

Platform:PS4 & XBOX

Ace Combat is all about piloting and shooting enemies. It can be known as the best plane shooter game existing today as the gameplay itself will fascinate you. It doesn’t prioritise in learning piloting but it does show a good shooting game experience that others don’t have. You can play this game on both xbox and as well as PS4 Flight Simulator.

PS4 Flight Simulator

Eagle Flight 

Platform: PS4 & PC

Eagle Flight is a game that lets you pilot and enjoys the scenery when you fly. The game is very fun because it can be supported by VR as this will provide a more realistic experience that lots of doesn’t. It is definitely a flight simulation game you should try.

PS4 Flight Simulator


War Thunder 

Platform: PS4,Windows & Xbox

War Thunder is all about war, and although you don’t always ride on a plane, there are many features when you are riding the plane which brings the game into the top-flight games. Examples like flight physics and aircrafts used in the real war are developed properly and applied to the game which brings you good gaming experience.

PS4 Flight Simulator

Island Flight Simulator

Platform: PS4

If you want to enjoy open-ended gameplay, this game is suitable as it brings open-ended gameplay that you can enjoy. In this game, you can enjoy the scenery of the 12 islands when doing the transport missions. This game is all about transporting stuff and there are some with hard difficulty which requires some flying knowledge to solve the problem.


PS5 Flight Simulator

PS4 Flight Simulator is there but not seeing any PS5 Flight Simulator, unfortunately, there are no flight games about PS5 yet. Since the console does not have too many buttons, it is hard for developers to have this developed in the PS5 series. There might be like shooting plane games added in the future. 

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This is all for this Flight Simulator guide, hope you get more information about simulation games. If you have any query then do comment down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media platforms.

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