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Warframe Tier List: Warframe is an online game that is played for free. It was initially designed and developed by Digital Extremes. Tiers are basically machine ninjas that have a very distinguished set of skills. Each has different abilities and one is better than the other. There are many Warframes approximately 40.


Therefore, it becomes very difficult to choose the best Warframe. This is because each Warframe has 4 unique abilities, therefore it is very difficult to rank them from the best to the worst Warframes. Below we are here with a Warframe tier list for all Warframes, that is classified based on S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier and C Tier.

Best & Worst Warframe Tier List

After lots of research and feedback from the people who are into this game, Here is the Warframe Tier List. Check it out.

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ChromaExcaliburThe FrostNyx
TrinityEquinoxBaruukThe Mag
NidusThe HydroidLoki

S Tier

The S Tier Warframes are surprisingly the best Warframes. Warframes in this category possesses all four abilities with high-level missions. However, some of the Warframe mission tier lists are specialized in defence or offence.

  • Chroma
  • Inaros
  • Zephyr
  • Ivara
  • Mesa
  • Octavia
  • Trinity

A Tier

After the S Tier Warframes lies the A Tier. All the abilities of A tier are awesome as they can be used for a wide variety of content.

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  • Excalibur
  • Excalibur
  • Mirage
  • Nekros
  • Rhino
  • Wisp
  • Equinox
  • Nidus

B Tier

The B Tier Warframes are specialized in one thing and are also averagely good at everything in terms of ability.

  • The Frost
  • Valkyr
  • Volt
  • Banshee
  • Khora
  • Revenant
  • Baruuk
  • The Hydroid
  • Garuda
  • Nova
  • Harrow
  • Hildryn
  • Saryn
  • Ash

 C Tier 

The C Tier Warframes are occasionally likely to be used in most situations. This is because they are not very suitable for high-level missions. Their abilities also are not strong enough.

  • Nyx
  • Wukong
  • Nezha
  • Titania
  • Ember
  • Vauban
  • The Mag
  • Loki
  • Oberon
  • Atlas
  • Limbo

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Best Warframe Tier List

These are the Best Warframe Tier List which got listed according to the search made in March 2020 from different people.

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This is one of the best DPS Warframes because of his exalted blade skill. It has one handy crowd control panic button in the game.


All the Rhino’s skills are useful and have their own specialities. For example, his third skill, iron skin makes him one of the few to kill Warframe.


She has permanent invisibility. She uses a bow called Artemis bow and this lets her whip out an innate bow that can shoot multiple arrows.


She is an infinite source of energy in Warframe. This makes it easy for other players to display their most useful or damaging abilities.


It shrugged off attacks like they are just been bites.



It has a special skill warding Halo which gives him a ton of armour and makes him difficult to kill.


It has first-skills spores that damage enemies. It spreads to other enemies and strips their armour.


It has an ultimate kill which slows enemies down or makes them faster and also has high survivability.


It’s one of the best Warframes you can have. Its skill the peacemaker kills any enemy unfortunate enough to cross your cross-hairs.


This is the most overpowered in the game as of now. She has an infinite invisibility skill that can be shared with the whole team and hence making all four in a square invisible.


Its skill Desecrate makes any fallen enemy corpse drop loot even if they already have been killed.



This is the king of resilience. It has a skill mutation that can stack up to 100.


This is the fastest warfare and its speed buff skill remains consistent. 


She has a skill that makes enemies bleed to death and scales on a percentage calculation.

Worst Warframe Tier List

Basically, there are no worst Warframes however according to the users there are those that are very difficult to use based on the 4 abilities. 


Many gamers complain that if played wrong he can be malicious to the rest of the team. 



It feels complex to understand and is geared towards very specific situations.


He is very slow and has an invisibility skill that prevents you from attacks.


Its tanking ability feels pretty junky and converted minions are just meatshields for the most part. 

Other Warframes includes Ember, Frost, Atlas and Ash.

Warframe Weapon List

Here is the Warframe Weapon List. Check it out.

Primary WeaponsSecondary WeaponsMelee Weapons
Soma Prime (MR6)PanderoGalatine Prime
Sybaris PrimeAklex PrimeAtterax
Ignis Wraith (MR9)Sicarus PrimeWar
Tigris Prime (MR13)Nikana Prime
Vaykor Hek (MR12 shotgun)Orthos Prime
Arca Plasmor (MR12 Semi-Auto Shotgun)
Kohm (MR5 Shotgun)

Weapons are used by Warframes, sentinels, Archwings and enemies to cause damage. Weapons can be levelled up for more mod capacity to increase capability. There are three main weapon types used by Warframes: Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons.

Warframe Primary Weapons

Soma Prime (MR6)

This is the best automatic rifle in the game that can be got easily.

Sybaris Prime

This is the best Status Primary in this generation. Players of this game for a long time must now know that it’s always better.

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Ignis Wraith (MR9) 

 This flamethrower melts all the enemies within seconds. It can be used for fighting with even enemies of +150 without any difficulty.

Tigris Prime (MR13)

 This is an End Game Weapon and cannot be obtained before getting MR13. It has the highest base damage compared to any weapon in the game.

Vaykor Hek (MR12 shotgun)

Vaykor Hek boasts a better rate of fire, crit chance and double mag capacity.

Arca Plasmor (MR12 Semi-Auto Shotgun)

Corpus shotgun shoots damaging pulses of Radiation that guarantees impact procs. It is good enough for enemies up to level 80.

Kohm (MR5 Shotgun)

Kohm is a hold-trigger shotgun that fires full-auto and each following shot adds an additional pellet to the next shot.

Warframe Secondary Weapons

These are the best Secondary Weapons from the game warframe.


It is 100% end-game viable and can destroy every enemy in the star chart with a couple of bullets.

Aklex Prime

This deals with a lot of damage and it is fun to can be obtained using the weekly relics of Baro Ki’Teer.

Sicarus Prime

The latest buff to this pistol out-competes all the pistols in this game.

Warframe Melee Weapons


Galatine Prime

This is the heavy Sword in the game. It takes the right build to make it perfect.


Atterax is the best spin to win whip in the game. The best part is that it is MR2 only.


It is not easy to obtain on the market but once you get it, it’s the best.

Nikana Prime

This is the high crit melee weapon that has an end game that is viable.

Orthos Prime

Orthos prime shreds enemies have a high range and high damage.

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That’s all for the Best & Worst Warframe Tier List, hope you got lots of information. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Warframe and games. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms and do comment, your feedback about the article.


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