Warframe Argon Crystal Farming Guide in 2023 [Tips & Tricks]

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This Warframe Argon Crystal Farming Guide will help you out to farm argon crystal easily. Follow the given steps and farm Argon crystal.


Warframe Argon Crystals are a rare resource that drops in the Orokin, Void Tileset, and from some Assassination targets. Argon Crystals are different from other resources because it decays after a defined period of time. If you are looking for how to get argon crystals early game then this guide will help you a lot.


After this period the resources disappear from the user’s inventory and must be acquired again if needed. Despite Argon Crystals being used for a lot of equipment that will be crafting.

First, advise you to only farm them when you will use them on the same day. This is because by nature they collapse 24 hours after you receive them.

It is therefore recommended to use the ones you get before they decay. It requires 15 Argon Crystals for the rail jack foundation.

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Steps to Farm Warframe Argon Crystal?

This guide will help you with how to Farm Warframe Argon Crystals. There are many ways by which you can raise your chances of getting Argon Crystals. Listed below are some of the ways. However, these vary from individual to individual therefore you can use the one that is easier for you.

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Argon Crystal Farming Steps

  1. The first way is your head to Void, eliminate Enemies, and look around you will find Argon Deposits which will give you Argon Crystals automatically.
  2. Try bringing Smeeta Kavat with Charm into the Void. Because this might increase the chance of getting one or two Argon Crystals when it triggers.
  3. The Void Defense Mission may give you at least one Argon Crystal after finishing every 5 rounds. Although this might take a long time to accumulate you will get a greater number of Argon Crystals if you spend some good time playing.
  4. Bring a Warframe such as Ember, Nova, Octavia, or any other Warframe with an AOE damage effect. If you get them then you can easily break containers behind closed or locked walls and triggered container capsules which are found in Void Tileset.
  5. Try bringing Nekros with Desecrate to a mission and you might get some Argon Crystals.
  6. Try bringing Hydroid with the Pilfering Swarm development. This will improve your chances of getting Argon Crystals in Warframe.
  7. Try bringing Ivara with Prowl. This might increase your chances of getting  Argon Crystals as well.
  8. Try a Squad of Speed Nova, a Desecrate Nekros, Swarm Hydroid, and Energy Vampire Trinity on Taranis which is a Void defense. This Squad might drop some Argon Crystals during your rotations.
  9. Try bringing a Kubrow or Kavat along with the Scavenge mod. This can considerably boost your possibilities of getting Argon Crystals, as the partners will help in finding lootable containers and lockers.
  10. You can try Combining Nekros with Desecrate and by doing this you have high chances of finding Argon Crystals in the game.
  11. Try visiting the Jordas Golem on Eris where you can find containers in and around the boss area. Break those containers then you might find some Argon Crystals there.

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 Find Argon Crystals in Warframe (Location)

Warframe Argon Crystals are usually often located inside Argon Pegmatite deposits. However, they can too drop from boxes and lockers as random items.


How to Farm Warframe Argon Crystals

You just head to Void Exterminate or Capture Missions and complete it. Be keen and do assure to break any Argon Deposits you spot which will award you many Warframe Argon Crystals.

This is the fastest mission to get Argon Crystals, and it doesn’t require a squad. Even bringing a Warframe, for example, Nova, Ember, or any other that deals AOE damage will enable you to break containers behind closed doors. But if you are running a carrier with a vacuum, then you should be able to gather them automatically without fail.

Of course, bringing the Nekros Warframe with the Desecrate development installed is also significant, and the Pilfering Swarm development can help players running Hydroid get further more Warframe Argon Crystals.

Unlike Nano Spores and other elements, there is currently no recognized way to truly plunge deep and farm for Argon Crystals. However, some players have stated that Void Defense Missions may equate to an Argon Crystal every 5 rounds. However, this is not a rapid way to farm for the item.


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Warframe Argon Crystals Uses

This is the list of things that you can use by using Warframe Argon Crystals.

  • Banshee Prime Systems
  • Chroma Prime Systems
  • Cobra and Crane
  • Destreza
  • Fluctus
  • Akzani
  • Angstrum
  • Atlas Chassis
  • Atomos
  • Gammacor
  • Gazal Machete
  • Greater Focus Lens
  • Halikar
  • Harpak
  • Hydroid Chassis
  • Ignis Wraith
  • Inaros Systems
  • Ivara Neuroptics
  • Ivara Systems
  • Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment
  • Karyst
  • Valkyr Prime Chassis
  • Volnus
  • Wukong Systems
  • Xiphos Engines
  • Zephyr Prime Systems
  • Knell
  • Landing Craft Foundry Segment
  • Limbo Chassis
  • Loki Enigma Helmet
  • Mantis Engines
  • Nami Solo
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
  • Nezha Chassis
  • Nova Slipstream Helmet
  • Ohma
  • Diriga
  • Dragon Nikana
  • Dual Keres
  • Endura
  • Pandero
  • Phantasma
  • Rubico
  • Scimitar Engines
  • Stradavar
  • Tonkor

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This is not a conclusive list you can find many more. This is all for Warframe Argon Crystal. If you like this article do share this with your friend and let us know about your views in the comment section down below.

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