How to Farm Warframe Toroids: Simple Steps to Farm Toroids

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This article is all about How to Farm Warframe Toroids, and where to get them. This article will cover everything you need to know so you can successfully farm Toroids in easy and simple ways. This will allow you to enjoy the game more with less time spent on the search for this rare resource. Let us begin with us knowing what the toroids are.


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Warframe Toroids

Toroids are precious resources that can be obtained from opponents or in caves as a rare object in Orb Vallis. These items work as either a normal pickup when dropped by opponents or as an interactable object found in caves. All Warframe Toroids can be traded with Vox Solaris.

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The components of Hildryn require Toroids to craft. There are other components that require toroids to craft. Specific Toroids and their values, along with additional recipes that require them can be found on the Toroids’ respective pages.

If you are a new player or returning player you might have a hard time finding Fortuna and Orb Vallis. However, don’t worry we have the medicine for you. Toroids are resources that can be traded for crafting Cosmetics, Amps, Warframes, and many more. There are five Toroids which will be obtained which are Vega, Calda, Sola, Crisma and Lazulite Toroid.


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Each Toroid could also be farmed at a particular location and should drop from most enemies with higher chances with a couple of specific ones. Toroids can be tough to find, but they do pop up in a few different places on the map and under a couple of different circumstances. Toroids are also needed to build Warframes such as Baruuk, Garuda, and Hildryn. Now let’s share the fastest way to farm toroids.

Fastest Way to Warframe Farm Toroids

Here are the steps for the fastest way to farm Toroids however, later we will also share how to farm-specific Toroids.

Steps: Warframe Farm Toroids

Complete the following steps to Farm Toroids easily.

  • Step 1: First, you need to run quickly out of the entrance so that your ability isn’t blocked. Make sure you’re Sprinting so Archwing goes faster.
  • Step 2: Then activate Volt’s Speed ability and immediately hotkey into Archwing and activate boosters.
  • Step 3: After that head to the northwest cave closest to Fortuna. If you’re using Itzel, you’ll blink a couple of times to urge there faster.
  • Step 4:Get off Archwing as you head into the cave and make sure to slide so you don’t get fall animation.
  • Step 5: Quickly head right as there is a wall in front of you and the cave won’t render enough yet for you to see anything.
  • Step 6:Head left once a past wall. This will help you fall down the pit.

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If at all your Volt strength is high, there is no need for pressing W or moving forward as the momentum alone is enough and also turn off Sprint while in the air so that it’s easier to control your movement once you hit the ground. Ideally, you would like to slip and bounce off the pillar which can head you in direction of the Toroid cubby spawn area. Slide into a small area where Toroids spawn. If you find a Toroid then slide back out of the Toroid spawn area.

Refresh speed ability and begin running again. Follow the way to the right of the Toroid spawn area till you exit the cave. Jump up once outside and hotkey into Archwing then turn left and go towards Fortuna entrance as fast as possible. Here you can enjoy your new toroid. Remember you want to return to Fortuna if you discover a Toroid otherwise you’ll break down.

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How to Farm Specific Toroids

Let’s talk about how to Farm Toroids for specific toroids.

How to Farm Vega Toroid in Warframe


Vega Toroids are often farmed at the Spaceport from enemies that are killed within the said area. The fastest thanks to getting Vega Toroids is to remain within the area and kill enemies. Once the alert is high, more enemies will spawn and this may increase your success rate when farming. Killing enemies inside the Spaceport facility or outside of it’ll provide a chance for them to drop Vega Toroids.

How to Farm Calda Toroid in Warframe

These are farmed in a spot called Enrichment Labs. Here start by increasing the area’s status to cause more enemies to arrive. Calda Toroids will drop from enemies that die at the Enrichment Labs, regardless if it’s located outside or inside the power. Enemies will presumably drop Calda Toroids on death.


How to Farm Sola Toroid in Warframe

Sola Toroids like the above toroids also drop when killed within the area inside the facility as well as outside of it but not too far. Its spot is Temple of Profit. Enemies that are killed have an honest chance of dropping Sola Toroids within the area, provided you retain killing them and try to not destroy the Reinforcement Beacons to manage the number of enemies as high as possible.


How to Farm Crisma Toroid in Warframe

Unlike the first three Toroids, the Crisma Toroid drops when you defeat the Profit-Taker Orb which can be site.


How to Farm Lazulite Toroid in Warframe

Similar to the previous Toroid, you’ll get to defeat the Exploiter Orb to get a Lazulite Toroid. You have to know that these toroids aren’t easy to farm but as the saying goes practice makes perfect.


Therefore, you need to practice and play the game often. I believe this guide, Warframe Farm Toroids, is helpful to both the new and the often players of this game. All the best as you become an expert in farming toroids.

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