AFK Arena Tier List [June] 2022: Best Heroes & Characters

Are you looking for AFK Arena Tier List? Want to know the Best AFK Arena Heroes Tier List? If yes then this article will give you a proper guidance about the game characters. As of today, the trend of RPG has evolved so much that the majority of gaming enthusiasts like to play role-playing games. There are a lot of RPG games available in the market and one of them is AFK Arena, which has a huge fanbase. Everything that you want to know about AFK Arena and its Tier List is given below.

AFK Arena Characters Tier List
AFK Arena Characters Tier List

About AFK Arena

AFK Arena is an RPG, that most people like to play. It is set in the fantastic world of Esperia where four great factions have waged war with each other since an unknown time. It is a very simple game where you have to save the world by recruiting a group of heroes from each faction.

AFK Arena Tier List Characters List
AFK Arena Tier List Characters List

AFK Arena Tier List [June] 2022

There are a few Tiers in AFK Arena with a lot of characters from four different factions. The Tier list and information about a few characters from each Tier are given below.

S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Elijah & LilahKhazardOden
Wu Kong

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S Tier

The first tier is the S Tier which means the super or superb tier of the game. In this tier, we mentioned 12 AFK Arena heroes.

S Tier: AFK Arena Tier List
Elijah & Lilah

Elijah & Lailah – They are the intelligent based support heroes of the celestial faction. Both of them have their specific jobs. Elijah has a special ability to restore the health point of his allies whereas Lailah focuses on increasing the energy points. Their ultimate ability “Hope” increases greatly the speed of all the relatable heroes.

Elijah & Lailah
Elijah & Lailah

Gwyneth – Gwyneth is a character based on strength. She is of the light-bearer faction that makes use of attribute bonuses when left unhindered. She can also reduce enemy accuracy and deal them burn damage. The “Divine Arrow” is the ultimate ability of Gwyneth that makes arrows rain on her enemies and reduce their health.

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Tasi – Tasi belongs to the Wilderness Faction and is an intelligence-based support hero. She can evade attacks as well as steal damage ratings to buff her own damage. She is also able to heal her own allies and her ultimate ability “Slumber” briefly makes all enemies fall asleep.


Brutus – Brutus is a strength-based tank hero of the Mauler Faction. He has a special ability that can deal great damage to the enemies. He can lower the defense of enemy heroes and he has a high amount of sustainability. Moreover, the lower his health is, the higher damage he will be able to give to his enemies.

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Nemora –She is an intelligent based support hero of the Wilders faction who can easily heel her team. She can also regenerate the skill of her ally when his health is low. Her charm debuff turns enemies against their own allies.

A Tier

A Tier: AFK Arena Tier List
Wu Kong

Nara – Nara is the strength-based warrior hero of the Graveborn Faction. With her looks, she is able to stun enemies, drag them towards her, and is also able to drain the energy of the heroes who attack her. Her Ultimate ability “Butchery” deals great damage to enemies.

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Hendrik – He is a strength-based tank hero of the light bearer faction. He is able to knock back enemies with his shield, protect the teammate from taking fatal damage, and also heal and protect himself when his health is low. His Ultimate ability “Crippling Blow” can stun his enemies for a specific time.

Hendrik afk arena
Hendrik afk arena

Ezizh – Ezizh is a strength-based support hero of the Hypogean Faction. He creates an explosion causing enemies to burn damage, creates a shock wave that temporarily brings silence everywhere around and also disrupts the enemies ultimately. His ultimate ability “Fissure” allows him to mind control an enemy to walk towards him without any attacks made on him.

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Wu Kong – He is of celestial faction and is a strength-based warrior. He is able to attack with his rod and with that he decreases enemies’ haste points. His ultimate ability “Cloud Clones” allows him to escape the battlefield, leaving three clones in his place.

Wu Kong afk arena
Wu Kong afk arena

Fawkes – He is an agility-based ranger marksman and belongs to the light bearer faction, who is known for completely immobilizing one enemy into his coffin. He is also able to remove ailments from the allied teams. His ultimate ability “Purification” damages and removes the buffs from the allied team.

B Tier

B Tier: AFK Arena Tier List

Khasos – He is a strength-based warrior hero and belongs to the Mauler faction who can fight at both Melee as well as long-ranged firearms. He has good support skills which add sustain to all allied members of the team.

Khasos afk arena
Khasos afk arena

Lorsan – Lorsan is a good-looking intelligence-based mage of the Wilders faction. He marks an enemy with inner sight to increase the damage ultimate that will be dealt against the enemy. He links an enemy to himself so that if he receives the damage, he makes sure that the enemy receives the damage too.

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Oden – Oden is the intelligence-based maze of the Graveborn Faction that specializes in summoning portals and is also able to summon lightning from them to deal AoE damage. He as well as traps the strongest enemy on the battlefield inside to subsequently launch them into the weakest enemy.

Oden afk arena
Oden afk arena

Skreg – Skreg is a strength-based tank hero of the mauler faction who is really good at soaking or absorbing targeted ranged attacks. This hero can keep melee heroes busy near him and force his way into the enemy backline. His ultimate “Beast of Burden” grants him immunity to knockback and control effects.

Skreg afk arena
Skreg afk arena

Gorvo – He is a strength-based robust tank hero of the Wilders faction who uses shields to bolster his allies. He also posses many crowd control skills to impede or mind control the enemy heroes. Gorvo can also stun his enemies with a forceful blow from his hammer.

Gorvo afk arena
Gorvo afk arena

C Tier

C Tier: AFK Arena Tier List

Thoran – Also known as the fallen king Thoran, he is a durable strength-based tank hero of the Graveborn faction whose skills are focused on being damaged rather than making the most out of his attacks. He is more durable than most heroes out there., with an added resurrection skill that restores his life partially.

Thoran afk arena
Thoran afk arena

Vurk – He is an agility-based ranger hero of the mauler faction who is adaptable and really fast at mobility and group attacks. He has the ability to escape the enemy aggro. His attacks pierce through enemies to deal damage to multiple enemies in a single attack. His ultimate ability “Mania” fires a fast barrage of piercing bolts against enemies.

vurk afk arena
vurk afk arena

Arden – Arden is an intelligence-based hero of the Wilders faction who is known for entangling roots, it is a crowd control skill that can immobilize a maximum of three heroes at a single time. With the haste buff, he can cast this skill almost every time the roots expire.

Arden afk arena
Arden afk arena

Numisu – He is a support hero for the mauler’s faction. He is a witch doctor that gives him the ability to summon totems to heal his allies during the battle. The totems can provide aid to his allies or team and distract the enemies by taunting them.

Numisu aafk arena
Numisu aafk arena

Angelo – He is an intelligence-based hero of the light bearer faction who aims to have a sustained or a long time healing for his team. The best thing about him is that he can heal his multiple teammates and also damage the enemy while performing. His ultimate ability “Love and Peace” damages a large radius of enemies and prevents them from performing melee attacks.

Angelo afk arena
Angelo afk arena

D Tier

D Tier: AFK Arena Tier List

Golus – Golus is a durable strength-based tank hero of the Maulers faction who can decrease incoming damage significantly so long as he is being attacked at low health. He can keep the melee heroes occupied by stunning nearby enemies heroes. He can also knock back enemy heroes and destroy their formation.

golus afk arena
golus afk arena

Ankhira – She is an intelligence-based hero of the Maulers faction, who specializes in inflicting status effects on enemies. She can also decrease her enemy’s armor rating. Her ultimate ability “Venomous Bite” can cause long-lasting damage to the enemies with the highest health.

Ankhira afk arena
Ankhira afk arena

Hogan- Hogan is a strength-based tank hero of the light bearer faction with a variety of crowd control skills. He is able to keep the enemies in front of him busy and is also able to interrupt whenever possible. His ultimate ability knights fury damages and produces lethal attacks on opponents.

Hogan afk arena
Hogan afk arena

Silvina – Silvina is an agility-based hero of the Graveborn faction who is useful in targeting specific enemies. This can be done as she goes after the enemy mage with the lowest defense rating and the enemy with the most energy. She can withstand hits with her shield ability that dissolves the damage provided to her. Her special ability “Fatal Strike” allows her to deal an opponent damage that halves their energy level.

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Niru – Also known as the whispering doom, Niru is an intelligence-based tank hero of the Graveborn faction who specializes in keeping the enemies busy while healing himself and the allies around him. His special ability “Death Call” is known for its powerful damage.

Niru afk arena
Niru afk arena

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