Azur Lane Tier List [June] 2023 | Best War Battleships

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If you’re looking for the Azur Lane tier list, this article is for you. Azur Lane is a battle-based RPG that has the elements of gacha. In this game, the player participates in the battle by collecting the human representations of World War II warships called “ship girls”.

These ship girls are placed in two rows: the front row called the Vanguard and then the back row. There are three slots in each of these rows, and the player has to strategize their warships to participate in the combat and emerge victorious. This article will show the different Tiers of ships in Azur Lane, their specifications, and their features.

Azur Lane Tier List
Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane Tier List [June] 2023 | Best War Battleships

Let’s look at the Azur Lane Tier list of ships that you’ll have to collect to participate in the battle. These ships are arranged in the order of their strength and power.

S Tier List

The S tier list of ships is top-notch ships in the game. These are the most powerful ships in the game that, if acquired, can go a long way in the game. The top ships in this tier are Ayanami, Azuma, and Centaur.

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AzumaLarge Cruiser
BaltimoreHeavy Cruiser
BremertonHeavy Cruiser
CentaurLight Aircraft Carrier
ChapayevLight Cruiser
DrakeHeavy Cruiser
EnterpriseAircraft Carrier
FormidableAircraft Carrier
Friedrich der GrosseBattleship
HelenaLight Cruiser
I-13Submarine Carrier
RoonHeavy Cruiser
RyuuhouAircraft Carrier
San Diego RetrofitLight Cruiser
SeattleLight Cruiser
Warspite RetrofitBattleship

Ayanami can be acquired and unlocked for construction by gaining full stars on the “Main Character Team” Collection. It’s a destroyer ship with control over torpedos and has an efficiency of 165%. It’s a destroyer ship that is placed on the Vanguard row.

Ayanami: Azur Lane Tier List
Ayanami: Azur Lane Tier List

Azuma is the only land cruiser in the game and is a member of the Sakura empire. This ship girl takes 900 Sakura Empire research points to be unlocked.

This ship girl is designed to fight in the night battle and has a very calm demeanor. Centaur is a lightweight aircraft carrier and is placed on the back row. This ship girl can deploy Swordfish planes that launch torpedoes that can cause extreme damage and decrease the speed of the enemies.

Azuma: Azur Lane Tier List
Azuma: Azur Lane Tier List

A Tier List

The A tier list comes right after the S tier list; the ships in this tier are powerful and worthy of earning as they can cause a lot of damage to the adversary. But these ships are not as powerful and wrathful as the S-tier ones. The ships in this list are the second-best in terms of strength. The top-notch ships in this list are Akashi, Alabama, and Amagi.

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AkashiRepair Ship
AmagiBattle Cruiser
An ShanDestroyer
Bunker HillAircraft Carrier
CheshireHeavy Cruiser
Duke of YorkBattleship
EssexAircraft Carrier
Graf ZeppelinAircraft Carrier
IllustriousAircraft Carrier
IntrepidAircraft Carrier
Jean BartBattleship
Jintsuu RetrofitLight Cruiser
King George VBattleship
Laffey RetrofitDestroyer
MinneapolisHeavy Cruiser
MontpelierLight Cruiser
NeptuneLight Cruiser
Ning Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
NoshiroLight Cruiser
PerseusAircraft Carrier
Ping Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser
Portland RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
Saint LouisHeavy Cruiser
Saratoga RetrofitSaratoga Retrofit
SwiftsureLight Cruiser
UnicornLight Aircraft Carrier
VestalRepair Ship
Yat-Sen RetrofitLight Cruiser
Z23 RetrofitDestroyer
ZaraHeavy Cruiser

To get Akashi, there are a series of steps involved called the quest line. This quest line has 20 tasks that are to be successfully completed to get Akashi. Akashi is a repair ship from the Sakura Empire and is placed in the back row. This ship provides fleets with emergency repairs and plays an active role when a lot of damage has been done.

Akashi: Azur Lane Tier List
Akashi: Azur Lane Tier List

Alabama is a ship from the Eagle Union and is a battleship placed in the back row. This ship can be obtained in the merit shop for 20,000 points. This ship can counter torpedo damage and fire a barrage to damage scales. Amagi is a battle cruiser and is also placed in the back row. This ship is also from the Sakura empire, and it can counter Firepower, Torpedo stat, and Aviation.

Alabama: Azur Lane Tier List
Alabama: Azur Lane Tier List

B Tier List

The next in the tier list is the B Tier. The ships in this list are comparatively less powerful and dominating than the above two lists. The top ships in this list are Albacore, Ark Royal, and Aurora. Albacore is a submarine in the Eagle Union and is placed in the support. This ship can counter the USS Albacore. This powerful submarine is also responsible for sinking Taihou in the Philippines Sea.

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Ship Type
Ark RoyalAircraft Carrier
AuroraLight Cruiser
BirminghamLight Cruiser
CasablancaAircraft Carrier
ClevelandLight Cruiser
ColumbiaLight Cruiser
DidoLight Cruiser
HermioneLight Cruiser
HoodBattle Cruiser
Hyuuga RetrofitAviation Battleship
IbukiHeavy Cruiser
Jeanne D’ArcLight Cruiser
KagaAircraft Carrier
Little BelLight Cruiser
LondonHeavy Cruiser
Mogami RetrofitHeavy Cruiser
Newcastle RetrofitLight Cruiser
Nicholas RetrofitDestroyer
North CarolinaBattleship
Queen ElizabethBattleship
ShouhouLight Aircraft Carrier
Z1 RetrofitDestroyer

Ark Royal is an aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy and is a part of the Ark Royal class. This ship is placed on the back row. This ship can launch Swordfish and a normal airstrike that can result in a huge number of torpedoes.

Ark Royal: Azur Lane Tier List
Ark Royal: Azur Lane Tier List

Aurora is a light cruiser in the Royal Navy and part of the Arethusa class. It is placed on the Vanguard row. Its abilities include increasing the damage dealt with Destroyers, transport vessels, torpedo boats, and suicide boats by 10%.

Aurora: Azur Lane Tier List
Aurora: Azur Lane Tier List

C Tier List

The Tier C list contains the average ships that are inferior in strength compared to the S, A, and B Tiers of ships. The top ships in this tier are Algerie, Arizona, and Belfast. Algerie is a heavy cruiser that is placed on the Vanguard row. This ship was built for the French Navy and was built to counter Zara-class heavy cruisers. This ship is more powerful than most normal warships and can fight against many royal navy ships.

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AlgerieHeavy Cruiser
BelfastLight Cruiser
Curacoa RetrofitLight Cruiser
Curlew RetrofitLight Cruiser
Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyer
Kizuna AlDestroyer
Little RenownBattleship
Prinz EugenHeavy Cruiser
SheffieldLight Cruiser
ShoukakuAircraft Carrier
SiriusLight Cruiser
Souryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
VictoriousAircraft Carrier
WichitaHeavy Cruiser
ZuikakuAircraft Carrier

Arizona is a battleship from the Eagle Union and is part of the Pennsylvania class. This ship is placed on the back row and can protect itself from suicide boats or planes better than dedicated healers like Vestal or Akashi. Belfast is a light cruiser ship that is placed on the Vanguard row. This ship has decent firepower and torpedo damage.

Arizona: Azur Lane Tier List
Arizona: Azur Lane Tier List

D Tier List

The last tier list is that of the D Tier, and this list has the least strength. It is seen that the players normally drop these ships once they get a better warship because the ships in this tier can turn the battle against the player. The top ships on this list are Akagi, Bataan, and Biloxi. Akagi is an aircraft carrier from Sakura Empire and is placed in the back row. This ship is red in color or crimson, which is also the color of flames.

AkagiAircraft Carrier
BataanAircraft Carrier
BiloxiLight Cruiser
EagleAircraft Carrier
FumiruiruAircraft Carrier
KinuLight Cruiser
RenoLight Cruiser
Sendai RetrofitLight Cruiser
Shangri-LaAircraft Carrier
TaihouAircraft Carrier

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Bataan is also an aircraft carrier from the Eagle Union and is placed in the back row. This ship is capable of airstrikes.
Biloxi is a light cruiser from the Eagle union, which is placed at the Vanguard.

Bataan: Azur Lane Tier List
Bataan: Azur Lane Tier List

These are the best ship characters that are arranged in the Azur Lane tier list, which will help you to play the game better. For more such information you can visit our site where we post news and the latest updates on gaming, the upcoming game, gaming builds, and much more. 

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