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Are you looking for Jump Force Tier List? or are you looking for the best Jump Force Characters in 2023? If yes then you are at the right place to get the answers to all of your questions. Games are a majority of the time considered as stress busters and it is truly the case because they help us get away from the stressful environment that a lot of us do work in.

Choosing a game that you like from all the games available in the market can be a hectic job as there are more than a million options available out there. If you get your choice reduced to a single Genre, your task of choosing a game can be easy compared to the initial task of choosing the game without any Genre. Here we will talk about the well-known Jump Force game that is gaining popularity day by day.


About Jump Force

The Jump Force game has been in the market for more than two years now and is very well-loved and appreciated by gamers across the world. It is a Japanese crossover fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

A very different thing about this game is that it features characters from different Manga series. It is a Fighting Genre game, that can be played in single as well as multiplayer modes. The game was released in February of 2019 and has been a hit since then among gamers of various age groups.

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Jump Force Tier List [June] 2023

As it is well observed till now that the character of Jump Force is very well appreciated and they play a specific role in the game. The characters in the game are placed in different Tiers according to their potential so that the players can easily differentiate between them and choose the best that suits them. There are Jump Force Tier list and everything that you want to know about these tiers is given below.

S- Tier ListA-Tier ListB-Tier ListC-Tier List
D-Tier ListF-Tier List
Sosuke AizenAsta Kenshiro Yusuke UrameshiToguro Kaguya Otsutsuki
Frieza Sasuke Uchiha Yugi Moto Killua ZoldyckRyo Saeba Renji Abarai
Makoto ShishioGon Freecs Rukia Kuchiki Dio Pegasus Seiya Piccolo
Naruto UzumakiVegeta Kakashi Hatake Marshall D TeachTrunks
Ichigo KurosakiIzuku Midoriya Boruto Uzumaki Boa HancockPegasus Seiya
Hisoka Sabo DaiJotaro
GaaraDragon Shiryu Kenshin Himura Sanji
Goku CellKurapika
Monkey D Luffy


The S Tier consists of the characters who are the best in the game and can be the most important in the battle. The set of moves they perform can be used in any situation. Their moves can easily help them to overpower their opponent in the game.

Jump Force S Tier List
Sosuke Aizen
Makoto Shishio
Naruto Uzumaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

Gaara – Gaara belongs to the Naruto universe and has moves like Sand Shower, Sand Tsunami, Sand Coffin, and Sand Burial. He is seen as one of the most loved characters in the Naruto Universe. He also has special moves like Grand Sand Mausoleum Seal.



The characters from this Tier are seen as a potential threat to the S Tier characters as they are totally capable of competing with the S Tier characters.

They are placed in this Tier and not the S Tier because they lack a few capabilities and with enough practice and proper conditions, they can be very useful. It is often seen that they have powerful moves for specific situations, as well as good ones for unfavorable ones.

Jump Force A Tier List
Sasuke Uchiha
Gon Freecs
Izuku Midoriya
Dragon Shiryu

Sasuke Uchiha – He belongs to the Naruto universe and has moves like Onyx Chidori Fire style (Fireball Jutsu), Amaterasu (Inferno Style Flame Control), and Takemikazuchi-no-Kami (Awakening).



They are seen as good fighters but there are some flaws in them that restrict them from placing them in the upper tiers. If you are skilled enough to train your character, then they can surely guarantee you a win with time and patience.

Jump Force B Tier List
Yugi Moto
Rukia Kuchiki
Kakashi Hatake
Boruto Uzumaki
Kenshin Himura
Monkey D Luffy

Rukia Kuchiki – If you know about Bleach, it is sure that you know about Rukia too. She has a few moves like First Dance, White Moon Next Dance, Hakuren Third Dance, White Sword Bankai, and White Haze Punishment after Awakening.



They are considered to be average fighter who seems like they don’t have much advantage over the fighters of S, A, and B Tier. They are still viable to win some matches, but to do this you have to be considerate and regular with your fighter.

Jump Force C Tier List
Yusuke Urameshi
Killua Zoldyck
Marshall D Teach
Boa Hancock

Killua Zoldyck – Killua belongs to the Hunter X Hunter universe and has special moves like Lightning Palm, Thunderbolt, Godspeed, and Godspeed Bolt after awakening.


Boa Hancock – He belongs to the One Piece universe and has moves like Pistol Kiss, Slave Arrow, Love-Love Beam, and Perfume Femur when awakens.


The D Tier characters or fighters have normal moves that make them neither extraordinary fighters nor dull ones. Though having the fighters from this tier make it really hard for the players to win the game. You have to try very very hard to consistently win the game with the fighters from this Tier.

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Jump Force D Tier List
Ryo Saeba
Pegasus Seiya
Pegasus Seiya

Trunks – Trunks belong to the Dragon Ball Universe and have moves like Burning Attack, Final Impact, Shining Sword Attack, and Heat Dome Attack when he awakens.



If the characters are in the F Tier, they are here for a reason. Most of the Jump Force gamers out there consider these characters of no use. Some even say that these are the worst characters in the game. The simple formula is that if you want to consistently win the games, you should try skipping these characters and try to go with the characters of Tiers given above.

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Jump Force F Tier List
Kaguya Otsutsuki
Renji Abarai

Piccolo – Though we have in the anime series Dragon Ball that Piccolo might be of use by Goku’s side sometimes but the case is totally different here. Piccolo has moves like Special Beam, Cannon Evil, etc that might not be of much help here.


5 Best Jump Force Characters

It is a clear fact that Jump Force has a lot of characters in it, there are really good ones as well as there are some bad ones too that are not of much worth. It is obvious that everyone wants to go for the best character present so that they don’t lose the game. There are five best Jump Force characters given below that you should get your hands on whenever possible while you are playing the game.

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Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto

We have long since seen Naruto in the anime series and we also know what he is capable of, the same is seen in the Jump force game. Naruto has been granted an S Tier fighting status through his base health and inherent abilities.

He is considered the best Jump Force character that you can come across and there is no questioning this statement. Naruto is on a quest to prevent Kane and Galena from Global Domination. Naruto’s specific skillset includes his trademark attack moves Rasengan, Tailed Beast Bomb Rasen Shiruken, and six paths spar.


Frieza – Dragonball

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, then you must surely know that there is always a never-ending duel happening between Goku and Frieza. Frieza is Goku’s biggest rival and the most powerful entity in the Dragon Ball Universe. And because we know that Frieza is not someone you easily mess with, this is why he is placed in the S Tier with other great fighters.

It is often seen that his lethal array of base attack moves makes him almost impossible to defeat. The almighty power of Frieza that we have seen in the past are Death Beam, a boomerang Death Saucer, and a final You Might Die This Time move.


Vegeta – Dragonball

If you are a fan of hard work and consistency, Vegeta is the character to for. Vegeta from the start of the time wanted to be better than Goku in every aspect of life, especially in the battle aspect. He trains hard to reach where Goku is and that is why he is loved by many. Vegeta ranks in the top 10 of both base attacks skills and natural ability. If you want to go for one of the best Jump Force characters to play with, Vegeta is the guy to go for as he is recommended by many. In the Jump force, you will often see Vegeta fighting against Kane and Galena after he was used in their evil plot.


Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach

If you are a fan of a combination of sword and sword skill, Ichigo Kurosaki is the guy you should keep your eyes on. Ichigo Kurosaki belongs to the characters of S Tier and he has earned his place there. He has a unique fighting style and also possesses the Shinigami Powers, one of its kind. It is often seen that when Ichigo uses his awakening move Shin Tensa Zhangetsu, it’s a game over for the opponent.


Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

Sosuke Aizen in Bleach is the enemy of Ichigo but is often seen in Jump Force, an important character of the S Tier. Aizen’s strongest qualities derive from his base attack skills, which include some of the deadliest moves in the game. If you want to have Sosuke Aizen by your side in the game, you won’t regret it.

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This is all for the Jump Force Tier List [June] 2023 and 5 Best Jump Force Characters. All the best characters are recommended by some of our audience, if you want to be the one then do subscribe to our newsletter which is given down below. Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles.

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