How to Get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon in 2023 [Complete Guide]

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Many Guardians are looking for Destiny 2 Hawkmoon. This guide is for those who really want this exotic hand cannon weapon, so if you are one of those then follow this guide carefully.


The Destiny 2 is an online shooter multiplayer video game that is free to play for everyone now. The game is developed by Bungie and was published by Activision for the year 2017-18 and back then it was a pay-to-play game but later on, in 2019 and till present, the game became free to play for everyone as it was published by the developer Bungie itself.

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The game was released in 2017, from back then and till now the game can be played on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Stadia, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Destiny 2 apart from all its features, is also known for Hawkmoon, well-known equipment in the game. Everything regarding Destiny 2 Hawkmoon is given below.

What is Destiny 2 Hawkmoon?

The Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 is a Hand Cannon or is better known as a handgun in the real world. The Hawkmoon was used in the first game of the series Destiny and makes a return in Destiny 2. Over time Hawkmoon has established its special place in Destiny 2 and gamers do prefer having it in their arsenal.


How to get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon?

To get the Destiny 2 Hawkmoon, you have to proceed according to the steps given below. The steps below will help you get the Hawkmoon, which can be further used in the game to go through other missions.

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Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore

The first step in the quest is to visit the spider’s lair in the tangled shore, the only confusion that you will have here is to of what to find. You have to look for paracasual feathers as it will help you break down the further steps required to get the Hawkmoon.


Find the five Paracausal Feather locations

After you visit the spider’s lair in the tangled shore, now you have to find all the feathers from all the feather locations. The first one can be found before you reach the Sparrow buffer and look at the fallen box next to you. The golden feather you find here is what need. Finding the feathers from all the feather’s locations is a bit complicated process, so do it carefully.

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Visit the Crow in the Tangled Shore

When you have collected all the feathers from feather locations, you have to go talk to the crow in the spider’s hangout in the Tangled Shore. He will provide you with a new quest, that you have to follow now.

Complete mission A Cry From Beyond in the EDZ

Uldren will give you a new task. Now you have to complete the “Cry From Beyond” mission in the EDZ. You can start the mission at the glowing bird when you head back to the sludge.

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Generate 50 Orbs of Power

When you will reach the effigy, the crow will want you to power up the Hawkmoon effigy. You have to put on some masterwork weapons and run the kingship dock lost sector in the tangled shore until you have generated and obtained all the 50 Orbs of Power. You will here get one point for generating the orb and one for picking up the orb.


Return to the Crow in the Tangled Shore

When you have generated and obtained all the 50 orbs of power, you have to return to the crow. Now, with all the orbs in the hand, give crow the update. He will now send you back to the EDZ for another adventure.

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Investigate the marked coordinates 

Now you will have to head out to the marked coordinates and start investigating them. You have to go where Devrin Kay hangs out in Trostland. Follow the marker in the abandoned building. A new door will open here and you have to communicate with the birds to complete this step.

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Defeat Champions or defeat Guardians in Gambit and Crucible matches

Now you will have to perform the worst step in the entire Hawkmoon quest. You have to act here to either kill 200 guardians or a handful of champions. If you have time then you can kill the guardians if you want to, but if you want to make it quick then you can just go killing the champions in Gambit and Crucible matches.


Complete mission The Crow and the Hawk in the EDZ

Head back to the sludge in the EDZ and you will find the bird sitting on the same rock as it was in the starting. Talk to the bird and when you get to the boss room, you will have to defeat the glowing enemies and chuck orbs at Taken to remove their barriers.

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Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Perks

One of the most important perks of Hawkmoon is the Paracasual Shot, which causes kills and a precise hit, that is considered a buff for Hawkmoon. The final bullet from the Hawkmoon deals a great amount of massive damage. This is what makes Hawkmoon an Elite killer.


Destiny 2 Hawkmoon God Roll

  • GRIPS:
  • Polymer Grip – A good handling boost.
  • Smooth Grip – Small boost to both handling and stability.
  • Combat Grip – This one is largely a matter of personal preference, but some people like how this changes recoil control.

This is all for the guide on Destiny 2 Hawkmoon. If you are still not able to get this weapon then you can contact us with the help of the comment section which is given down below.

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